Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter 2 page 446 - TR 167 Half Mary by the numbers

As you ALL know (sorry the recaps just keep coming) I PR'd my half this past Saturday.

Here's a little "by the numbers":

Number of water stations where I drank water: 9

Number of water stations where I drank gatorade: 1

Number of bottles of on-board water consumed: 1

Number of tunes I listened to on my ipod: ZIP - didn't work, BIG FAIL - BOO!

Number of chomps consumed:  2 before start, 2 at mile 4 (should have been @ mile 3), 2 at mile 7 (should have been @ mile 6), and I should have had 2 at mile 11, but I forgot

Number of gu packets consumed: 1 @ mile 9.5 (spilled it all over me - s.t.i.c.k.e.y!)

Number of intervals walked through: 3 (one at mile 7.25, one at mile 9.5, one at mile 11ish)

Interval used:  2:30 run and 1:30 walk

First 5 miles pace: 13:01 m/m

First 10 miles pace:  13:17 m/m

Final 5K pace:  13:13 m/m

Total overall pace:  13:15 m/m

Final time:  2:53:51

PR'd by:  8 minutes 24 seconds


  1. Holy cow, how do you remember all these details? I need to take a lesson from you! I can hardly remember anything! :) Way to go - you did awesome! Can't wait for St Louis!

  2. Love reading about this race by the numbers. You kept a really consistent pace the whole race, I'm so impressed by that!