Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chapter 2 page 318 - Race Recap Part 2

 Pre-race Recap - photo edition

I had custom pace tats made - didn't work out, sweat made the print run :(

"L" and "C" riding the shuttle to the starting line.  "L" keeping things light - she was there as our cheerleader this time -  not our running partner.  SOOOO glad she was there!!!!

"R" ("C's" sister) on the school bus heading to the starting line.  We don't look too awake do we?!?!

4 shoes, 3 tags, 2 running partners, 1 sister . . . and a PRICELESS cheerleader - thanks "L" for ALL of your support!

"L" climbed that steep rock hill on the right to take this beautiful pre-race photo.  Top left is the Geist reservoir that we ran around. 
Pre-race photo . . .loading the corrals.
Screwing around showing off my sassy nail polish and sun visor while waiting in line for the pre-race porta johns!  Cute, huh!
"C", me, "R" posing by the J corral sign - the slow but the proud!  Ta da - my outfit (pink shirt, black capris, orange compression sleeves, pink & orange sun visor, and pink & orange nail polish) - got A LOT of compliments - that NEVER happens, EVER!!!!!!  Woot Woot!!!  Just noticed the guy in the tight shorts behind "R" - is he trying to do a butt bump with her or what?

Sisters - aren't they cute!
More than running partners . . . friends!

Although I didn't take any photos of the actual opening ceremony, it was VERY nice.  There was a beautiful song sung by a local resident who made it to the 3rd round of American Idol.  The National Anthem was sung and there was a 3 plane fly over blowing smoke in the missing man formation.  And with a count down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 . . . . we were off!!!!

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  1. Awesome. Two of the people I came with are actually in one of your photos (6th one down). I started the race alone because I was in the H corral and they were in the J corral. Can't wait to read more!