Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chapter 2 page 591–New 2 You Cross Training Challenge–June edition

Surely by now  you’ve heard of Just Trying is For Little Girls' New 2 You Cross Training Challenge?  No?  Where have you been?  Click HERE to get the 411. 
Still rehabbing my ankle, I’m sidelined from doing fun classes or anything too adventurous (with 100* temps in June, I was hoping to head to an indoor ice skating rink – COOL, right? . . . maybe in a few months). 
So what’s a gimpy girl to do?  How about an ab workout?  Sounds like a good plan – core strength is important.  A few years ago I bought a multi-session ab DVD on Amazon, but have never even taken the film covering off it.  So thanks Kim, I finally unwrapped it, popped it in, pushed play and got a “New 2 Me” workout . . . and guess what?  I REALLY enjoyed it!!!  Who knew!
This DVD features 5 separate workouts taught by 5 “all star” trainers.  Each workout was about 10 minutes long and included a quickie warm up and a couple of brief stretching breaks – especially when transitioning from being on your back to being on your front (i.e. plank).
The other nice feature is that you can select one workout or you can click on “customize” and pick a couple of the workouts and put them in the order you want to do them.  I started with “ABsolutely BEAUTIFUL” with Rob Glick.
After the obligatory “you might die so check with your doctor beforehand” warning, I met my “workout partners” (Ha!).  The picture below makes them look like they are avitars – they were real people – but the photo sure makes it look like a wii game or something, doesn’t it?  Hmmm! 
I assume the position shown below and we started off with lil’ basic crunches.  I thought – AWESOME – I can do this!  My dog, on the other hand, thought I was on the floor to serve as her personal play toe and licking post!  Try crunching while being licked to death . . . ha!
After a quick dvd pause, I got her a bone and she was otherwise occupied for the remainder of my workout.  Shew!
The “ABsolutely Beautiful” workout featured 5 minutes of on-your-back crunches which included crunches, isometric moves, and oblique crunches.  These 5 minutes flew by – much to my surprise and happiness.  We rolled over and did some stretching child’s pose and cat stretch.  You can see “my trainer” below giving me personal instruction – ha!
After  a few seconds of welcomed stretching, “we” (my new ab friends, coach, and I) did 5 more minutes of:  lower back work (like Cobras),  planks and side planks.  Throughout the video there were verbal cues for how many more reps “we” were doing and options to modify the moves. 
I REALLY enjoyed this – it was very doable for me so it might be too easy for most of you, but for only 10 minutes  - it was perfect.  I will definitely be adding these DVD segments to my weekly workouts!!! 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chapter 2 page 590–Ingredients for failure

Yesterday started off fantastically:

1.  Body Pump Class with my girl Kimberly (click HERE to read about it) teaching her first full Pump class (spoiler alert – SHE.NAILED.IT!!!).  Here’s me a hot sweaty mess after class but feeling so happy about getting “back in the game” -


2.  A delicious brunch at a local coffee shop type place with said friend and her super cutie son.

It quickly fell apart to one of the most humbling runs I’ve ever had!  The goal:  2 laps around a Big City park for an easy “long” run of 4 miles.  The result: 1 lap of PAINFUL HELL!!!!

Here’s what I did to set myself up for complete failure:

1.  Been a slug for nearly 6 weeks while recovering from my fall – it’s incredible how quickly and completely fitness is lost!

2.  Underestimated the difficulty of “only” 4 “easy” miles after not running for more than 15 total minutes in the past 6 weeks.

3.  Set out to do said “easy” run within one degree of the hottest part of the day.

4.  Setting out to do said “easy” run on a full belly.

5.  Setting out to do 2 loops – I’m NOT a good person to do loops – it screws with my head “I will HAVE to run this whole thing AGAIN!”

6.  Do part of a Body Pump class for only the 2nd time in 2 months and then set out to do this “easy” run.

7.  Plan to run alone – I’m really a social runner, but can, if absolutely necessary, gut out a solo short run.  4 miles is short, but didn’t feel short yesterday.

8.  Stayed up a little too late the night before socializing with friends hydrating with less than optimal performance beverages (but I did have a lot of fun so it was worth it!). 

Here’s me, after 2 miles of hating all things running and walking and swearing it off for good!

after total sucky run

So what happened? 

My lower back SCREAMED at me the entire time.   SCREAMED!!!!!  I stopped 5 times for about 30 seconds each time to stretch my lower back in the first 1.25 miles.  You have to know that I’m not known as a stop-to-strech during a workout kinda girl.  The stretches didn’t help much and with 3/4 a mile left to get back to the car in the first lap, I opted to sit on a parking bench and do a 5 minute stretching session.  That totally helped – even thought I might be able to gut out a 2nd lap and get all 4 miles of my “long” run done for the week.  NOPE – about 1/4 mile after the park bench, my left hip which hurt all of April and May returned.  Can’t catch a dang break for nothing!!!!!!!!!!  SWEAR!!!!!  I’m hoping this was lower back pain was a result of the Pump class and just generally being out of shape and that it will return to normal in a couple of days.  Will arrange a massage and chiropractor appointment ASAP!

Anything positive?

1.  My ankle was awesome – I didn’t notice any pain and the swelling was actually less than it’s been so . . . . that’s awesome.

2.  I dug to a deep place to get through this session – if nothing more, I got some mental toughness training in.

3.  It’s over – looking forward to the next run . . . . as I’ve been reminded so often before . . . they can’t all suck!

What’s the way you shake off a horrific training run?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Chapter page 589–Ankle update

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  Anyone else yelling “TGIF”? 

As you may remember, 5.5 weeks ago I took a nasty fall while running resulting in a sprained wrist and ankle and boogered-up (yeah, that’s a real medical word) knee.  Today I saw an orthopedic surgeon for a consult.  This ortho doc is a recreational runner and is familiar with my run/walk style and racing history/goals – always great to see someone who “gets” it.  Here’s a progress report:

Wrist – some pain to be expected for a bit longer, but no fracture and should continue to heal

Knee – narrowing of a space on my knee cap but nothing to be too worried about at this point; clicking has improved by 50% in the 5 weeks – the clicking will continue to decrease (fingers crossed, I can’t sneak up on anyone anymore – ha!);

Ankle – this was definitely the most significant injury from the fall; still have significant swelling; still have constant mild pain with spurts of severe pain if I move it oddly; here’s the good news . . . . drum roll . . . I can return to easy running as tolerated (per the ortho doc) – WOO HOO!  I was told to expect some pain and swelling for the next 6-12 months (SAY WHAT?!?!), but I’m permitted to run/walk as long as it isn’t more painful or more swollen than normal.  I will also continue with PT twice weekly for another month. 

I’m a LONG way from being able to return to lower body Body Pump (nothing lost there – always did hate squats and lunges – ha!) or Piloxing (sigh – I MISS THAT!) or Zumba, but it’s going to be GREAT to try to ease back into more consistent running.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!!!!  RnR Seattle – I’d like to try it next year so I hope to read some rally good race recaps Smile

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chapter 2 page 588–Diva Dash Race Recap

Yes, you read that right – I participated in a 5K on Saturday (not exactly “raced” it, but definitely toed the line and crossed the finish line).  (quick note to any those pictured below – I will be giving you a special something to commemorate this special occasion in about 2 weeks – so stay tuned). 


With a 45 minute drive to the race, several of us caravaned to the race . . . no pressure on the leader (me) to not get us lost!


Here’s the 10 key points you need to know:

1.  I LOVED this race last year and it’s the “final exam” so to speak (it’s what we work up to) for my Spring Into Training group.  It’s not required they participate in it, but if participants did the work during the 10 week training program, they were more than prepared for this even.  I love these people – they are more than participants, they are my friends and words cannot express how proud I am of them!!!  Here is a picture of my trainees who did the Diva Dash:



2.  My mom (wearing the sun visor below) is one of the most inspiring people I know.  You’ve all been reading my blog for years know that she rings her cow bell and cheers me on at most of my races.  My mom was a Spring Into Training participant and lost 40 pounds and went from walking zero steps to doing her first 5K on Saturday.  She recruited one of the other Spring into Training Participants (“V” on the right) and her high school friend (“T” on the left) to join her. 


She worked hard and got to experience all the joy that comes with crossing a finish line knowing you gave it your best!  Isn’t that a great photo . . . the 3 friends crossing together – not speedy, but a finish counts all the same!!!  Way to go MOM!!!!!


3.  This was the longest (both in clock time and mileage) that I’ve gone since before my fall 5 weeks ago.  I’m happy to report that for the most part it felt pretty good.  One major road was not closed so we were forced to go on the edge – rocky and slanty didn’t feel great but that’s to be expected.  It’s called the Diva Dash so . . . .of course I have to break out the tiara and paint my nails (Fushia POWER) – thanks Kimberly for the perfect bday gift to celebrate my comeback!

100_3345 100_3283

4.  The women in the yellow (below) was a first time 5k’er last year at the Diva Dash after finishing the Spring Into Training program . . . this year, she went 8 minutes faster . . . improves that much in a 5K????? INCREDIBLE!!!!  She’s my sweaty BFF, “M”!  Great Job, SBFF!


5.  This Dynamic Diva “D” is an amazing person that I’ve totally thankful to have had the chance to get to know through Spring Into Training.  Do you know what she did at the Diva Dash???  She placed 2nd in her age group (she won the tiara for her prize).  What’s so impressive???  It was her FIRST 5K EVER!!!  Who get’s 2nd on their first 5K???  “D” did!!! Way to go Diva “D”!!!


6.  “C” ran the race with 2 of her 3 daughters . . . how cute are their outfits?  I haven’t trained with “C” for a LONG time (sigh, boo) but what a fantastic time we had catching up!!!! “C” and her girls are just awesome people – I’m honored to have them as friends!


7.  These girls are my friends and I’d like to think that I played a small part in moving them from walkers to racers a couple of years ago . . . at the Diva Dash, “J” said she did her run/walk intervals the entire time!  I was still running she told me and I regret not stopping immediately to go give her a hug and high 5 – I’m so proud of her and know that’s a HUGE accomplishment worthy of a celebration!!! Way to go girls! 


8.  The Diva on the left was “M” and was a participant in my Spring Into Training.  There aren’t enough words to describe how much I enjoy being around her – she’s a race of sunshine.  She did this race with her mother (middle) and aunt (right).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that her family has come “caught the bug”.  Her aunt lost over 170 pounds in a bit more than year by eating in moderation – such an impressive accomplishment!!!!!  LOVE that this family did it together!!!!  Woo!


9.  Speaking of family fun – This mother/daughter duo are just 2 of the most fun people I know.  They have been in my Spring into Training program for the last 2 years and I’m thankful to call them friends.  I really am impressed with the progress they’ve made and am so excited that “D” (in the blue) will be training for her first half marathon in September.  I have no doubt she’ll do an amazing job!!! 100_3278

10.  Bringin’ the party . . .

Mini Tiaras – CHECK!

100_3285  100_3287 100_3288

Training group singed sun visor with words of encouragement – CHECK!


A name plate form your desk stuck to your back  (don’t ask, it’s a long story)– CHECK!

mb name plate blacked out

Celebratory brunch afterward – CHECK!


Being reminded that a single step can change lives – CHECK!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chapter 2 page 587–Attention Local Readers

If you live in the area, do I have awesome news for you . . .

The Parks Department is offering an 8 week walking/running training program called SUMMER STRIDERS!!!!! 

Here are the details:

1.  Will be Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 p.m. from July 11 – August 29. 

2.  The first session will meet in the Council Chambers (upstairs) of City Hall.

3.  It’s only $10 (bargain!) – cash only, please and payable the first night. 

4.  Every session will be a group training session.  Educational topics will be addressed in emails and handouts.

5.  Every participant will receive unlimited motivation and encouragement and learn how to move to the next step (faster, further, racing, whatever).

6.  To learn more, check out their facebook page (I’m trying to find the link, but I don’t facebook so I’m having a little trouble at the moment).  To register email them at: or call them (260) 824-6069.

7. Program is open to teens and adults or other children who have participated in a 5K or school running club.  Participants should be medically able to walk 2 miles in 40 minutes.

8.  What’s good about joining a training program?  Training with a group is WAY more fun than training alone.  Talking, laughing, and sharing makes the time/training fly by!  Accountability, motivation, and friendship are also huge perks of a group program. 

PLEASE share this information with anyone you know. The more participation the better for everyone – more “group” for the training sessions = more fun!  PLEASE spread the word and consider participating!!  I’ll be there . . .and that alone makes it worth it! 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Chapter 2 page 586–When you can’t run. . .

I’ve had a LOT of time on my hands lately and I’ve been a little like a kid in a candy shop.  It really was my 2012 plan to not do any halfs so that I could get faster and save money to do fun races in 2013.  I blew that plan (and believe God disagreed with my actions – hence I fell and got hurt) when I signed up for 4 halfs this summer/fall (I fell got hurt exactly one week after signing up for the 4 halfs).  As of now, I’ve changed from the half to the 5K for both Chicago RnR and Indy Women’s.  I’m still up in the air about the other 2 races (9/29 & 10/21), but feel if things with my ankle continue to improve then I hope to be able to do both of them. 

Last Wednesday was National Running Day and you got $20 for each RnR race you signed up for  . . . so what’s a “broken” runner with all the hope in the world to do???? YEP – SIGN UP!!!!

Here’s what I’ve committed to so far in 2013:

February 24th– New Orleans RnR Half

March 16th (Saturday)– DC RnR Half

March 17th (Sunday) – VA Beach Shamrock Half

May 4th (Saturday) – Indy Mini

May 5th (Sunday) – Flying Pig Half

Summer 2013 – Chicago RnR Half

September 2013 – Indy Women’s Half, Fort 4 Fitness

October 2013 – STL RnR Half

November 2013 – St. Pete Women’s Half

I’d like to find my way to the PNW and to GA in order to meet up with some of my fav bloggers – open to suggestions.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chapter 2 page 585– 18 minutes of BOOYAH

With the blessing of my physical therapist, I was allowed to attempt my first post-injury outdoor walk/run today.  YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Of course today there was an air quality alert and the temp was 90* so not exactly the conditions I had hoped to return to running in, but who am I to be picky at this point . . . I was allowed to do a 15-20 minute walk with 5-6 short (30-60 second) running intervals thrown in.  YES PLEASE!!! 

Pre-run pose

prerun 6.9.12

Between 15-20 minutes . . . how about 18:03 for spot on!stopwatch 6.9.12

How I’ve missed post run fun photos!post run pix 6.9.12

Post run icing . . . just so dang much fun!!! 6.9.12 post run icing

No pain while running, no pain right now . . .1 mile at a time . . . I’m on my way back, BABY!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Chapter 2 page 584– Fun Photo Friday . . . rehab edition

Enjoy some photos from ankle rehab visit #9 or #10 (who can remember all the fun we’ve had) . . .

6.8.12 mill display6.8.12 self photo after 10 min mill

Row 1 (above)

left – I did 10 minutes (actually 10:17) on the ‘mill today which included 2 one-minute intervals of 5.0 running.  OMG it was GLORIOUS!!!!

right – do you see that sweat I worked up from my 10 min. ‘mill FUN??  WOO HOO BABY!!!

kt tapemill photoside pony and braid

Row 2 (above)

Left – some sexy KT taping

Middle – my FAV ‘mill in the world (you should know that I NEVER run on a treadmill in my training life so this really is a big fun adventure)

Right – had to take a close up of my “trendy” hair featuring a braid and a side pony.  Yeah, I’m not sure 37 year olds should really wear their hair like this, but it was Friday and well . . . I wanted a little fun. 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 2 page 583 - TTT

Three Things Thursday (two weeks in a row, shock!):

1.  I walked 8 minutes at 3.0 and 0 incline on the treadmill yesterday as part of my physical therapy.  A whoppping .35 miles - watch out . . . I'm back . . . ha ha, not quite yet!!!

2.  Without being able to run, I cannot tell you how many times I have literally thought "Oh the weather is soo cool this evening I'll just go for a run. OH WAIT I CAN'T".  Or "I'm already up because of my dog, I'll just go for a run. OH NO, CAN'T!"  I have had similar conversations about 50 times in the past 3 weeks.  It's like I have a memory problem- duh gimpy over here.  The irony?  When I actually am running and training I can think of 50 excuses in .3 seconds as to why I will skip my next run.  CRAZY!

3.  Weather, at least for me, plays a huge role in my running.  I obsess about the temp, the wind, the humidity – especially in the summer.  I’m notorious for saying, “This training run isn’t worth dying over” meaning if it’s 100* and 90% humidity – there is no need to do speed training or pushing it too hard.  At my level, recreational, there is no need to get a heat injury or risk death . . . another good thing about this injury?  I can just enjoy the warm summer weather for what it is – warm and wonderful!!!! 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chapter 2 page 582 - A Step in the Right Direction

Finally, progress in my ankle rehabilitation!  After 2 1/2 weeks of endless thera-band activities, stretching, icing, elevating, resting, balancing exercises, alphabet air drawing, and the like . . . finally, I was allowed to take a few steps on the treadmill during a recent physical therapy session.  It was magical - magical!  The 'mill (which I've never been soooo happy to use before) was set on a 4.0 incline and a speed of 3.0 so not overly impressive and it only lasted 5 minutes (I was able to do a whopping total of .25 miles), but it was the most "normal" thing I've been allowed to do since I fell.  It felt GREAT!  My therapist was awesome enough to take an action photo of me  . . .

I have such a long way to go, but this is definitely a step in the right direction!!!!!  Thanks for hanging in there with me while I'm rehabbing - it will be a little while longer, but I'll be back!!!!!!  One step at a time!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapter 2 page 581 - Friday Night Fun in Photos

How are you all enjoying this non-running blog?  I'm so sorry for the lack of running content - believe me, I have never missed running more than I have these past 2.5 weeks (it's really been an odd thing - might have to write a post about it - yes, indeed, upcoming blog post).

In the meantime, while my ankle is getting better everyday, a girl still has to have fun so . . .
1 Friday night + 4 friends + 2 living social wine tasting coupons 
+ short road trip = F.U.N.

Threatening skies aren't going to detract from our fun!
Lots of vines!
Even with the darkening sky, it was beautiful!  It's where the wine goodness starts!
Vineyards on both sides of the long entrance.
A welcoming porch perfect for a Summer Sip :)
"M" (also known as my Sweaty BFF)  posing as she finishes up her phone call before we enter the winery.
No one is surprised I took a minute to get up close with the vines are they?
Doesn't that look fake?  It's not - the landscaping around the porch was so beautiful!
Once inside - the winery was not at all what I expected.  It was rustic and relaxing.  It was broken into 3 sections:  the sampling bar, the gift shop, and the seating area where you could buy wines by the glass or bottle and enjoy on-site.  
Gigantic moose head hanging over the front door - WELCOME????  Or warning????
"B" & "M" posing with their living social coupons - thanks "B" for hooking us up!!!
"R" posing with cocktail napkins for sale.  They say WINOS: Women in Need of Spirits
I was powerfully thirsty!  Shocker I'd be screwing around in a blog photo!  Never - ha!
There were several shirts for sale - this was cute!
We're all dog people and thought this was cute!
This wildlife display was above the tasting bar.  Really charming!
That was behind the tasting rail - the sign says "What happens at the winery stays at the winery".  Perfect . . some photos aren't going to make it on this blog - ha!
In the corner of the bar - just set the atmosphere!
After we walked around for a bit, it was time to get down to business . . . sampling!

We were handed a listing and description of all of the wines and told to circle 5 of them to sample.
The gals making their sampling selections.
Behind the sampling bar.
Adult Slurpees - HOLY MOLY!  Wine slushie - the most amazingly awesome drink EVER!
Couldn't get enough - delicious!
Raise your glass!  Salut!
Jess was our awesome sommelier!

The wine slushie is gone . . . so sad . . . time to go!

Have you ever been to a winery to do wine tasting? 

Ever bought a groupon, living social coupon, or similar disscount - what was the best deal you've enjoyed?