Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chapter 2 page 566–Attention Local Readers

If you live or work in or near Wells County, this message is for you!

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 10th at 5:30 p.m., is the beginning of another session of Spring Into Training.  A 10 week program to help you walk or run faster and further.  So far there are nearly 25 participants so they’ll be plenty of socialness to make it fun plus the friendly accountability to keep you on track. 

Spring Into Training is a great program for people who:

can walk, but don’t do it regularly

walk regularly but want to have more fun doing it

have thought about trying to jog/run

currently jog/run and want to gain endurance or speed

people who enjoy social fitness activities

The 10 week program costs $20, but includes:

A comprehensive training manual

10 visits to the local YMCA

15% discount at the Big City Running Store

guest speakers

. . . and me Smile

If you are local and want to join us – we’d love to have you.  Please leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll get you on the list!


  1. I am not local but would love to join! LOL I am to chicken to join any local groups....call me a little anit social.

  2. Hey friend, I know this is off topic for this post, but wanted to stop by and say "HI" and check in with you! You doing the mastodon stomp on Sunday?

    1. Hi Jenn -
      I'm not going to be able to do the stomp - I'm having a fam-in-law luncheon at my house. I've heard great things about the race, but never known anyone who has run it - would love to hear your thoughts. Great job on your HILLY half!

  3. Wish I could come play with you!