Friday, February 5, 2010

Chapter 2 page 26

Here's the summary -

Goal #1: Exercise 4 hours this week
2 hours only - it was over 3 days which is better than the previous 2 days/week.

So, 50% for the week on this one. Not that I should be allowed excuses, but Zumba used to be an hour when I set this goal so that would have been 2 hours, then I was planning to go to the gym for a total of 1 hour and then I was going to walk today . . . but then . . . there was little thing called a blizzard which really made walking outdoors pretty impossible - uggg!

Goal #2: Write at least one daily victory each day of the week.
Today's victory was that I didn't eat dinner tonight and only had cereal a little while ago when I finally got hungry.

For the week - 80%

Goal #3: Write down everything I eat/drink 3 days this week.
In all honesty, I only actually wrote down what I ate on 2 days.

66% success for the week.

Looking at my 3 goals for the entire week - 50%, 80%, and 66% - not really that good. What exactly was I focusing on this week? Not sure - better buckle down for next week. Sorry to disappoint. Hope your week was a greater success!!!!

Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!

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