Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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So today - was pretty good. How about for you?

Here is my progress toward my goals for today -

Goal #1: Exercise 4 hours this week
Well, I went to a 45 minute class tonight which was lovely (though when I set this goal, the class had been scheduled for an hour which I was going to do twice this week so . . . maybe not going to get to 4 hours)

Goal #2: Write at least one daily victory each day of the week.
I ate 1/2 of a delicious orange for dessert today - finally the cake is gone that my husband bought last week and that tasted ohhhh sooo good with my cereal milk (YUM!) so since it was gone, I could return to making good choices.

Goal #3: Write down everything I eat/drink 3 days this week.
I wrote down everything I ate yesterday and today. Here's how today looked:
1 1/2 cups multigrain cheerios with skim milk
1 can diet mt. dew
1 small piece of chocolate-cherry heart candy (25 calories)
1 turkey sandwich from Arby's (minus the mayo, cheese, and bacon)
1 small curly fry order (not really a great choice - I admit - sorry everyone)
16 almonds
1 bottle of water with my almonds
1 large diet coke
1 bottle of water just because I was thirsty in my office
1 bottle of water during/after the aerobics class
6 oz. Delmonico steak (fat trimmed completely off)
1 cup steamed broccoli/cauliflower mix
1/2 medium baked potato (plain)
1/2 super gigantic orange
1 bottle of water with dinner

How are you doing with your week's goals? Anything getting in your way? Let's work out a plan to overcome that together.

I probably won't be available to post tomorrow, but I hope you all have a fantastic day!!!

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