Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chapter 2 page 431 - TR 162 Race recap & photos

This morning was a little chaotic, but it all worked out well.  I had a 5K to run, but in addition, I had to coordinate a health fair (lucky for me, they were both in the same small town about 15 minutes from my house).
Here's how I planned out my morning in order to make everything work:
6:30 leave my house - boo to very dense fog . . . mostly burned off once the sun came up
6:45 put out yard signs promoting the health fair
7:30 5K pick up packet
7:45 return to health fair and orientate the staff and get event started
8:10 return to 5K to warm up
8:30 race start
9:15 (hopefully sooner) finish the race and stretch
9:30 return to the health fair to wrap up event
10:00 remove signs and pack up health fair 

Although my health fair event was a tankapaloosa, the 5K was one of the BEST 5Ks I've ever run!!!!  I should have known it would be fantastic with 2 avid runners in charge - but even with that, this race blew away all of my preconceived expectations.

Here are just some examples of the great things about the race:
-Firetruck horn blast for the start (that's pretty dramatic and certainly different)
-AWESOME route (~1.25 miles on a paved walking trail, ~1.75 miles out and back on a paved country road)
-2 water stations that were accessible from both the out and back so that was a total of 4 opportunities for water (I've done 5K's without any water or just 1 station - how awesome was it to have 4 stations  . . . especially since it was 100% humidity)
-THE MOST ORGANIZED RACE CHECK IN (they had pre-registered packets put together in gallon size zippie bags with our names written on it) - hand over the baggie and we're on our way.  Easy Peasy!
-Course was super well marked and fully staffed with volunteers to ensure we didn't get lost.

Here's what I hoped to accomplish during the race: 
-dress in red/white/blue in support our country during this 9/11 anniversary weekend CHECK
Would you expect anything less than red nails to match my red shirt?
-use 2:2 interval . . . no need to overly tax my legs at this stage of the game CHECK
-easy does it mile 1 (thankfully this was the plan because my legs were NOT happy about being asked to perform) CHECK
-mile 2 pick up the pace a little and begin listening to my jamz CHECK
-mile 3 turn off my jamz and use my metronome for the running intervals for speed work (wow - that left me huffing and puffing . . . near maximal effort). CHECK

I was able to execute the plan perfectly!  I felt great about my performance - especially after the first mile when my legs decided to join me for the run :) I finished in an unofficial time of 38:49 which happens to be 12:29 m/m which happens to be the exact pace I need to have in order to get a 2:56 in my half which is only 2 weeks away (please know that my half mary goal is 2:59, but the McMillian calculator says I can get a 2:56 so that's my new dream goal).  Really glad that I decided to do this race!!!!


  1. I thought of you this morning....sooo glad that you had a good time! And what a beautiful day it turned out to be!! So proud of you for getting out there....I slept in this morning and thought of how you already had 3 miles in for the day...yeah..I'm a slacker. Proud of you girl! Well done :D

  2. I can not believe you did this after your 10 miler last evening. Your legs are right to give you some complaining. I am ammazed at you time. no way could I do that. "L"

  3. Great Job! Honestly, great time! Especially since you ran 10 miles 12 hours before. I don't think my legs would move that fast after a long run! I am actually afraid I won't be able to move tomorrow after just 3 miles today!

    Hooray for well organized races, I LOVE that they had 4 opportunities for water - never seen that for a 5k! Awesome!

  4. Way to go girl! Like "L" I can't beleive you ran just after running last evening. You will definitely rock the F4F and maybe get a 2:45! How awesome would that be!!! Love the red, white and blue in support of our troops. I'm praying that tomorrow is a day without any dramatic events. Now take a well deserved rest.

  5. Well done on both organising the race and the event ... nothing like being busy to get the adrenalin going !! Loving the red, white and blue.

  6. Busy little bee you were! Wow! (love those nails lady bug!!)

  7. Awesome job at your race! You executed your plan perfectly!

  8. Great job! I don't know how you do it running back and forth--I would be going crazy with both events going on. So glad it was a great course and race!

  9. Yay you! You're 3.1 miles closer to your goal.