Saturday, July 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 392 - TR 144 Race Recap

Today I ran the Swiss Days 5K "alone" - I put that in quotes because although I was alone while running (in fact a great part of the race I was not within 15' of another runner) - I knew many people in the race including "L" and her walking partner "D", several local running regulars, some Spring Into Training graduates, and even some co-workers.  I had several "cheerleaders" along the way including my boss (who was actually there for her son, but since he's worlds faster than I am - she has time to cheer for me too - so nice of her to do so!!!), "L's" 3 grand kids (so super dooper cute), and my mom (complete with her cow bell)! 

There really is no way to describe how amazingly well organized the race is -seriously, think of the most awesome race you've done and I'm sure this tops that!  It's just mind blowing how smooth and efficient it is GIVEN it's a "small town" race!  Last year this small town race had more than 600 participants and I heard that even more signed up this year than ever before.  To show how awesomely well organized and efficient the race is, guess what they added this year???  Disposable chips - now, that's HIGH class for a small town 5K (at least in these ol' Hoosier parts).

Additionally, each "packet" consisted of an enveloped that had 7 instructions/directions/pieces of information on it - stapled to the front, written in plain English so as to avoid all confusion (unlike the 5Kilt race I did in March that had directions for the chip attachment, but did not contain a chip). 

The race packets also included a map detailing both the 5K course and the 1 mile course - very helpful . . . .I know that in this neck of the woods, we often show up to the starting line with no idea of the route and if we had a head's up then it was only moments before when we caught a glimpse of a poster board drawing.  Rarely is the route (for small town races around here) posted online or added to the registration form. 

Finally, the packet included the race shirt.  A dull grey color, but a a nice design.  This race has only one sponsor (First Bank of Berne) so it's not plastered with logos all over the place.

On to the race itself - here's an "action" of photo with me totally "in the zone - eye on the prize" focused 100% on the timing clock which I think says 34:?? but really says 37:?? (thanks to the lady with a HUGE head that was blocking the clock - good job!).  Anyway, besides capturing my awesome concentration and speed (ha) - this photo shows my colorful race attire that you all selected for me (notice the pink sunvisor, pink shirt, and pink stripe down my capris).  I love pink so great choice everyone!

Here's a dumb photo, but I wanted to show you I even had a pink pony tail holder in my hair for this race.  I painted my nails the same bright pink that I did for the Geist half back in May, but somehow I didn't get a photo of them - BOO (who's a bad blogger?  I am, sorry!)

Although I ran alone, I definitely wasn't alone.  Here's some of my "peeps". 

Left to Right:  E (grey and blue shirt), T (E's mom, also my boss, and also the woman who did my 3rd and 4th races with me back in 2009), D (white shirt, "L's" walking partner), me (in the pink), "L" (in the green), G ("L's" husband in the yellow striped black shorts), then the 3 kiddos ("L's" grand kids) -aren't they adorable?!?! (you can click on the photo to enlarge . . . it if you want)
These are some of the Spring Into Training Graduates (left to right:  Daughter -Mother Duo who did both the Full Moon 5K and the next day Diva Dash back in June, then me in the pink, and S who did the S.I.T. and has been Tri training.
Unlike last year where there were dozens and dozens, if not hundreds, of cowbells, this year, my mom was the only bell ringer.  She got A LOT of expressions of gratitude and pleasure that she supported the Swiss race with such enthusiasm and authenticity.  Not really sure what happened to the bell ringers, but I'm glad my mom was there ringing it with such pride (her folks came here from Switzerland)!  Thanks mom for your support!!!!!!  After the race, my mom and I spent the day together.  We went to visit some of her aunts and an uncle who are nearly 90 years old - they are a HOOT!  We went to the big city to eat then did some shopping at Fresh Market, Sam's Club, and even a quick stop to the Running Store (to pick up a Moving Comfort shirt I had ordered).  A super fun day!  Next race - Chicago RnR Half  . . . T minus 14 days and a wake up! 


  1. Looks like a great time! :) I have race envy. I am dying to do another race! Loving the pink attire!

  2. Great race! Thanks for your very happy and unicorny comments on my scary snake post, the pet rescue place sounded amazing and who could resist smiling when you're hearing about such cute pups?!

  3. I love the photo of you "in the zone." You should have chicked that gal and beat her for blocking the clock. I am definitely doing this race next year! It sounds like a great time.

  4. great race photo, love the pink!

    And thanks for asking about my foot, it's a million times better, hope it stays that way!!!

  5. Pink was definately the way to go!! Looks like you had a fantastic time, and gotta love your mum and her cow bell!

  6. Congrats on your finish, LOVE the pink!

  7. Congrats on the race and good luck with the half!!!!

  8. Way to go! Good luck with the half!

  9. Haha! You look extremely hard core in that race pic!

    You win the hard core runner award for sure!

    Great job :)

  10. congrats on the race!!! you looked great in all the pink!!!

  11. Congratulations on a great race! I love that photo of you running. You look like you have great form, and I love that it shows you "in the zone"! Nice work!