Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chapter 2 page 595–victories

I know it’s been a long time and yes, I’m still alive –the unintended break from blogging will end soon I promise and I’ll have plenty of things to discuss.  To say that life has gotten hectic in the month of July would be an understatement, but for now, I REALLY wanted to share some (what I consider to be amazing) victories:

1.  I have lost 10 pounds (like a dixie cup bailing out the ocean I know – but it’s heading back  in the right direction).

2.  I have not eaten a donut in nearly a month (or any frosted and filled confection for that matter).

3.  I have not had any soda (diet mt. dew and diet coke were my weapons of choice) in nearly a month (I used to drink at least 2 32 oz gas station drinks and or 2 large McDiets plus a couple of cans daily – huge consumer . . . pretty sure the soda stocks fell sharply when I stopped keeping them in business).

4.  On Saturday I bought 4 large red velvet cup cakes with tons of cream cheese frosting from Fresh Market as dessert for over the weekend and drum roll . . .  the first night I ate 1/2 of one (I’ve NEVER eaten just a half let alone just one before) and the 2nd night I didn’t eat any.  I ate the other half on the 3rd night and none on the 4th night.  You have no idea how incredible that is – INCREDIBLE!!!!

5.  On Saturday I bought my husband a container of mini heath bars – I have had a total of 4 in 4 days (I previously would have eaten 4 at a time followed by 4 more and 4 more and 4 more . . . they’re mini after all). 

6.  I think I am moving off of the disabled list finally and onto a “don’t do anything to screw up this fragile ankle” list (yeah, there’s such thing as that list and you really don’t want to be on it!).  I’m going to return to running . . . slowly (like a mile at a time) a couple of days a week and SLOWLY and hopefully SAFELY build back up so I can run RnR NOLA in February. 

7.  I have not eaten “crap” at fast food restaurants in a month (I have ordered the fruit and yogurt parfait, the apple slices, a turkey Subway sandwich, but none of the double cheeseburgers or sausage egg biscuits, etc)  - pretty huge for me.  Instead I’ve packed my lunch and eaten yogurt and fruit as snacks. 

8.  I eat 5-9 servings of produce nearly every day – feeling pretty good about this.  I’m not perfect in that I get the rainbow everyday, but getting produce most days is quite an improvement from getting enough produce sometimes. 

I know I owe you a Chicago RnR recap and I have unbelievably exciting news to share (but that will have to wait a couple of weeks – how’s that for a teaser?). 

What’s a victory you’ve experienced lately?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chapter 2 page 594–Graduation Day

It was 9 weeks ago yesterday that my running plans for 2012 were derailed in a blink of an eye (don’t remember, click HERE).  It was 9 weeks ago today that I began physical therapy to begin the road to recovery.  For a runner (or at least someone like me who LOVES doing races), 9 weeks has felt like FOREVER!

Most people would look at 9 weeks as 2.25 months or 63 days or 1512 hours or 90720 minutes or 5,443,200 seconds

But runners measure time differently.  For this runner, 9 weeks has been:  4 halfs registered that have had to be downgraded to 5K’s or withdrawn from altogether or 1 10K registered for but not comp or 6 5K’s that are annual favorites that I couldn’t compete in this year or 5 revisions of a training plan based on alternating progress and set backs.

All of that is in the rear view mirror because today is graduation day from rehab!  Here are a few of the many pieces of equipment that has helped me on this road to recovery. 


Top:  Single leg stand (balancing on a sprained ankle – ouch!) throwing a 2 lb medicine ball at a rebounder, catching and repeating for 10-15 repetitions WITHOUT falling over.


Top:  Poor form – should be standing straight up, but “touch and go’s” (which in my opinion, can just "GO AWAY”).  I had these for both my right ankle and my left knee and now they’re on my “for the rest of my life” exercise plan – wanna join me for a few?


Top:  Lunges – we all know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE lunges (not) . . . yeah, well, I’ve done bajillions of them.  Believe it or not, this might have been the most painful exercise and now . . . I’m a pro (just look at that form)!  There’s also a little shot of the Urban Rebounder (mini tramp) – used that a handful of times too. 









Top 2 pix:  Heel Raises & Heel cord stretches on a 4-6” step . . . these are my on “for the rest of my life” plan as well.


Top:  These 3 blue torture rehab devices and I have spent HOURS together.  The top left is a foam mat that I got a LOT of practice balancing .  The bottom round blue piece of equipment is like a deflated ball and was used to help me rotate my foot in and out – impossible for nearly 6 weeks, but now – ROCKSTAR!  Top right and the picture below are the same piece of delight – a BAPS  board (Biomechanical Ankle Platform System). You’ll notice the silver weights on the right side which make it even more challenging as if balancing on a board with a ball under it and then rotating my ankle CW & CCW isn’t hard enough . . . of course, we should add weights!


Below:  The treadmill – ahhh, we had some lovely times together . . . even if it was 30-60 seconds at a time.  You’ll notice that acrobatic harness hanging above the ‘mill  – that’s to hang you up and hold some of your weight so you aren’t having to walk with all of your weight . . . .thankfully only had to use the harness once. 


Below:  My “forever and ever and ever and ever” excises – these 6 delights will be with me 3-5 days a week for the rest of my life because as my therapist threatened scared me to death with . . . “Re-spraining that ankle is going to be so easy to do!”  HMMM – fine, sigh, take my toys and go home, stomp, whine, eye roll . . . I guess I’ll do them, but in protest!


Below:  With graduation, you get a t-shirt . . . .this one beats ALL of my race shirts – I worked SO hard to earn this one!!!!!

blacked out brmc shirt grad

I’m back baby . . . or probably more accurately . . . I’m on my way back!  This weekend is the Chicago Rock N Roll.  I’ll be doing the “mini marathon” of “about 3 miles” instead of the half, but I’m just thrilled to be able to walk 3 miles, get back into racing, and meet up with MOA!  Stay tuned for, what I’m sure will be, endless photos detailing all of my Chicago antics! 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chapter 2 page 593–Summer Striders Success!

This past Wednesday was the first of 8 weeks of a walking/running program called “Summer Striders” that is offered through our Parks & Rec department.  With 28 people showing up to register the first night and 4 more saying they couldn’t come until the 2nd week, it was an amazing group!   As the program leader, I’m sooooo proud of this diverse group of people who decided to change their lives by joining this program.   Stay tuned for weekly updates on this amazing group of people!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chapter 2 page 592–Attention Local Readers

Do you live in or near Wells County?  If so, then consider joining local women for fun, fitness, and friendship with an 8 week walking/running program called “Summer Striders”.  Offered through the Parks & Rec Department, this program will definitely be a life changing experience as it is tailored to meet you where you are with your fitness and guide you toward your goals.  This program is open to teens and adults, but moms are welcome to push their young children in strollers.  Consider enrolling in this 8 week program . . . and do amazing things you never dreamed of. 

Program details:

Start:  Wednesday, July 11 (and continues 8 Wednesdays; ends 8/29)

Time:  5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Location:  First Session (7/11) meets on 2nd floor of City Hall (128 E. Market St.)

Cost:  $10 (cash preferred)

Attire:  Come dressed to walk in comfortable clothes with athletic shoes; bringing a bottle of water with you is strongly encouraged.

Want to join us?  Just come to the first session and you can complete the registration and pay the fee then.   Know someone who might enjoy this – please share this information with them. 

Hope to see you there!!!!!