Monday, January 18, 2010

Chapter 2 page 16

Tonight's post is about 2 things. First, it's about reporting on my progress toward my goals for the week. Second, it's to discuss the importance of recognizing (and celebrating) daily victories.

Goals - as you can see, I've weighed in and it isn't pretty. I hope I don't let my Wells Weighs In team nor the entire company they work for. I promise to try harder girls!!!

I also ate 2 veggies with dinner tonight, but neglected to drink water (went out to eat and habit of ordering a diet soda kicked in). So . . . I'm having a bottle of water right now (probably be up all night peeing, but . . . at least I'm getting my goal in - sorta).

I also went to the gym this afternoon. I saw my most awesome circuit coach who is so much more than that - she's my friend. Love you "J". Have missed you soooooooooo much more than words. I did 2 circuits with my tag and had 26 residual. That stinks, but I did it. I wasn't able to work out with my sweaty bff, but hopefully she understands.

I did write down everything I put in my mouth. This is something that hasn't generally worked for me in the past, but today I used a post-it note and stuck it to my name badge so it was with me all day which helped me to actually do it. I must say, Susie, there is something to it. I didn't eat a Halloween candy because I didn't want to have to write it down. I'll try it again tomorrow.

Now onto daily victories. This is a term I coined after my coaching class where we learned the importance of being mindful which means being in the moment. I read one of the resolutions posted on the Weighing In blog during the Subway contest saying they wanted to be more present - kudos for that person! We get all caught up on what went wrong in our day, where we could have done better, things that we failed to do, but what is most important is to look at the day and determine what we did well - no matter how small. Taking time to recognize the good decisions or kind actions that we took (toward ourselves or others). It's something that I enjoy doing and think you will find it empowering, enlightening, and energy giving. They aren't usually grandiose, expensive, or elaborate. They are usually small, simple, "in the moment" positive actions/thoughts. Think about your day - email me or post a small victory you experienced today.

For me, the daily victory for which I'm most pleased is that I didn't eat the Halloween candy in my office.

How about you? What are your goals for the week? What daily victory did you have today?


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Since it is still morning and I haven't had much time to screw up yet I think I will share a victory from last night. I am an evening eater.
    I love to eat at night. Last night right before bed my mind wanted something to eat. My body wasn't really hungry but as usual my mind was running through the list of possible snacks I could have. I still had a few points left for the day so no big deal. All of the sudden I realized that I really wasn't hungry. I really didn't want to write down anything else, I didn't need to eat a snack. I am trying to learn to listen to my body and not my mind so much of the time and last night I did. Small victory I know, but they all add up! Great job on writing down for the day!! I know it is no fun but it keeps you accountable. If your like me you will just have to recommit everyday. Some days I do great and other days I get lazy and keep track in my head toward the end of the day! I know that doesn't work out well, thus the 20 pounds I have to lose :)
    I am proud of you for stepping on the scale and posting it!! You are a better woman than me!
    One day at a time!,

  2. Susie,
    Congrats on your awesome daily victory. That's HUGE!!!!! You were mindful in your observation of your hunger level. I'm so proud of you!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I'd love to hear about more of your daily victories. I'm totally smiling in celebration with you as I type this. Way to go!!!!!
    P.s. Thanks for reading my blog . . . and commenting. I understand that my millions of other readers are having trouble with the comment thing.
    Surely, together, we'll get this weight off?!?!!?!!