Thursday, September 29, 2011

Chapter 2 page 449 - TR 168 - short and drenched

Today was my first run since last weekend's half marathon.  I was feeling guilty about it, but my running mentor convinced me that 4 days off might have actually been the best thing for my legs (and I know it was very helpful for my mind).  I met up with "C" who has already run 4 miles earlier this week (she's just awesome - that's all there is to it!) and we set off to do an easy 3-4 miler.  We reversed the interval used for the half and ran 1:15 and walked 2:30 - wow, that sure is easy and fun!  We didn't take our park pass because they haven't been collecting fees at the gate on Thursdays for several weeks . . .  ummm, yeah, except today!  So . . . we turned around and would make up the distance on the other path - ummmm, yeah, except it began to POUR!  So . . . because of the rain and the fact that I had to get back to work, we just stopped after 2.3 miles.  It wasn't pretty or even that easy (my hip and quad are back to hurting -boo!), but I feel A LOT better about getting back out there. I hope to get in a longer run tomorrow (it's cold and rainy outside so . . . we'll see how motivated I am after a Friday at work . . . stay tuned.

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  1. Way to go getting out there this week after such a great race this weekend. If it makes you feel any better I haven't gotten any mileage in either, except for a short 1 mile walk on Sunday morning. Hope to pick it back up next week so I will be ready for St. Louis :)