Saturday, March 26, 2011

Chapter 2 page 266 TR 92 Race Recap

Today, "my girl Ashley" (check out her new blog HERE) and I did the 30th annual Nutri-Run 5 Miler (this event also has a 20K distance).  It was MGA's first race and I was thrilled to be along for the journey.  She had never run 5 miles before let alone raced and she was strong and relaxed (or so she looked to be - you'll have to read her recap HERE to hear about it from her perspective).

Pre-Race Thumbs up  . . . optimistic it's going to a GREAT race!!!

MGA and her man:  a pre-race pep talk (aren't they the cutest couple!)
This hilly course is a staple of the "hard core" area runners as it is used as a training run for The Flying Pig (know anything 'bout that HealthyStrides ?) and for the Indy Mini.  It certainly was a challenge, but with MGA at my side, we tackled each hill one at a time . . . oh and dealt with the blustery wind (it was NEVER at our backs).  It was 26 degrees actual temp and a wind chill of 22 degrees and was otherwise a beautiful day.   "C" is enjoying spring break and sent me a text message to think like it was 80 degrees - sure, a whole lot easier when you're saying it from somewhere it was actually warm and sunny!!!!  Missed you "C" - you would have enjoyed the challenge of today's course.  Ohhhh, and "C" guess who was near us for the first 1.5 miles???  Remember the old man and his blind wife from the Run For Riley???  We talked to them quite a bit - very nice people.  They always do The Flying Pig each year - that's incredible!!! Very sweet folks - think we should do the Riley run again just to cross paths with them again.
race field moments before the start
"Take your mark, GO!!!!!!"

that's me waving - and MGA looking awesome in her shirt, capris, and
ear band that were all matching - very stylish for your first race!!!
Our final time was 1:13.02 which, of course, is a PR for MGA - GREAT JOB!  Because, I live in a flat area, I rarely get any runs/races under my belt that involve hills - but 2 of my last 3 races were hilly and I now see how much impact hills have on my overall time (and morale, and heart rate, and self-esteem, and enjoyment level).  We used the 2:2 interval and never skipped a single interval.  We walked through the 2 water stations and paused to drink because they were short staffed and it was windy - just didn't have it in my heart to throw the cup along the road a few hundred yards away. 

The race was very well organized, but was VERY different than many of the other races I have done.  They had small paint markings on the road to point racers in the right direction.  With a field of approximately 300, MGA and I were on our own for at least 3 miles.  Our last race-related person we saw was at mile 3 and there was a good 30 minutes when we didn't see anyone, or any markings - just a long (thoroughly busy open traffice) road ahead of us.  I can't tell you the number of times I thought "did we miss a turn?" "What if we missed a turn?"  A note to MGA - most races have much more 'in your face' signage. 
Finally, after nearly 30 minutes of zero contact with anyone (volunteers or other racers), we were passed by the race director, Casey Shaffer (great to see you Casey!!!) who told us to get onto the path and then turn left with the finish being just up there (you all know me and my skepticism of "just right over there").  Anyway, after crossing one more road, we were on the homestretch.  Thanks mom for these action shots!

That's our tiny selves coming up the blvd to the left of the girl in the red (see us?)

Now this is what I call "almost there!"  Finish line, here we come!

Done!!!!! (1:13.02)
At the end of the race, we got our chips cut off and were given a glass glass (does anyone else call them that?  you know, a glass made of glass, not a plastic cup) and a loaf of bread.  I have never received a loaf of bread at the finish line (or a glass for that matter), but since it was the Nutri-run in honor of National Nutrtion Month . . . why not! 
We went inside and were offered 2 types of smoothies - YUM!!!  It would have been very nice to have been given the recipes, but that wasn't  the case.  There was no race shirt and it was full of "real" athletes (of which, I'm NOT one - I'm just a  fatty recreational slow poke), but the atmosphere was relaxed and fun.  I would definitely do the race again so long as I had someone to do it with - it would have gotten TERRIBLY boring and lonely out there alone!!!!
Enjoying a chocolate-peanut butter-banana smoothie - de.lish!

At the end, MGA was greeted by her husband (aren't they cute!) and I was greeted by my official photographer, chauffer, and cheereleader - my mom (did I mention how windy it was)!  Thanks mom for ringing your cow bell!


  1. Great recap. I had considered the 20K back in the fall but alas, you know my story.

    Sounds like a great race.

    WTG on getting another Indiana blogger on board! I am already following Ashley!

    I think I have seen the blind lady and her hubz at races too :)

    I'll post my excuse for not joining you soon!

  2. Oh and I like how you are spicing up the design of your blog! I just found your list of races. Wasn't sure if that was there before or not. Good to know! You have a lot of them planned out. WOW.

  3. Good job ladies! I love the loaf of bread and smoothie, what a perfect end to a race.

  4. Nice job!

    I call them glasses! haha

    Mmmmm a smoothie sounds delish right about now!

  5. Great job! I hate running against the wind.

    I'll be marking this one down for next year - I've never heard of it! I have the 2012 Flying Pig half penciled in my head, so I could use some hills.

  6. Awesome job and congrats to MGA on the PR! I like the idea of having smoothies (in a cool glass, btw!) and bread at the finish. Yummy!

    I would LOVE to do the Flying Pig someday, but just the half. I'm not a big fan of hilly races.