Thursday, September 15, 2011

Chapter 2 page 435 - support needed

Since "C" and I began running half marathons together, we have always sat down at a table with the course map and pen in hand and discussed exactly how we plan on tackling the race.  We cover every aspect of the race:  hydrating, fueling, pacing, intervals (you know we run/walk), mental breaks, physical breaks, staging spectators, etc.  We cover it all.  We usually spend about an hour studying the course map and working on a strategy and refining it until complete confidence in "the plan" is reached.  Last night, we focused on how "C" will tackle the upcoming Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon which is just 10 days away.  See "C" has done all the training and way more than I (she hiked all over freakin' Colorado earlier this summer AND walked all over NYC last month so), and I know that she will be able to get her goal of a 2:45, but she is suffering from a lack of confidence.  We created a good plan that I think she feels is doable, but I can't help but worry for her - she supports me in helping me to push myself to improve as a runner and to help me get PRs and I want to help her however I can. 

Would you all do me a favor (Pretty please)?  Please leave a comment showing her your support (you all are THE MOST supportive peepes I've ever "met"!)?  She's worried that she doesn't have enough training (we've been training every week since February - we've run like almost 600 miles).  She's worried that she won't follow the plan we created and end up going too quickly and dying at the end (that's what happened to her last year in this race, but I tell her she's smarter now since we've done 3 halfs since that one).  I know she has the ability and training to achieve her goals.  Thanks for helping me to convince her that she can do it!!!!!!


  1. I am 100% confident that "C" will do fantastic. I think she will be able to meet her goal no problem. She has trained hard to get here and it will pay off at F4F.

    I definitely understand her fears though, her fear is also one of my biggest! But, I have faith that we will both be able to start out smart and finish strong!

    WE WILL ALL ROCK F4F! They aren't going to know what hit them.... we will be "E"s infamous half mary class! ;)

  2. "C"--although I don't know you I feel like I do through these posts! I suffer from the same lack of confidence prior to a race, so you're not alone. BUT--if you have put in the work, now is the time to reap the rewards of a great race. You are going to be amazing at your half marathon, and I can't wait to hear the results. 2:45 is within your reach!

  3. She's going to rock it. Hands down. Every time you shoot for a goal, that self doubt hangs over you. But, in my experience, if you've put in the work, you will see results. Remember my sub-2 goal? Smashed it by nearly 6 minutes. Sub-27 5K? Beat that by almost 3.

    Just tell her that Miles and I will be cheering for him from the course ... not sure where yet but we will!

  4. "C" is a superstar... she can TOTALLY do it!! :) GO C!!!! :) trust your training... and trust yourself... and listen to yourself... you know how to run this race!! YOU GO GIRL!! :)

    Wells, you're a great friend :)

  5. I don't know anything about running like you pros, but what I've read I think SHE CAN DO IT! Especially all the extra exercise this summer!

    BEST WISHES to both of you!!!

  6. Hands down C you will do GREAT! I believe in you and besides you also have a Great partner... you both will be AWESOME and will keep each other going to the end!


  7. First of all I want to thank my fantastic running partner and best friend "L" for all the training runs we have endured leading up to this race. And second, I'd like to thank all of you for the comments of support and confidence. I know that we are ready for this race both physically and mentally. I just need to run a smart race by following the race plan that "L" and I planned out. This will be my first race without "L" in a year! "L", now it's time for me to have your face on a stick!!! Thanks again for all the wonderful comments!

  8. Ahhh thanks everyone!!!!! You're all so awesome!!!!! We're just a little over a week away - can't wait to give you that race recap - hoping it will include PR smackdowns by both "C" and myself!

  9. I think "C" will get there and blow her goal out of the, road? Anyway, the point is... she's going to do fantastic! I can feel it! She has multiple halfs under her sneakers and months of training, not to mention "the plan" y'all came up with... it's going to be a breeze!