Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chapter 2 page 447 - Half Mary Recap - photo edition

Frequent readers will recognize these - "C" made a stick head of herself for me and brought me a heart shaped rock back from her CO hiking trip - I carried both in Chicago and got a PR so I carried both again on Saturday . .. PR baby!

It's a great photo - thought I would post it again.  SOOOO proud of these first time 4 milers!

This too is a GREAT photo and deserves to be reposted - training partners moments away from doing their first half mary!  Soooooo unbelievably proud of them!!!

I LOVE this photo - except the photo I got was blury and this one has Kristen's eyes closed - bummer!  These were the half marathoners from our "group".  L to R back:  Emily, April, moi, "C", Front Row L to R:  Tia and Kristen - all but "C" and I were first time half marathoners!!! WAY TO GO GIRLS!!!!

My mom is a GREAT sport - so fun to have her come along to many of my races!

My parents took this picture of "C" at mile 8.75.  It looks as if she is walking, but I promise you she's moving!  She PR'd by over 9 minutes!!!!  She got a 2:40:15 - incredible!!!  I'm SOOOO proud of her!!!

In the middle is John from our half marathon class - he was a BLAST.  This guy was a trooper.  He was injured after the Indy Mini and was in a boot until just a month ago - incredible spirit, great sense of humor, and all around FUN!!!  Will miss the spirited exchanges we had during class every week.  I bought him a set puffy paint sparkle pens so he could  "bedazzle" his boot.  :)  That's the kind of fun we had!!!  Because he just got back into training, he walked the entire half - such courage and dedication!

L to R:  "C" (6h half mary; new PR 2:40:15), Jenn (first time half marathoner 2:01 - incredible right!), moi (5th half mary; new PR 2:53:51), Tia & April (first time half marathoners 3:17:31 - a full min/mile faster than their goal time! - WOOT!)

"C" finishing strong!

Me finishing strong
What would a recap be without a close up of my neon green and hot pink nails!  Party on!


  1. LOVE the photo edition. You have some great photos! :) Love your nails, mine were just one color, I need to jump on the multi-colored nail bandwagon!

  2. Love the photos! Congrats to everyone.

  3. Love, love, love the photos. I especially love C's photo. So cute! I need to send you the ones I took!

  4. Your photos are always phenomenal!
    Also, in response to your comment on my blog- Ummm, I'm definitely down with the Diva Half and all the other races lol Let's make these things happen!!

    Also, I'm sorry to hear about your toe nail. No bueno girl! :(

  5. You ladies ROCK!!! Like Rock Stars! Keep up the awesome work!