Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapte 2 page 432 - today, a review

First, let me begin by saying 9/11 - I remember!  I carry the memory of the day in my heart and soul everyday.  I was teaching a class of 6th graders at the time 10 years ago (now, those kids would be 4th year college students).  I was an Army Reservist called to active duty 10 years ago.  I honor those who perished, the families who endured, and the armed forces and first responders who respond to the call!  With such a tremendous price tag for freedom, I strive daily to live by the 7 army values.

Not a photo from today.  Source.
Second, I helped with a fantastic community event called "Pedal N' Picnic".  This first annual event was a HUGE success and so truly fun!!!!  It began with a family bike ride (hence, the Pedal part of the event title) which featured 2 routes.  The longer route for families with older children was 6.5 miles while the shorter route was 2.5 miles.  Intersections and water stations were staffed by members from our local national guard unit.  There were large 8' wooden ribbons painted yellow posted along the route and every participant received a yellow silicone bracelet that said "9/11 We Remember".  After the ride, everyone returned to the park for a huge community picnic (hence the "picnic" part of the event title) which was free and open to the everyone.  There was tons of entertainment including a demonstration by a local square dancing club (man, they were amazing - no one tripped over their own feet - heck I can do that just walking to my car), a petting zoo and animal expert presentation, and a rock climbing wall staffed by the National Guard.  Hot dogs, chips, and cookies were served up by the hundreds and everyone took time on this day to be part of our "community".  Although the entire event was free (even the bike ride), participants were encouraged to bring donations to be sent to our town's deployed National Guard troops - people responded so generously!  Our collection box was stuffed full.  The children colored pictures while the older folks wrote notes which will be included in the care package to be sent oversees.  It was truly heartwarming to be part of this event  . . . especially on this day!

Third, with all the craziness of the week (and poor prioritizing), I was left with 3 miles on my training schedule for the week.  I didn't get to it before the Pedal N' Picnic event today and had failed to plan ahead to get the run done after the event. So . . . I failed - I failed to get my last 3 mile run in this week.  I normally wouldn't care, but I also cut my long run short (did 10 miles instead of 13) making my week 6 miles short.  I usually don't get too worked up, but I was feeling guilty and thought I should confess to all of you.  Tomorrow starts the taper into my GOAL RACE (Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon on 9/24).  Yay for taper, but I can't help but to feel I don't deserve it since I was a HUGE slacker this week. 

 Anyone need to confess anything to clear away some guilt?  Now is your chance -


  1. I don't think you should feel guilty about missing the mileage. My schedule only called for a 9-10 mile long run so you are right on target if you ask me ;) I am sooo excited for taper! WOOHOO!

    The pedal and picnic sounds fantastic, I wish I could have made it down with the family! What a great way to bring the community together to commemorate 9/11.

    And in case I haven't told you before, THANK YOU for being a part of the armed forces. No matter what capacity, anyone who volunteers to help our country is a hero in my eyes!

  2. Last week I skipped BOTH of my training runs, and didn't get a long run in since I had a triathlon.

    I think you made better use of the day instead of squeezing in a few lousy miles. You work so hard, give yourself a break! lol

  3. Enjoy your taper week! You are going to do awesome.

    For confessions - I ate breakfast twice yesterday post 10K...once at the event and then at McDonald's on the way home. :)

  4. Confession ... tonight and last night I had a massive bowl of custard with milo ... and it just didn't satisfy!!

    But what I really want to write is THANK YOU. Thank you for the most gorgeous comment on my post over the weekend. Thank you for being inspiring to me every day! And most importantly .... did you get some tomato into your mouth??? I was going to say into your gob ... which is what I would say to my bff but didn't know if you could handle it!