Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chapter 2 page 476 - Blogging AWOL

Without pointing out the obvious, my blogging has been rather . . . well, slacking.  I’m sorry.  I haven’t done much worthy of writing about.  I’m feeling pretty disappointed with my lack training runs and working hard to find a mental balance between not giving into excuses but yet accepting my current reality (busy work schedule, some changes at work, daylight savings time – HATE it getting dark earlier, etc).  So . . . in lieu of actually DOING, I’ve been spending a lot of time THINKING. 

I have spent hours reflecting on my running journey to this point and where I’d like to go in the future.  I’ve spent time thinking about what my priorities should be for 2012.  I’m really getting excited about the direction I see myself going for the upcoming year. 

In the meantime, given my lack of blogging, know that I’m still reading and caring about you.  Here’s what you can expect from this blog for the rest of November . . .

Wednesday & Thursday:  nothing, I’m working 14 hour days

Friday:  a quickie post about a half mary class reunion (I hope to get this post done, I really need to pack ESPECIALLY since I’m flying out on Friday afternoon)

Saturday-Tuesday:  nothing, I’m traveling with “C” and MOA to Monterey, CA for the Big Sur half marathon.  Fingers crossed it goes well and doesn’t hurt as much as I really think it might (rolling hills + 13.1 miles + 3 time zones + WAY TOO LITTLE training = a challenging race I fear).  As a spoiler alert – the Big Sur will be my last half marathon for quite some time (at least until Fall 2012 and possibly until 2013 – and before you ask, NO, I’m not pregnant !!!! More posts to come about 2012 in December – stay tuned).

Next week:  some fun race recap and mini vacay posts + Thanksgiving wishes (anyone else finding it HARD to believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT week??????  Wow – black Friday and Christmas shopping – I don’t even have a list assembled :(

After Big Sur, I have one more exciting race left for the year, the H.U.F.F. – an Ultra Marathon (breaking out the winning Relay Team Victorious Secret . . .see my WOOF post in case you’re like HUH?).  Then . . . the unveiling of “Wells L 2012 edition” Smile  I know, get your popcorn ready – it’s going to be a post for the ages (or slightly less exciting than that – ha!)

What are some of your blogging topics that you go to when you feel as if you have nothing to blog about?  Apparently, as of late, it’s “all the reasons why I’m not blogging –0hhhh soooo lame!”

And very important . . . a 2 parter:  A.) What’s your favorite training distance to run – I mean, if you were going out for a run – what distance is your favorite to “knock out”?  B.)  What’s your favorite racing distance?  I think I like to run a training run of 4 or 5 miles.  I’m not sure what my favorite racing distance is – I think 5K’s are a LOT of fun, but I like the “full experience” that half marathons enable me to have (you know, make friends, travel, costumes, and fun).


  1. I'm excited. First, for Big Sur. I have faith even if you don't. Second, for 2012 L. Third, for boot camp.

    And, if you need a bit of inspiration on Sunday, just think of me pushing that dang stroller up Hartman Road. If I can do that, you can run rolling hills in one of the most beautiful places in the country.

    Have fun and SMILE.

  2. I've missed your posts, but I think its great that you have been using your time away to think about your journey and where you want to go next. I should take the time to do the same.

    I know you are worried about Big Sur, but I have complete faith that you will do well and have a great time. With company like "C" and MOA, it would be impossible not to!

    I am looking forward to hearing about 2012 L... you've peaked my interest!

    As far as blogging topics, I don't have any "go-to" topics, but maybe my kids or nutrition?

    Training wise, I think I like between 6 and 8 miles. For races, I can't pick a favorite. I like the half marathon distance because it feels like a HUGE accomplishment and there is more time to settle into the run. But, I also like 5ks because I am able to place sometimes.

  3. You are not the only one with a lack of blogging lately. I noticed it around. I think many people just get busy. My motivation so far is my half on Sunday...then December will be my recovery month....and come January I prep for my next half in March. Hope all is well.