Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chapter 2 page 434 - TR 163 5.6 miles of wilderness

After 17 weeks of training for our half (Actually we've been training since February nonstop since we had a May half and just kept training straight into this upcoming half), we have finally arrived - T.A.P.E.R.  Ahhhhh, it's so nice to "just" have a 6 mile long run.  Wow - it feels like it has been sooooo long since we were running 6 mile long runs.

Today's weather was hot and sunny and we've done variations of our normal route a million times and although we aren't bored, we certainly are open to changing things up whenever possible.  This is our 163rd training run after all.  So . . . we headed for a nature trail and knocked out 5.6 miles in 1:33:15.  We've trained on this trail a LOT and love the shade and challenge and scenic views it provides.  When the summer offered heat indexes of 100+ we were on this trail daily.  We began with a 10 minute walk and then did 2.5 miles of 4:2 - a bit challenging for us especially on the trail and especially in such hot and humid conditions.  At about the halfway point we walked for about 1 -1.5 miles and then finished the rest doing 2:2.  This one was not fast, just a nice challenge from the trail and initial 4:2 interval.

Next on the agenda . . . 3 laps tomorrow testing out 3 different intervals to help "C" figure out which she wants to use to get her 2:45 PR at next week's Fort 4 Fitness. I know that whatever interval she chooses, she's going to crush her goal do so well!!!


  1. Good job getting your long run out of the way for the week! I have been debating doing mine on Thursday but still no final decision yet. Look forward to seeing you and "C" tomorrow!

  2. Great job! I bet it was so nice out there. And good luck today testing intervals. Tell C I know she's going to rock it!