Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 368 TR 131 - Knight Runs Series 5K race recap

Tonight was the final race in a local 3 part race event featuring a 3K, 4K, and 5K each 2 weeks apart over the last 6 weeks.  You can click HERE and HERE to see the other recaps (if you're totally bored with your day and need more blog reading to do - ha!).  So, 30 minutes after "C" and I finished a 6.44 mile walk/run, we headed to an area high school to do the race.  We had planned to walk the race with some recent Spring Into Training graduates.  Although the pace wasn't overly challenging, the cumulative miles certainly were.  My feet were sore and I was tired. 

Here are some photos to capture the "joy" (as I mentioned in my TR 130 it was horribly HOT . . . and these XC races are really a LOT more challenging than a road race!).  Enjoy the photos . . .

3 Spring Into Training graduates + "C" & I

"B" & "R"

The race director - goofing off - pretty sure he was happy this was the last race of the series!  He was a lot of fun - GREAT attitude!!!!

My running mentor "M" - pretty sure that's his "go to" stance for every race photo!

One group of gals who are SO GLAD to have these 3 XC races over - XC . . . not our favorite thing!  How do you like our post race "action photo"! 
Thanks friends for doing these races with me! Thanks race directors and volunteers for all of your help and willingness to put on this series!!!  I enjoyed the challenge and had a lot of fun!!!!


  1. I see lots of thumbs :) I can't believe you went to a race after 6.5 miles. You go girl!

  2. You guys looks like you're having so much fun! HOW on earth do you race after 6+ miles already? Amazing!!

  3. Awesome work! I love seeing the smiles on you and all your friends in the photos!