Sunday, September 4, 2011

Chapter 2 page 425 - Race Recap photo edition

If you missed the recap detailing my 10 Mile PR Smack Down - click HERE to read it.

As promised, here are a few photos from the race 

Painted nails . . . of course!  I didn't have any yellow polish so I thought I would put on all my bright colors - kind of fun.  The kids ("L's" grand kiddos and Jenn's daughter) seemed to really like it.  You can also see just above my watch that I wrote a quote and you can barely see that on my forearm I had written the 2:15 pacing (yeah, we crushed that by more than 2 minutes!)

We look ready to go don't we!

Home stretch baby!

Ahhh, the blue timing mats . . .there's no place like home the blue timing mats!

This is "K" - she was in the Spring Into Training group and SHE.WON.HER.AGE.GROUP!!!!!  How amazing!  Poor thing- her family had just left prior to her getting her award!!!!  WAY TO GO "K"!!!!

You know "C" and I, but the awesome chica on the right is Jenn from our Half Marathon Class - she writes Running4MyLife and will be joining us for RnR St. Louis in October!!!  You should check out her blog - she's A-MAZ-ING!!!  She has lost over 100 pounds and only started running in January - yeah, she's a gazelle and did the 10 Miler more than 45 minutes faster than "C" and I!

This cracks me up - we were screwing around during the "serious" photo taking - ha!
Okay so this is what the photo should look like had we been not been screwing around.

Not sure why "C" was busy eating a banana and not posing with the group in this one, but . . . you probably recognize our other training partner "L" and her 3 grand kiddos and her husband who were at mile 8 and the finish line to cheer for us!!!  So cute!!!  "L's" granddaughter gave me a "flower" (dandelion) at mile 8 and I put it in my bondiband (which said "No One Ever Drowned In Sweat!" - such a good message for a hot and humid race day!)  and carried it to the finish with me :)  All 3 grand kiddos gave me a hug and high 5 at mile 8 - good thing they are too young to know how disgusting all that sweat on my shirt was :) ha!
Post race photo with "M" - my running mentor who was also the race director.  Exceptionally well done race.  Great job to "M" and all the volunteers - a fantastic event!!!!!


  1. LOVE the photos! And I am still jealous at how awesome your nails were! :) I am jealous you have before pictures, I was so frazzled that I didn't even think about it! Love that last picture of you and "C" - captures your fun personalities so well! :)

  2. We missed pictures with you! I need to post about our run still....thanks for all the help! You and "C" are the best!

  3. Great photos!!! You always look like you are having such a fun time on your runs - I love it. Love the slogan on the headband ... not so sure it applies to me!

  4. Love the photos! Did you and Chris coordinate? Ha! If we do WOOF, I want to have fun nails, too :)

  5. Amazing job! Loving all the photos! And the nails...freaking AWESOME!