Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 363 - half marathon class week #3

This was week 3 of our 13 week half marathon class that is sponsored by the local running store.  The teacher is very knowledgeably and friendly.  He has won the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon (that we're all training for) the last 2 years so if anyone knows how to do it right, I'd say it's he!

Last week the topic was shoes and apparel and I didn't write a post about it because I honestly didn't learn anything new.  This week's topic was environmental conditions and hydration.  I felt pretty confident that this would all be a review, but to my surprise, I learned quite a bit.  Below is a little summary of things I either was reminded about or learned, enjoy:

1.  Shade is always better than running on a sunny path, even if it means less air movement (I wrote a post about this very topic just a couple of weeks ago and you all gave the exact same advice - kudos bloggers!)

2.  Wind is the opposite of humidity.  It can dry your swat faster before it has a chance to cool you which in turn increases the amount you sweat.  So windy conditions require more water intake because of this drying before cooling effect.  HMM - news to me! 

3.  High humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate from your skin.  Therefore, you'll sweat more and are more likely to become dehydrated.  I'm not saying I didn't know this one, but it was just put differently tonight then I have previously thought of it. 

4.  When humidity is over 70%, you'll need to drink more because your fluid replenishment needs increase.

5.  This is interesting - hydration needs are similar for a run occurring during a 60-70 degree day as they are for one taking place at 30-40 degrees.  Totally didn't know that!

6.  Emerging research is showing the old beliefs may no longer hold true.  Those "common beliefs" now in question are:   
     a.)  Endurance performance begins to diminish when you loose as little as 1-2% of your body weight during a run (from water loss).
     b.)  You should begin consuming water before you get thirsty because once you're thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated. 

7.  Wearing tight clothes during cold temperatures actually puts you at a greater risk for frostbite because it restricts blood flow to the skins.  Seriously - wearing tights or compression garmets is not advised.  Don't we all wear tights in the winter?????????????  Apparently, it puts you at a greater risk for frostbite - WOW - BREAKING NEWS TO ME (not that it'll be cold enough to care about this newly learned factoid anytime soon, but still. . . .)  Now you know!  HMMM!

And from a classmate . . .
8.  Bondiband is having a sale and you can use the promo code (FIVE) to get 5 bondibands for $25 (that's a $3 per band savings - woot!)

That's pretty much all I learned this week, any of this new to you?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 2 page 362 - TR 128 long run nightmare

Sure wish I some pictures to share with you to better depict how today's long run went, but unfortunately, I don't.  No worries - I'll paint you a picture for you.

"C" and I drive to the big city and start out for our 10 mile long run with about 3.5 hours before our half marathon class (PLENTY of time . . . ).  We eat some chews before we start, we go potty before we start, and then we get going. We started off with a walk of about 3/4 mile then we start with 2:40 & 2.  We're good.  Some running intervals felt a little fast, but we're feeling good and strong.  We eat chews at the 3 mile mark - great.  It's pretty hot out, so we walk through an interval here and there.  We head up the next leg of our route and we're feeling less strong.  I get this unbelievable pain in my butt (literally, a pain in my butt).  Leave it to "C" to know what it is and said that it's chronic - GREAT like I need ANOTHER chronic pain!!!!  Sigh.  We walk a little more then we decide to run 6 minutes straight in a section of the route that didn't have a sidewalk.  At this point, we're pooped and feeling a little pressured that we might not actually get the remaining 3 miles done in time before we have to leave for our class - WHAT HAPPENED TO PLENTY OF TIME!!!!  WOW, so we alter our route and head back to a loop path that's only about a mile from our car.  We walk some intervals and then I negotiated changing from 2:40 & 2 to :30 & 1:00.  We really enjoyed the shorter run segments - helped keep things fresh. 
Here comes the visual - we were on a path around a golf course where the grass looked oh so splendid and I told "C" that I wanted to just lay in the grass under the shade tree and spend the afternoon.  I was mostly kidding, but there probably was a thread of truth.  Skip ahead about 3/4 of a mile (give or take), and I was literally done.  I stopped, and sat on the grass.  I told "C" I was done that I just couldn't go any further.  Seriously, I could NOT go further.  I proceeded to lay down in the grass (and weeds - seriously hope there wasn't poison ivy).  I rolled over onto my tummy and just was completely spent.  I rolled back over and sat back up and after "C" said "I can't drag you back to the car!" I said, "Give me a minute (or two) and I'll be ready to go."  As I was saying "I'm done, I can't go another step" a man that looked a lot like a personal trainer and a woman (probably husband and wife, but totally looked like trainer and client) said, "She's ("C") your accountability parnter."  Yes, yes she is indeed!!!!  And savior, and cheerleader, and friend!  "C" is priceless!!!!!!!!  Eventually I get up - and we continue :30 & 1:00 for another mile.  Because of time, we ended up going 9.25 miles (not quite 10, but honestly, it was good enough).

This was a despicable performance on my part!  BOOOOO!  I'm sure too many days off played a big role in my craptastic performance!!!!  Dang it!!  I really wanted to have a run that gave me confidence, but nope - just a bunch of concern for my upcoming 4 half marathons!!!!!!

I came home and decided to give a foot ice soak another chance- this time with less ice.  I've typed this entire post without loosing mind like I did last time (if there are a lot of typos in this post, well, then you now know why).

Chapter 2 page 361 - L.A.Z.Y.

At first I was thinking I might be the only one who has ever sort of fallen off the running bandwagon and then I realized that was silly!  I believe almost everyone has had a lack of motivation and taken an extra rest day (or 2 or 3 or 4).  I had a pretty good run on Friday that I had to gut out the first 3 miles but then was amazing because my husband made some surprise appearances to encourage me.  On the heels of that pretty good run, I've done NOTHING - NOTHING- NOTHING!  I have carried my workout clothes to work everyday so that I could change and go for my usual post-work run, but NOPE - I have also carried the clothes back out to my car each day - BOOOO!  I have given some thought as to why I've taken 4 days off (not that you care, but . . .):

1.  My shins and knees have felt hinkey - they sort of feel like shin splints and sort of just feel like they need a chiro adjustment.  They sort of hurt and sort of just feel odd - nuts, I know.

2.  My running partner, "C", has been gone - and we all know how I feel about running alone.

3.  I'm afraid that it will be hard and hurt (because it almost always hurts and is hard!). - this one is super weak - I know, BOO!
And the biggest reason-
4.  My half marathon teacher tweaked our training schedule and now has us running 4 days a week instead of 3 (and occasionally 4).  Under the 3 day a week system we have used for over a year, I could knock out one run and know I had to only do 2 more . . . but now, with 4 days a week, if I knock out one run, there are still 3 more to do - ummmmm, (see number 3 above - running is hard and painful).

No worries - even if we have to crawl, we're doing 10 miles in the big city this afternoon (should be unbelievably freakin' hot, but at least we'll get it done before our half marathon class and I can return to feeling good about my running efforts!).

Ever taken a couple of extra rest days?  How did you get back on schedule?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Chapter 2 page 360 - TR 127 4K recap

Last Tuesday was the second in a series of 3 progressively longer cross country races.  I wasn't 100% sure I would make this race to make it to the starting line, but I had no doubt I would arrive in time to run backwards on the route and meet up with the recent Spring Into Training graduates to cheer them on for the second half.  Well, great news - everything went quickly with work so I was able to get to check-in just in time (not time to go potty, but . . .oh well).  I ended up walking the entire 4K course with my SBFF "MM" while "C" walked with the other gals.  The weather was frightening - there was cloud to ground lightening not far away and the clouds were ominous to say the least.  Fortunately, although there was rain and we got wet, it could have been so much worse!

Can you believe I didn't remember to bring my camera?  That's not like me!  If you click on my race page HERE, you'll see I make a photo collage for every race - how can I make a collage if I don't have my camera! Unacceptable!  HUGE SIGH!  I used my blackberry and that will have to do!

"BC" & "MM" after the race at our "go to" Mexican Restaurant (no margaritas celebration this time)

Mother-daughter (aren't they cute!) - you gals did a great job at the race!

The group minus "RS" who is taking the photo - apparently only I felt the post race photo warranted a thumbs up - ha!

The group minus me who is taking the pictures.  See, still no thumbs up!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chapter 2 page 359 - 66 minute dream

Just had to share a dream I had last night with all of you ('cuz I know how much you care 'bout it!).  I dreamed I was in a half marathon and that I completed the first 6 miles in 66 minutes - feeling strong and looking good.  I was soooo bummed when my alarm went off (in real life) and had to cut my dream short (didn't get to "experience" the crossing the finish line in my dream), but 66 minutes for 6 miles - yes, I would be over the moon with a performance like that.  I have to think my slightly quicker (closer to 13 m/m not 11 m/m) 6 miler last night might have been the root of this dream, but nonetheless - I feel it might be obtainable one day, with some dedication and hard work!

For what it's worth, the other night I dreamed I won 3rd place in a race - ha!  Yeah, that'll NEVER happen (unless there are only 3 people in the race). 

Do you ever dream about running or racing? 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Runner's Luck

Runner's Luck is getting married tomorrow!!!!!
Best wishes for a lifetime of happiness, endless love 
and pure joy!

Chapter 2 page 358 - insanity AGAIN

I really enjoy helping people - especially helping people discover running and finding the joy of racing.  I also love to have a friend to do races with.  Many months ago, I "met" a gal through my blog named Allie (from Missouri).  We have communicated through emails regularly and she is the reason that "C" and I are going to do the St. Louis RnR Half in October. We're coming to meet her (and of course, run the race together).  She has said all along that she is slow like I am - UMMM, liar - she's fast like "C" (maybe even faster than "C")!  Anyway, she had been training for her first half marathon which was to be the Extra Terrestrial half at night in Nevada in August (probably messed up those details, sorry Allie).  Well, my heart broke when her friend backed out and she was left hanging.  I'm NOT the girl to run a half marathon in a desert at night especially in a small race where there won't be thousands of peepes, but I am the girl who says YES when asked if I would do the Chicago RnR Half with her in August instead.  So, "C" isn't able to do the race with me (you have no idea how truly sad that makes me not to mention anxious -she's "the girl" - she just makes all the destination plans work) so today I signed up to do the race with Allie.  P.S.  This MO Allie is not to be confused with my awesome bloggy follower Allie who is currently in Gerrmany (she writes thatgirlisarunningfool). 

So here's to getting a post race concert from Bret Michaels in the Windy City with my new MO running friend (AND my opportunity to get the extra medal for doing 2 RnR races). 

P.s.s. For those of you keeping track, this will mean 4 half marathons in 4 months in 4 states - hmmmm, NUTS!!!!!!!!!  Stay tuned!!!!

Chapter 2 page 357 - TR 126 6 solo miles

I put this 6 miler off ALL DAY.  Big shout out to my Missouri friend Allie for her encouragement to get my butt moving.  "C" is gone to college orientation with her youngest daughter and so I was alone.  I had been looking forward (as much as I ever look forward to running solo) to running today because all week the forecast was for like 68 degrees - YES PLEASE!  With Allie's encouragement, I changed into the brightest clothes I had (lime green shirt, black capris, neon orange compression sleeves, and my hot pink & yellow Nike shoes).  I opted for a familiar route and emailed my husband the details (since I was going it alone - I thought if he knew my turn by turn directions and estimated completion time, I had a chance he might be able to find me before having to call America's Most Wanted.  I put on ALL my gear - I wasn't going to have a failure like my last solo 5 miler (HERE).  I had my ipod, my blackberry that has 2 audiobooks on it, my yurbuds, my interval timer, my watch, my compression sleeves, 2 water bottles, and chomps.  I forgot gum, but no worries, I always keep some in my hydration belt (woot for having a stash).  I started off with a walk along a very busy county highway.  My right ankle was feeling wonky and I kept thinking "I sure hope that'll stop hurting shortly".  Then after 7 minutes, I started with my 2:40 & 2 intervals and WOW did I feel like a baby elephant trying to take it's first awkward running steps.  I felt as if I had no rhythm.  I mean, I am a white girl and so that's to be expected (ha) but seriously - left right left right get into a groove already.  Nope.  It was hard and horrible and ohhhhh so humid.  Not even a single fart of air moving - nothing.  Wow - I have to admit I thought of all of you - I thought "what is that rule of thumb all the bloggers use?  Is it do it for 15 minutes and if sucks then quit or was it 30 minutes then quit? "  I then began doing math problems - oh yeah, I  need to write a thank you letter to my elementary school math teachers and thank them for the endless hours of story problems because that's exactly what occupied at least a good 30 minutes of my run while I couldn't get into a rhythm.

 Here's an example:
If Wells L is doing 6 miles then it will take about 1:30 (hopefully less).  If she is using intervals that are almost 5 minutes, then how many intervals will she do during her 6 mile run.  (By the way I figured it would be 18 intervals and guess how many it actually ended up being . . . YES, 18 intervals - how 'bout them math skills!).

Anyway you get the math problem idea and just know I seriously did them for 30 minutes.  Then the negotiating came in.  I'm not very good at thinking about this mile and not focusing on the distance ahead, but as I was out on the country road and still feeling like a baby elephant who couldn't put 2 steps together without tripping, I started negotiating with myself.

Here's some examples of my internal negotiating:
1.  I'll eat chews at the park sign - no, I'll wait until the barn.
2.  I'll walk through an interval when I eat my chews.
3.  I'll wait to put my music in until I get to the 3 mile mark.
4.  I just need to get the that curve, then to Missi's house, then to the park sign, then to the gate, then to the curve in the path - BUT WAIT . . . .

It was just past the curve in the path (approximately 3.25 miles left out of what became a 6.55 mile run) when EVERYTHING changed.  What was that ahead on the path?  It's a guy - hmmm, in business clothes - hmmm, he's just standing there - am I going to be mugged?  I get a bit closer . . . it's my husband!!!!  He had seen me on the other road and then parked his car and walked backwards up the path I was running so that he would run into me.  What a HUGELY HUGE surprise!!!!  Seriously, this was my 126th run in the last 2 years and NEVER has he ever surprised me along the route.  At first I thought something might be wrong, but nope, he just wanted to cheer me on.  We walked together for about a half of mile (maybe a little more) and then he got back in his car.  I went back to my 2:40 & 2 intervals, but this time I did 180 bpm for my running intervals - I was flying.  Then . . .  ahead, what do I see in the shadows of a covered bridge - is it a creeper?  Nope, it's my husband again - horray.  He high fived me and went back to his car.  He drove up to the  next parking lot and met me one  more time. This time I was only about .6 miles from my car so I asked if he wanted to walk the rest with me and I'd bring him back to his car.  He agreed and the final 1/2 mile was a nice walk (he walks fast!).
Daily Mile said that I went 6.55 miles in 1:30:31 which is a sub 14 m/m pace - not too bad given I walked about 1.5 miles in total.  I think those 180 bpm intervals really helped.
 Side note and big realization - the reason that I couldn't find "my pace and rhythm" was because I'm no longer a consistent 14 minute miler.  I have been running 14-14:30 min miles for 2 years.  I can pace anyone at that speed.  I don't even need a watch - my body just knows.  No longer - now I'm a 13-13:30 min/mile runner and that's not yet a natural feel for me.  I'm a girl without an internal rhythm - I hope to get it again soon.  It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to finally be getting faster.  Woot Woot!

Look out Runners on Parade (7/9) - a 5K PR is almost certainly coming my way!

Chapter 2 page 356 - heel update #2 round 2

 I'm back in rehab for my heel as I stated earlier this week.  On Thursday I had my 2nd session and guess what the feature was . . . . yes, more scraping!  Ohhhhh the scraping.  I have such ticklish feet.  I think during the first 12 sessions I built up some tolerance to the ticklishness, but I think I some of that tolerance because this was torture.  This therapy session was performed by "L" (my running partner) who is a PTA.  I've heard the rumors that she scrapes super hard so to say I was anxious about our session together would be a gross understatement.  Thankfully one of my friends was there with me because all in all it wasn't the worst scraping session I've had.

Additionally, yesterday, I took advantage of a $20 off coupon for a massage that I had gotten in the goodie bag from Saturday's Diva Dash.  The massage interested me because it was listed as a Plantar Fasciitis massage.  I have never heard of it, but I was ready to try it out.  I drove an hour to the big city's East side to get it, but let me just say it was worth it.  Melanie was the therapist and as we talked I learned she was 1 of only 2 medical massage therapists in the big city.  She felt confident that with 3-6 sessions I could be cured.  Hmmm, I'm not so confident, but we'll see.  She gave me a full body massage with a great deal of the session focused on stretching and massaging all aspects of the PF tendon.  I could really feel it working.  I'm going back next Friday for session 2 - stay tuned.  You can click HERE to learn more about Melanie and her practice and the various types of massage she offers (one is called a rain drop massage - wow, how relaxing does that sound!!!  She says it's awesome.  I'm definitely going to try it someday).

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 2 page 355 - TR 125 9 mile long run

It was soooo windy!  The storms were looming and the skies were ominous, but thankfully except for a few rain drops, it was dry.

"C" and I did 2.5 miles prior to our half marathon class then we did 3.75 miles with another classmate after class.  We finished up with 2.5 more miles for a total of 8.75 (close enough to 9 to count).  This was one of our least creative runs - we did 7 laps around a big city gym . . . it was a safe option given the super grey clouds that were overhead - didn't want to be 5 miles away and have it storm. A total of 8.75 miles in 2:05 - not a terrible pace, considering!

There were some little kids playing coaches pitch baseball - they were adorable to watch.  There were some older kids playing baseball and one of the fans in the stands is a local runner who I really enjoy seeing at the different races.  She spoke to us on the first 5 laps - then the baseball game became a nail bitter with a tied score and had her full attention.  So fun to see her and for her not only to recognize me but also speak.  In another part of the park there was a well attended outdoor concert.  I am not a fan of music, but they were really good so that was a lot of fun to listen to for about 1/4 mile during each of the 7 laps. 

My heel really hurt during this run - that's kind of unusual - usually doesn't hurt while I run (sigh).  "C's" hamstring was hurting as well.  We just gimped along :( 

Nothing too fancy about this recap - just a plain and simple run!

Chapter 2 page 354 - heel, next step

At Saturday's Diva Dash 5K, I got a coupon for $20 off a massage.  One of the types of massage it could be used for is a plantar fasciitis massage - no idea what it's all about, but I'm willing to try it (once!).  I LOVE MGA and would never want to have another massage therapist, but I'm going to try this specialized PF massage.  It's tomorrow evening (after my scraping PT appointment and before the 3 Elles martinis-seemed like good timing to me).  Friday evening, I'll have a post about week 2 of my half marathon class as well as the PF massage.  Hope your week is going well!!!! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 2 page 353 - back in rehab

I don't have photos and at this moment I barely have my sanity, but I'm back in rehab for my heel.  Since I had reached a pain free point for my half marathon but the pain has returned I'm willing to do endure some more torutre  therapy if it means it can get back to being pain free.  This time, today, there was a new torture instead of scraping.  How could anything be worse than scraping you ask?  Yeah, I really wasn't thinking it was possible, either!!!  OHHHHHH - my therapist today said, "You should put your foot in ice water."  That didn't sound so bad.  An ice pack, I should tell you, makes my heel feel like a frozen ice pick is being shoved deep into my heel, but an ice water soak I thought - sure, that sounds like it could be good.
This is NOT my foot or ice bath but it looks EXACTLY like it - kept toes up so they wouldn't get in the water per the therapist's directions.  photo source
 Seriously - after 20 minutes in the FREEZING water, I started laughing uncontrollably in pain.  I think I was seriously cracking up (like in a loony ward kinda way).  I had TRIED so hard to read all of your blogs while I was soaking my foot -thought it would be a great distraction to the intensity of the whole experience.  I'm sorry you all, my heart just wasn't in it.  I seriously could not focus on what you were saying.  I REALLY wanted to. 
This was all I could think of - ice, cold, pain!
 Now that my foot is removed, I really wanted to tell Allie from That Girl is a Running Fool to have fun with her mom and not to worry if the rooms don't get painted - seriously, she'll love you even if they don't get done.  I also wanted to tell her that I'll be thinking about her as she is solo in a foregin country as her husband gets deployed.  I wanted to tell the Gourmet Runner that her salad look so good.  I wanted to tell Running to Health that I was proud of her run even if it had to get shortened due to a casualty.  None of these things could I actually type out - I'm sorry ladies!!!  Please forgive me. 

As I was literally loosing my mind, my husband said "Why do you do such things to yourself."  I replied in between intense laughing from pain unlike almost anything else I've experienced, "the therapist said it would help.  He is full of crap!"  (no hard feelings "M" - just too big of a weenie I guess!). 

How, in the world, do you all do a full ice bath after running????  I don't think it has to be quite as cold as this foot soak was, but seriously what's 10 degrees warmer - it was freaking cold!!!  WOW, my hat off to you - crazy hard core is what an ice bath is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess we'll have to see how it feels tomorrow to see if it was worth it or not!!! 

Just a quick note . . .

I know how each of you look forward to the insightful and witty postings from me on a daily basis (ha!); so I wanted to give you a little heads up that the rest of the week is jammed packed in the evenings (my usual blog time) so I'm not sure how much blogging will get done . . . hang in there, though, I'll make it up to you with the gritty details of my 4K race tonight, my half marathon class tomorrow, and my 3 Elles ( outting on Thursday.
Have a great week! 
Promise to be back blogging before you know it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Chapter 2 page 352 - TR 124 Diva Dash 5K recap

Exactly 12 hours after my Friday night 5K, I had a Saturday morning 5K.  A little crazy because I got home on Friday night at 10:15 p.m. (had to shower and change my nail polish color from green to pink) and left for this race at 5:45 a.m. (makes for a VERY short night), but the challenge was AWESOME.  This race was put on by a Curves with proceeds going to the osteoporosis foundation.  As a first year race, I was hopeful that it would live up to all the hype, but fearful of the oversight and disorganization plague that usually affects first year events . . .  excitingly - the event exceeded my expectations.  In addition to the oodles of amazing swag (photos below), the race featured 2 water stations, volunteers on bikes riding back and forth encouraging participants, and a lot of crowd support!!!  Hands down, this was the BEST 5K I have ever done.  (p.s. you can click on any photo to enlarge it)

The swag
Nice 50/50 t-shirt and a very nice zipper canvas bag with handles and shoulder strap.  On EVERY zipper of EVERY bag, race volunteers had tied purple curling ribbon and on one zipper there was an silk flower attached.  Many participants wore the flower in their hair during the race.  This race was ALL about the girlie details!!!!!  Speaking of girlie details - NO porta potties at this race . . . arrangements were made for nice, clean indoor facilities at several local establishments.   
The bags were stuffed with goodies including a Curves magazine, a car wash trash bag, a coupon for a free Whopper at Burger King (not exactly healthy), 2 free bowling games, a recipe, a coupon for 15% off at a local shoe store, a 20% off coupon for a massage - they have a Plantar Fasciitis massage - I'm calling on Monday!, some track club and upcoming event walking/running events, and osteoporosis information (since the race proceeds were going to osteoporosis).
As if the race and swag wasn't enough, you'll never believe what the post race was like.   Here are some of the highlights:
1.  2 LARGE pink columns of balloons at the finish line
2.  Every finisher received a bright pink feather boa (although feathers and sweat don't mix very well - it was still a LOT of fun to see 220+ ladies waving pink boas).
3.  Ice cold bottled water at the finish line
4.  Ice cold individual cartons of chocolate milk (donated by Allen dairy)
5.  Appetizers from Granite City - seriously there are NO WORDS to describe how delicious these were - ohhhh my!!!!  They had a spinach artichoke and cheese dip with tortilla chips that was so upscale and tasted so creamy - it was amazing.  They also had pot stickers which were out of this world.  There was plenty that people had seconds. (I heard that Granite City donated these to the race).
6.  Orange slices - in such supply that everyone ended up getting at least 4 slices.  
7.  Door prizes - not just "hey here's a pink #2 pencil for you" - nope!!  They were Vera Bradly bags, and $50 gift certificates to the running store, and hour massages, and free tax prep just to name a few.  There were probably 20-25 big ticket door prizes.  
8.  The 1st place open and 1st place masters got a bouquet of flowers as their prize (total diva, right!) *
9.  Age group winners got an extra boa and tiara - too cute!*
10.  A local radio station was on hand to provide all the music entertainment 
11.  Casey Shaffer & Doug staffed a water station - thanks Casey for the supportive interaction!!! You're awesome!!!!!
 * HERE is another blog showing some more pictures of the awards
What a FANTASTIC event! 
We all met at 6:00 a.m. to caravan to the big city!  It was about a 45 minute drive to get to the race.
Probably shouldn't take pictures and drive, but the sunrise was too beautiful to ignore!
The race advertised boas & tiaras so "C" and I broke out the bling!!!!!  We got the MOST compliments - all you costume runners should really consider tiaras!!!!  Ohhhh AND of course, I had to paint my nails pink to match!
"C" being goofy while showing off her tiara!
A close up of my tiara and the boa we got at the finish line - screams DIVA, huh!!!! 
"C's" tiara had purple gemstones while mine had pink ones - hence, we coordinated our shirts with our tiaras - after all, we're DAZZLING  DASHING DIVAS!!!
This is "SD" and I have the pleasure of working with her for the past 2.5 years.  We did a 5K together last year, but this time, she's a recent Spring Into Training Graduate!!!!!  She was FANTASTIC during the race.  She has been training in the S.I.T.'s interval group which has been doing 4 miles using a 1:2 interval.  Today, she stayed right with "C" and I doing using a 2:2 interval. She ROCKED THIS RACE!!!!! SO SUPER IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!  I seriously hope we can run together again SOON!!  Great job SD!
Might recognize these 2 from the Full Moon recap - this is a mother/daughter duo who are also recent S.I.T. graduates!
"MM" (a.k.a. my sweaty BFF a.k.a. SBFF) on the right, and "BL" on the left.  Both are new S.I.T. graduates.  This was "MM's" FIRST 5K and she CRUSHED this race.  These 2 walked the race together and discovered the power having a buddy has!!! I had done a 5K with "BL" last year (same one as I did with SD above).  I think we might have 2 future 5K addicts here!  Great job girls.  SO.STINKIN'. PROUD.OF.YOU!
Apparently the back row bookends didn't get the memo about the importance of a pre-race thumbs up, but nonetheless, here were are as a group before the race!!!!
Impromptu photo that cracks me up.
"C" with her youngest daughter "B" who just recently graduated HS and is IU bound!!! 
This is "BN" and works across the hall from me.  She has really been working hard on her running for the last year and it really showed.  We were right with her the entire race.  She uses a 3:3 interval and we were using a 2:2 so we were constantly passing back and forth - totally made it fun to have someone we knew near us!!!  GREAT JOB "BN"!!!
After "C", "SD" and I finished the race, we all went back to finish the race with "MM" and "BL".   I was a little worried we would find them sitting in a police car thumbing a ride back, but instead we found them in great spirits maintaining a steady pace!!!  SOOOOOO AWESOME GIRLS!!!!  I ran ahead to grab a couple of photos (you might notice "C" in the purple in the back, totally not paying attention - too busy socializing with the neighbors) SMILE!
They stopped to "strike a pose" - "BL" said "that stop took 10 seconds so I'm deducting it from my time."  She cracks me up.  So fantastic to have a sense of humor this far into the hot and humid race!!!!!
One last "party in the streets" pose  - come on girls, it's time to finish the race already - MOVE YOUR BOO-TAYS!
Isn't this a GREAT Finish line pix?  Yay for the man who was kind enough to capture our happy group!!!!!!
After all the awards and door prizes, we all went as a group (minus "SD" - missed you) out to eat at Bob Evans.  We had a great time swapping stories and making plans for future races.  I'm trying to convince them to do one of the F4F races.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chapter 2 page 351 - TR 123 Full Mooon 5K recap w/ 27 photos

At 8:00 p.m. last night, I participated in a small local race called Full Moon 5Ks & Fairways.  It was a  cross country run on the golf course property followed by dinner and 9 holes of night golf (though, it turned out that not enough people signed up for the golf so it was canceled).  This was my first cross country run - I did a cross country 3K walk 2 weeks ago, but this was my first actual run . . . .WOW my hats off to all of you who have done and do cross country!!!!!!!  I have a WHOLE new found respect for the difficulty of your races!!!!  To say last night's race was HARD would be an enormous understatement!!!!!  The insane heat and humidity combined with the challenge of numerous undulations plus running on challenging terrain made this race one of my most difficult.  Now, 24 hours later, I'm so glad that I did it.  I need to challenge my body in different ways - it's good for me - it (hopefully) will help me improve as a runner.  Last night was also the day after the last Spring Into Training session and many of the participants were forced into doing a race took advantage of a local opportunity to do a 5K.  For many of them, this was their first 5K - I feel so badly because it was SOOOOO unlike any other 5K.  I hope they'll be willing to try another one (on a paved road) one day!  Here are 27 photos (in no particular order - sorry) - enjoy!!!!! (p.s. you can click on any of the photos to zoom in)

Mother-daughter S.I.T. participants
Another family photo of S.I.T. participants
Aren't they a cute couple?  Husband-wife S.I.T. participants.

Mother (S.I.T.) - daughter (honorary S.I.T. participants & 1st time 5K walker)

FIRST.RACE.EVER!!!!  This is "A" & "T" who are training for their first half marathon.  Follow their journey on "A's" blog HERE.

2 (not related) S.I.T. participants - they're showing their pre-race joy!

The race director.

Seriously - aren't they a cute couple?!?

"A" & "T" near the starting line.  Smiles = before the race!

Surely you recognize "C" & I - if not, you need to read this blog more often!

I had planned to wear a red shirt, but "C" said that we should wear glow in the dark colors, so we busted out our neon - and of course, I had to paint my nails to match!!!!! 

"A" & "T" and the mom-daughter duo ( 350 is related to 343 & 345 by marriage)

2 related S.I.T. training members - I'm starting to get that the SIT group was one big family reunion!!!!

2 schools of pre-race prep  - stretch it out or relax it away!

This is "TH" she's awesome.  She's an amazing runner and is a member of the local running club!

S.I.T. members who were participating in the Full Moon 5K + "A" & "T" + 1 "other" (police officer in blue shirt)

Another S.I.T. "family photo" - see the little girl on the left ("T's" daughter)- she ran every participant into the finish line SO.STINKIN'.CUTE!!!! 

Race director giving directions at the starting line - this was a age & gender graded race meaning that slower age/gender groups started first and then every so  many seconds/minutes the next slowest age/gender group went and so on until the last people to go were the fastest age/gender (like 20 year old men).  It was certainly different and kind of fun!  Might have been a little more fun had there been more people.

"C" waiting until 2:30 minutes after the initial start for her age/gender group to go . . . poor girl - she was the only one in her group (so was I) - made for a lonely race!

This is a self portrait taken at about mile 2.25.  That's sweat!!!

After the race, we got dinner which included 2 types of make-your-own subs. 

I ended up leaving the golf course at exactly 10:00 p.m. so I thought I would snap a photo of the course sign on my way out - better late than never, right?

"A" & "T" and me - great photo!!!  I'm sooooo proud of you girls for doing  your first 5K and I swear the rest are NOT as hard as this race was!!!!!!!

S.I.T. participant walking the race course - she's only about 50 yards from the finish - look at that smile.  When we were done she said, "I feel great!"  Super job "CH"!!!!!

This is "T" (forground) and "A" (behind her a few feet - you can see her white bib back and to the left of "T") with about 25 yards to go - looking strong (maybe hating life a little) - but seeing the finish line clock always makes the pain less!!! 

There you go - the smiles are back!!!!!  High 5's ladies!!!!
 Sooo excited that so many of the S.I.T. participants decided to have a "final exam" and take part in this event.  It was certainly a LOT of fun sharing this evening with them.  I really hope that we can all do it again soon!!!!!!