Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chapter 2 page 595–victories

I know it’s been a long time and yes, I’m still alive –the unintended break from blogging will end soon I promise and I’ll have plenty of things to discuss.  To say that life has gotten hectic in the month of July would be an understatement, but for now, I REALLY wanted to share some (what I consider to be amazing) victories:

1.  I have lost 10 pounds (like a dixie cup bailing out the ocean I know – but it’s heading back  in the right direction).

2.  I have not eaten a donut in nearly a month (or any frosted and filled confection for that matter).

3.  I have not had any soda (diet mt. dew and diet coke were my weapons of choice) in nearly a month (I used to drink at least 2 32 oz gas station drinks and or 2 large McDiets plus a couple of cans daily – huge consumer . . . pretty sure the soda stocks fell sharply when I stopped keeping them in business).

4.  On Saturday I bought 4 large red velvet cup cakes with tons of cream cheese frosting from Fresh Market as dessert for over the weekend and drum roll . . .  the first night I ate 1/2 of one (I’ve NEVER eaten just a half let alone just one before) and the 2nd night I didn’t eat any.  I ate the other half on the 3rd night and none on the 4th night.  You have no idea how incredible that is – INCREDIBLE!!!!

5.  On Saturday I bought my husband a container of mini heath bars – I have had a total of 4 in 4 days (I previously would have eaten 4 at a time followed by 4 more and 4 more and 4 more . . . they’re mini after all). 

6.  I think I am moving off of the disabled list finally and onto a “don’t do anything to screw up this fragile ankle” list (yeah, there’s such thing as that list and you really don’t want to be on it!).  I’m going to return to running . . . slowly (like a mile at a time) a couple of days a week and SLOWLY and hopefully SAFELY build back up so I can run RnR NOLA in February. 

7.  I have not eaten “crap” at fast food restaurants in a month (I have ordered the fruit and yogurt parfait, the apple slices, a turkey Subway sandwich, but none of the double cheeseburgers or sausage egg biscuits, etc)  - pretty huge for me.  Instead I’ve packed my lunch and eaten yogurt and fruit as snacks. 

8.  I eat 5-9 servings of produce nearly every day – feeling pretty good about this.  I’m not perfect in that I get the rainbow everyday, but getting produce most days is quite an improvement from getting enough produce sometimes. 

I know I owe you a Chicago RnR recap and I have unbelievably exciting news to share (but that will have to wait a couple of weeks – how’s that for a teaser?). 

What’s a victory you’ve experienced lately?


  1. So excited for all your victories!! But mostly glad you are feeling good about you and that you are gonna get back to running soon!! =)

  2. YOu are doing AWESOME! My biggest victory lately has been throwng a great birthday party for my older 3 kids WITHOUT my husband wanting to kill me and WITHOUT being still cleaning madly as guests arrive. For me? HUGE :)

  3. You are doing great! Congrats on the 10 pound weight loss - thats nothing to sneeze at. I am so excited to hear that things are going well on your end, I miss seeing you and "C." The "big city" needs to be closer to your hometown! :)

  4. Oh, and a big victory lately? I am tempted to say the Matthew 25 10k, but instead, I think the answer should be my long run this weekend. I had 6 miles on the schedule - I am sick and on vacation and really didn't want to do it, but I did it anyways!

  5. Wow! Congrats on the weight loss and the choice to go Diet Coke free! So proud of you. I've been
    Diet Coke free since January so I know you can do it! Glad you are eating heathy too. Can't wait to get together and run/ walk with you soon. Looking forward to reading your race recap AND your exciting news!

  6. Awesome awesome awesome!! 10 pounds is fabulous!! Wtg on eating better & getting life under control! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's been slacking with her blogging!

  7. Congrats on your victories! I finally decided to break up with Diet Coke this week (we've been in a serious relationship for many years) and I'm so proud of myself - even if it's only day 3!

  8. All good news. I am happy for yoiu and will be here awaiting to hear about your next victories. "L"

  9. Hey friend!!! CONGRATS on the 10 pound loss!!!! That's huge!!! I know because I found 7 of them! I also fell off the wagon and have enjoyed 2 12packs of Pibb Zero since Chi! Gah!!!! You are inspiring me to reclaim control. Starting Monday. Ok maybe Tuesday.

  10. Those are indeed wonderful VICTORIES!!! Congrats my friend! :) I know what you mean about July being hectic!! lol... I've only run about 4-5 times this whole summer :( Can't wait to read your recap! :) *HUGS!*

  11. So proud of you!!! That is such an amazing list and crossing off crap and diet drinks all in one go is a major effort! 10 pounds is such a massive loss. Can't wait to hear your exciting news ... I've been dreaming up all sorts of scenarios ... waiting in anticipation. xx