Saturday, May 28, 2011

Chapter 2 page 325 - TR 113 low tech 2 miler

Today is a week after the Geist (which actually feels like a month ago) so this week's training has been all about easy, rest, recovery, and getting mentally ready to gear up for the next round of training (for the Fort 4 Fitness half in September).  I was a "good girl" and did the 20 minute walk the day after the race that my running mentor "M" said was essential.  I did 3.5 miles with my Spring Into Training participants on Thursday.  I've heard "C" say she ran 2 fast miles twice this week.  I, though, have been putting off the remaining 2 miler that is on my training schedule.  Not exactly sure why I had dreaded it so much - I suspect I thought "all that effort to change and drive to the path for only 2 miles".  My new training schedule starts on Sunday (rather than the typical Monday) so that leaves today as the last day to "get my run in" this week - HUGE SIGH!  I have vowed to do everything in my power to make every run during this training cycle so . . . I decided to just go - go without changing into my "running" clothes.  I am calling this 2 miler a "low tech" run because I wore NOTHING moisture wicking.  I didn't even take time to wear what I consider my essential running gear (toe socks and body glide).  Although I did bring my watch and ipod, I didn't use a devil beeper - instead I elected to do half mile intervals (the half miles are marked on the path I ran on).  So, here is how it turned out -

Sexy huh!  Can you see the sweat?  It was 92% humidity!
1st half mile = 9:03 (warm up walk)
2nd half mile = 5:14 (ran full half male; used 180 cadence)
3rd half mile = 8:03 (recovery walk)
4th half mile = 5:42 (ran full half mile except for 2 at 1/4 mile mark; used 180 cadence)

Those are pretty fast run intervals for me. . . who am I kidding - those are way faster than my 5K PR times - woot! woot!

Have a great holiday weekend!  Let us not forget the sacrifice our servicemen and women make - freedom is not free!


  1. Somebody might have some untapped speed ... just sayin'. Great splits and great job overall. I'm impressed you went "low-tech" - Mark can't even walk without wicking gear!

  2. Nice run! I always love the week after a big race... lots of rest and downtime. :)