Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 254 - TR 87 speedy mcqueen edition

Holy smokes bat man - check out my DM (thank goodness it can do the math for me!)

I did 4 miles in 54:26 . . . that's 13:12 m/m. This is ME we're talking about. I'm NOT that fast!!! I'm glad this run turned out to be "fast" (by my standards) because I surely felt out of

I decided the best way to get my run in and to get Pacer a chance to run a little was to run home from my office (I mapped out a 1.77 mile route, but ended up taking the slightly less traffic and slightly longer 2.06 mile route) then pick up the dog and run back to work . . . and then drive home.

I didn't have my SPI belt (actually can't find it right now . . .mayday!), so I used my single bottle holder because I needed my keys and phone . . . and a bottle of water (it was 54 degrees out when I started). I didn't have any gum or jamz (sigh), but set off doing 2:2 at a pace that felt a little too fast, but I was feeling a little panicked about some impending rain. Early in my run, "L's" oldest daughter passed me. She honked enthusiastically which was awesome. Later in my run, I think Susie from Weighing In which was super exciting. I really think it was her, but if it was someone else, please tell me who you were. For now, I'm giving credit to Susie because she made my run. She enthusiastically waved at me. What a complete surprise . . .in fact, what were you doing over there???

I arrived home after 27:40 and picked up the dog. I gave her a few minutes out side to try to pee so that wouldn't be an issue during our run and I decided to change my shoes from my Pearls to my Saucony's (since I thought I was only running 1.77 miles, that's a safe distance to try the potential knee-hurters once again). We were off after a short 5 minute stop or so.

I picked up my ipod while I was picking up the dog and blasted my jamz. Because I couldn't hear my beeper, I tried to do 2:2 and for the most part was pretty close (give or take 30 seconds here or there . . . at one point I ran 4ish minutes straight - I had a goal to get to the stop sign by the park dang it!!!!!). I felt the pace was much more managable with the dog, but probably just was super distracted by the traffic, keeping her safe on our first run together, the impending rain (thankfully it held off - but it sure looked ominous), the intervals, and of course, my jamz. I think that's why I like races so much . . . all the distractions, you forget about the wheezing, the pain, the sweat, etc. The return run to my office with my pup was definitely not boring.

When I got home and put in the mileage and time into DM - I was super excited!!! "C" better not get any ideas . . . I'm not really fast . . . I don't want to be fast. I just want to finish and have a GREAT time in the process - absolutely nothing else matters to me (not time, not awards, not PRs). Tonight's run did prove how far behind I am on my May half training - "C", we HAVE to get the miles under our feet !

Thanks for reading and celebrating my awesome run with me!!!!!


  1. Hi Girl....awesome run girl! Thanks for keeping tabs on me!

  2. Awesome job, dear! I bet Pacer loved his run with Mom!

  3. Great job! You and the pup can encourage each other!

  4. Nice!!! and YES! You're in for the weight loss challenge! There are only a few of us, but I think it will be great to motivate each other : )

  5. totally off the subject, but did you see me today? I totally passed you in town. :)

  6. I was on Bond, turning left on Washington. You were on Washington headed east. We were at the 4-way stop at the same time. Maybe around 11-ish...? Does this sound familiar? No you didnt smile or wave, but neither did I b/c my brain processed it too late. lol :)

  7. Yep it was me and I was so excited to see you!!
    I wasn't sure if you recognized me or just thought I was a crazy waving woman!!
    You inspire me!! I went home and did my 30 day shred. I actually passed you twice. We take our cars to a mechanic over there and I passed you with Tim and Tyler on our way home. You go girl!! I saw you running!! Great Job!!

  8. What a great run!!! Aren't those runs so much fun? When you get done and you were faster than you thought you were?! fun surprise! ;)