Monday, May 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 299 - TR 104 - short easy recovery walk/run

Today "C" and I did 2.5 miles in Happyville.  Nothing too hard - just pretty easy . . . a welcomed break from our 13 miler on Friday and our upcoming 10 on Wednesday.  Hope you had fun during your run today!


  1. What? No diarrhea of the mouth today?

    Total disappointment.

    I'll let you slide. Just this once!

    Good job on the Happy Run!

  2. I also hope there was no foot pain!

  3. I LOVE recovery runs! They are so relaxing after a big/hard run!! I tend to listen to classical music or sinatra or something like that during my recovery runs to make sure I dont try to turn it into a speed workout ;) lol...