Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 2 page 125 - doggie update

A quick doggie update:
Hoosier is holding her own. The vet said she had extremely high liver and kidney test results, but is uncertain if it is due to an infection or a toxicity. It's all about the next 48 hours - and how well she responds to the antibiotics. Hopefully, the antibiotic will do the trick and she'll be back to her normal cute self. On a positive note she ate 1/2 can of the prescription dog food. She hadn't eaten for 36 hours so that was really promising.
Thanks to all who have asked about her.

To "C" & "L" - glad we got together to plan our strategy for our 10 mile race on Saturday. Sorry I missed training with you today. Can't wait to see you both on Saturday. Have a good week girls!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chapter 2 page 124 - HMTU 48

84 degrees and only 60% humidity, but dang - it was HOT & HUMID!

"C" and I set out for a new path in O Town. We only did a 3 mile walk, but it was nice . . . until I got dun dun dun dunnnnnn . . . the blisters! Ouch! The ones on both of my great ball joints (both feet - especially my right foot) are killing me!

I would love to write more about our training, but when I arrived home (after getting my head light replaced), my dog was very sick. I've been at her side since I arrived home and am now preparing to sleep on the couch next to her. Pretty sure we're going to be heading for the vet first thing in the morning - hope she is okay through the night. I get so anxious when she is sick . . . she's old and one never knows what the outcome will be.

A note to "C" & "L" - I'm not sure I'm going to run/walk with you girls on Tuesday. My feet are a mess and I think they need a little chance to heel. Assuming everything is okay with Hoosier, I'll meet you at the bank tomorrow so we can discuss the details of our race on Saturday. I feel badly for having to sit out tomorrow - hope you girls don't vote me out of the 3 Musketeers. See you at the bank.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Chapter 2 page 123 - HMTU 47 big city blindness

"C" and I took on the big city today and set out for 9.6 miles with the bulk being part of the F4F route. It was sunny and hot but I didn't check the weather (probably about 86-88 degrees). There was a nice breeze for most of our 2 hour 40 minute run/walk.

We started off with a goal of finishing in about 2 hours (which probably was a little unrealistic for me anyway) . . . but we ended up 40 minutes later than our goal - that's because we ended up going further than our 9.6 mile goal. Why? Because apparently "C" and I are both blind and completely missed the HUGE street sign which was to serve as our turn around point. Now, I'm going to take the blame for this because "C" doesn't wear her glasses while she runs so she has an excuse, but me? I had Lasik 10 years ago but apparently missed the "hooked on phonics" lessons.

Earlier in our training, missing our stopping point and going further would have been a nightmare, but today it wasn't actually the end of the world (though we were plenty tired by the end). Our blindness caused us to travel an extra mile (round trip). "C" and I just laughed because this is so the way our whole training has gone (care to travel down memory lane with this post http://mystorychapter2.blogspot.com/2010/06/chapter-2-page-81-hmtu-20-great-flood.html).

So "C" and I ended up going about 10.6 miles which seemed a LOT harder than I think it should have especially since next Saturday we're doing a 10 mile race which I've been hoping would seem fairly easy since we've gone further before, but . . . drum roll . . . my total mileage for this week was . . . building suspense . . . 13 on Monday + 3.5 on Wednesday (give or take a bit) + 10.6 on Friday = 27.1 miles. That's like the craziest furthest I have EVER gone. NEVER would have dreamed I could or would go so far. For my non racing friends who read this blog - that's further than a FULL MARATHON (which is ONLY 26.2 miles)!!!

I'm pretty sure it's a sign you've become good friends if you and your training partner can run/walk 3:1 for most of the 2 hours 40 minutes and still have enough to talk and laugh about to fill 3 more hours . . . where did the time go? Had a great time "C"!

Let's see what next week holds (hopefully, fewer miles).

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chapter 2 page 122 - HMTU 46

Temp = 80 degrees, humidity = 55%; fairly strong head wind - NICE!!!!!!

First - CONGRATULATIONS "C" ON FIGURING OUT HOW TO COMMENT! HOORAY! WOO HOO!!! Comment all you want - love to have you join our little blogging!

Second - today's training was primarily a jaw training session. "C" and I walked for about 75 minutes (I forgot to stop my watch when we were done) at a nice pace. We kept saying we were going to start the running intervals, but never got to it . . . too much yapping (my bad, but it's been 3 weeks since "C" and I talked for any length of time). I have no idea how far we went, but today was a recovery walk to get my muscles moving again after Monday's 13 miles. The great news is that nothing that normally aches is hurting me. My calves are still sore from Monday, but that's because I didn't stretch very well on after the 13 miles (long story). We also decided to do 8 or 9 miles on Friday so we gave ourselves permission to take it easy today. Something is better than nothing - and besides, it was FANTASTIC to have a chance to chat!

Third - I tried Wright Socks - I think I like them. It's hard to give a completely accurate review of them since I'm still dealing with blisters from last week that were made worse on Monday, but they aren't worse after today's walk. I definitely will wear them again for shorter runs and then maybe after the F4F I will try them for a longer run. "C" - I say, go for it. I tried the double layer ones (3RRCo have several different kind of wright socks).

Fourth - I uttered the most unbelievable words to "C" today. If "L" would have heard them slowly come from my mouth she would have me committed to an institution immediately without further hesitation. "C", who is quite the opposite, lit up and thought it was a GREAT idea (perhaps it's "C" who should be committed? Or maybe we should be roommates in the institution?). I don't yet dare type what we discussed . . . not yet. Maybe, if things go GREAT at both the F4F & WHM, I can discuss it with my thousands of readers.

Stay tuned for our training adventure on Friday - it's sure to be fun!

Chapter 2 page 121 - Labor Day Weekend Race

It's not too late to sign up for the September 4th Parlor City Trot 10K, 10 Mile, or Half-Marathon race. it's a spectacular race that goes through the charming town of Bluffton, into the country, into the Quabache State park, and ends up the scenic river greenway. This is the oldest 10K race in Indiana (or maybe the country - sorry, I can't remember which). It's very well organized and folks are very nice!

"C", "L", and I are doing the 10 mile race as a training run for the F4F.

For more info or to sign up:

Come join us!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 2 page 120 - HMTU 45 all the way & gratitude

Temp = 78.5 degrees; can't remember any of the other weather stats - but it was far superior to the rest of the summer. In parts there was a nice breeze and it was still hot enough to make us sweat especially in the first half. Tonight's training was not about the weather . . . it was ALL about the distance!!!!!

For the official record - 13 miles in the books!!! All of it - every last step!!! It took us 3h30 minutes (I've never been physically active for that long before, ever!) I know that will get us very close to last at the F4F, but I also know . . . WE DID THAT . . . AND THAT'S OKAY WITH ME!!!! The reality of knowing that technically we NEVER have to go any further than we did tonight was joyous (a semi-dark cloud looms over me as I'm thinking "C" and I will do a 14 and a 15 mile run in prep for the November half). Additionally, knowing that we will probably never do the 13 miles as slowly as we did tonight was also motivating.

Let me start with one word "THANKS!" There is NO way to express the depth of my gratitude to BOTH of my training partners. You girls deserve a presidential medal for all you did to help me get through tonight (and these past 5 months)!!!! I never say it enough . . . especially at the moment it's happening (because I feel like I'm dying at the time you girls kick your awesomeness into high gear).

Why I'm grateful to "C":

1. Tonight . . . "C" joined us for the first 6.85 miles. There are no words to explain how fantastic it was to have her back again (totally missed you - don't leave us again!).

2. "C" allowed us to go 2:2 instead of 3:1 . . . . sincerely, THANK YOU!

3. Due to family obligations, "C" had planned to only run the first half our 13 miles with us; however, our route did not take us place a single place to get water (and for those of you who don't know . . . I'm a heavy consumer of the water during training!). "C" went back to her car, drove to the store, purchased bottled water for us with her own money, and drove our route to track us down to deliver us ice cold water. Tell me - is there a greater, more generous deed than that? NO!!! Two MILLION thank you's for the way above and beyond. It was shortly after this that we ran by "C's" oldest daughter "K" (the one with the cutie 4 legged daughter). Totally fantastic to see her - hope we can do a light walk/run together soon (she could totally crush me in speed and distance, so I'm hoping she would handicap the pace and distance a lil' for me). Great to see you "K"!!!!!!!

4. Even though I'm days slower than "C" is, she NEVER makes me feel badly about going slowly - in fact, she finds a way to make me feel like I'm a super star.

Why I'm grateful to "L":

1. "L" makes me feel like whatever pace I'm going, whatever interval we use, that it's ok. Even if I ask multiple times, "Is this pathetic?" (even if it indeed is) she always says, "NO! Who else do you know that went X number of miles today?" Thanks "L".

2. "L" has endless stories that make the time go by so much more smoothly. Even when I think I can't take another step - she's just going on with a story and I just keep going to see what happens in the end.

3. "L" dishes out both tough love and compassion (not sure it's in equal doses, but that's okay . . . I probably need WAY more tough love than compassion anyway!). Somehow she knows just what to say and when to say it. (see the story below for a graphic illustration of her gift)

4. "L" realizes this was a crazy idea, but joined me on the journey anyway . . . how selfless is that!!!!

Here's tonight's "drama". The first 8 miles was not really that difficult (shocking, I know). At about the 8.5 mile mark I think I came close to hitting the wall. We slowed down, changed intervals, drank some water, ate some bloks, and vented about our fatigue. I begged "L" to let me sit on one of the beautiful park benches along our path. "L" firmly denied this request. I explained how badly I NEEDED to sit . . . but my pleading fell on deaf ears. I then reminded "L" that on all of our other long runs we've taken 3-5 stops that were anywhere from 1-5 minutes (usually only 1-2 minutes, but nature does call from time to time). We continued on and I passed another bench and in my delusion said aloud, "No Mr. Bench, we can't be friends tonight!" We get to the 10.5 mile mark and I told "L", "I can't go another step! I'm done." Then I proceeded to fall to my knees and rested on all four's in the mud of the rural road's ditch. Folks, it wasn't pretty - butt up in the air facing the road (thankfully, no traffic). I said, "I just need a minute." I honestly don't remember making the decision to stop, but I know at the moment when I was bent over like a dog, I wasn't going to be able to take another step. "L" was silently thinking these thoughts: what if she doesn't get up?, what am I going to do? how am I going to get help since we were 1/4 of a mile from the nearest house?, now what?, she will surely get up, won't she? After exactly 2 minutes, I got up and we continued on probably better than we had been going for the half mile or so before my "union mandated break". After I got up, or maybe while I was on the ground, she said, "I was thinking about what you said, and yeah, I guess I had forgotten about all those breaks. They do really make a difference. I see that now." Welcome to the light "L" (nothing but love, we can laugh about it now).

Positive notes:
1. The first 12 miles tonight was far easier than last week's 12 miles.
2. The last mile tonight was not nearly as painful as last week's last mile.
3. My blisters are bad, but maybe not as bad as last week.
4. My right knee didn't hurt at all.
5. My shins are completely a non-issue (thankfully!)
6. "L"'s hip wasn't terribly sore (at least not up until the 9 mile mark when we stopped talking about it and I focused more on my need to STOP & REST!)
7. It's over!
8. Next week is only (HA! "only") 10 miles and it is in the form of the Parlor City Trot Race Event.

What hurts:
1. EVERYTHING! My feet feel like broken glass (as does "L's"). My who-ha was really painful during the last 5 miles (give or take a mile) and is killing me now. My plantar fasciitis is a real pain (pun intended). My lower back was bothersome during the last 5 miles. And a brand new pain . . . inner thigh. Seriously! Who's inner thigh starts hurting? MINE, tonight! UGGGG! But I know that things will get to feeling better tomorrow or Wednesday and this will be a faded nightmare of the past (I hope).

Do you remember your first 13 mile run? How did it go?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chapter 2 page 119 - today's your birthday

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear "C"!

Happy Birthday to you!
. . . And many more!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 118 - HMTU 44

Temp: 87 degrees; Humidity: 65%; Dew Point: 73; UV: 1; Heat Index: 96 degrees (the cool weather certainly didn't last long!)

Today's training was totally a recovery walk - yeah!!! Monday's 12 mile training was a HUGE challenge resulting in blisters and pain for both "L" and I. Today, we just needed a chance to recover . . . mission accomplished!

"L" and I had a fun guest with us tonight. We were honored to have "B" with us. For my loyal readers, "B" is the same awesome chica who went with me to the St. Clair 5K race (see post on page 99 for more details). Tonight's 2.6 mile walk took place in Happyville and was such a relaxing and positive experience. I hope you weren't bored "B" . . .hope we weren't too slow for you. "B" - hope you'll join us again soon!!!!

No more training for the rest of this week - blisters need more time to heal before next week's 13 mile long run. I honestly can't believe that next week we will be hitting the exact distance we set out to go 5 months ago when all of this training began. Wow! I can't wait to report on how it goes.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chapter 2 page 117 - blisters gone wild

WARNING: Ugly foot photos below!!!!

See the 4 blisters just below my toes on the ball of my foot?

These 2 blisters on my pinkie and 4th toe are ballooning upw ith fluid- probably going to need popped - YUCK!

I have never had a blister this puffy before. It sticks up 1/4 of an inch. Who gets a puffy blister on their arch? Ugggg, I'm positive this one will need popped!

The photos don't do them justice. They're big! They're painful! And there are enough of them to form a small army. These are only the pix of some of them.

I have literally tried everything to prevent these dumb things. Literally, everything. These occurred when I was wearing Smartwool socks. Today I went to 3RRCo and bought a pair Wrightsocks which have a double layer to avoid friction . . . we'll see. It will be the 7th type of sock I have tried. When I was at 3RRCo I mentioned I had too many blisters to count. Their response was something along the lines of "that's running for you."

So here are my questions . . .
1. Do runners just suck it up and run on these blisters without worry?
2. Do you all get blisters and if so how do you deal with them?
3. If you don't get blisters, what's your secret?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Chapter 2 page 116 - HMTU 43

"L" agreed to try the "new" route I mapped out on mapmyrun.com last night. I say "new" because it's the same old route we've used since our 10 mile run, but it has a different start/end point. That makes it "new", right?

Temp: 80 degrees; Humidity:52%; Dew Point: a beautiful 60 degrees (wonderfully NOT muggy); Heat Index: 81 degrees; UV:9 = fantastic running weather!

As you all read in my last post, I was looking forward to this and felt 12 miles was going to be a piece of cake . . . I was sooooooo wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For starters I had walked 1.25 miles very slowly to get to my car so that I could drive to meet "L" so we could start our 12 mile adventure. I didn't think this little extra would matter much . . . indeed, I guess it's pretty important because it took my total mileage for the day up to 13.25 miles (just 4 days ago I went 11 miles).

We started off great. We walked the first 3 miles then we did either 2:2 or 2:4 for 8 miles and then we walked the last mile (or gimped along might be a more accurate way to describe it). For the first 7 miles it was pretty much cake. I was feeling good - nothing hurt - not shins, not knee, not who-ha, not feet, nothing - it was awesome. I wasn't even hating it,then my knee started to get a twinge. Then it began hurting a little more. Then I noticed a small part of my foot felt as if a blister was forming, then another, then another and with 3 miles left, I thought my feet were going to be two HUGE blisters. Each step was a HUGE effort. About this same time,"L's" hip started to bother her and she too was developing blisters. It was pretty depressing since just 4 days ago everything had clicked on all cylinders. Perhaps this long run was too close to last week's long run . . . a mere 4 days earlier.

I think my feet are going to keep me out of commission for a few days or even a week. My knee feels a lot like patellar tendinitis (had that once when I was in the army) so I've iced it and taken Aleve . . . we'll see how it feels in the morning.

What went well tonight?
1. We crushed our previous 10 mile time.
2. We did the first 11 miles faster than we did them last Friday.
3. We practically crawled the last mile and still finished in 3 hours 7 minutes.
4. Because I was totally gimpy when I got home, my husband practically waited on me hand and foot. Thanks, babe!
5. My shins do not hurt even a little bit (hooray)!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chapter 2 page 115 - perspective

I just couldn't resist letting the entire world know - my "HEAD" has come as far as legs have during this half marathon training . . . finally!

In prep for tomorrow's 12 mile long run, I used mapmyrun.com/beta to plot out a very fine 11.93 mile route and when I was done . . . calmness was the only feeling I had. For the first time EVER, I did not feel anxiety, stress, worry, fear, concern, or apprehension. I felt calm. It was like I was saying, "Hmmm - 11.93, is that all?" (and not in my usually cocky tone either)

What?!?!?! Where did this new inner peace about crazy far distances come from? Of course a HUGE factor is that I'm training with "L" tomorrow (she gets me and my slowness). No chance I could do it alone, but maybe there is even hope for that aspect to come around too . . . at some point . . . down the road.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to it - crazy, I know!!!!! Tune in late tomorrow night for an update on how it all turns out (fingers crossed!)

Chapter 2 page 114 - new blog gadgets

First, let me say hello to my thousands of readers (ha!). Thanks Holly for being my first and only follower . . . the rest of my readers are obviously too shy to publicly admit they follow my blog (ha!).

I have tried adding to my blog (photo, background, blogs I read, followers, etc), but still want to make sure that people are able to comment. In the past when I've added these things, the comments has been blocked. If all of you would be so kind as to leave me a little comment just so I can make sure it's still working, that would be fantastic. If you are unable to comment, please email me at spunky (underscore) lisa (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thanks everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Chapter 2 page 113 - HMTU 42

Vital weather stats: Temp: 86 degrees; Dew Point: 74; Humidity: only 68% (HA!); Heat Index: 99 degrees; UV: only 4; Wind: NONE - would a tiny breeze be asking for too much?

Show of hands who is ready for the Fall weather?

Today was suppose to be the long run with "L". She said she was feeling better (Glad you're feeling better "L"!). "C" is awol so . . . "L" and I set off to do our thing. I must say that there has only been a few times when I have spent all day dreading the training session. Ironic, I know, since I hate it so very much, but the idea of spending time talking to "L" and/or "C" is enough to keep me looking forward to the upcoming training sessions. Today, I must admit I was a little apprehensive for a few reasons. One, the temperature. Two, the last long run (10 miles) was EXTREMELY difficult for me. Third, we were aiming for 11 miles (wow - except for one foot march while I was in the army that is by FAR the furthest I have ever gone!)

But I have NOTHIN' but good news to report tonight. "L" and I did 11 miles. We walked 5.5 miles and then did intervals of 2:4 for 5.5 miles. I'm not saying we ran all that much, but I'm really proud of our accomplishment. In fact, get this - we did tonight's 11 mile session a full 2 minutes faster than we did the 10 miles 2 weeks ago. Additionally, during the 10 mile training session, I had to sit on a bench twice. Today - there was no sitting. We did 11 miles in 2 hours 53 minutes. Now, that includes the first mile which was a slow warm up and the last 1/2 mile which was a very slow cool down. We did the 10 miles 18 minutes faster than we it 2 weeks ago - not too shabby. You know what that is?????? PROGRESS!!!! Hooray!

I owe the bulk of this accomplishment to "L". Could NOT have done it without her. I was ready to quit at the 4.5 mile mark (it was sooooo hot and it seemed like we had soooo far to go).

Here's our upcoming long run training session (if it doesn't look wise to anyone, please let me know):
Week of 8/16 = 12 miles
Week of 8/23 = 13 miles
Week of 8/30 = 10 miles (The Parlor City Trot 10 mile race)
Week of 9/6 = 13 miles
Week of 9/13 = 8 miles
Week of 9/20 = 13.1 (F4F Half-Marathon Race - yikes!)

Then I wish I could just sit on my butt and eat Bon-Bons (okay I don't really - this is kind of getting addicting . . . sort of . . . barely), but there will be no sitting! I had to go and sign up for the Women's Half Marathon in November - GREAT thinking!!!!!

How's your F4F training going?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 2 page 112 - HMTU 41 happy trails

I just have to say "I ROCK!" Okay, so I did tonight's run/walk all by myself so I have no one to celebrate with so . . . I have to celebrate all by myself. I'm so far from being a good runner that it is ridiculous, but tonight I'm proud of myself nonetheless. Here's why:
1. It was sooo flippin' hot (heat index was 105 degrees when I started) and I went out and ran/walked for 64 minutes.

2. I did it by myself ("C's" daughter "A" had her surgery yesterday and although I haven't heard an update today, I'm hoping she is resting comfortably and on the way to a full recovery-though, it's going to be a long road for her. "L" is sick - thanks to her lil' grandkids. Get better "A" & "L"!)

3. I didn't hate it - why? Who knows, but I decided to run the trails at a local park. Why run the trails? Well, since there was absolutely NO air movement I didn't think I would be missing anything by being surrounded by nature. Also, I just though the asphalt would radiate the heat from the day and I just didn't think I needed to add any additional heat to the already smoldering day! I truly think I was meant to be a trail runner. It's way more fun than asphalt. If you don't have the W.O.O.F. trail run on your race calendar - you should definitely consider doing it. It's a smaller race on November 6th in Wells County, but at the finish line there are bison burgers and veggie soup in the shelter building with a roaring camp fire - awesome! I also highly recommend the Fox Island 5K probably on Saturday, November 21st. It too is smaller race, but the nature center has the most inviting fire -it's beyond charming!

4. I'm not exactly sure how far I went. I set off for a 6 mile trail, but got a bit screwed up at approximately the half way point so . . . I had to take the road back to the car. I'm guessing I did at least 4.5 miles.

5. I did 2:2 intervals from the first step (I started with a run interval) for 44 straight minutes. That's pretty impressive for me - especially since I was completely by myself. At the 44 minute mark I walked for 6 straight minutes because I was consulting the trail map and I couldn't run and read the map at the same time. After those 6 minutes I did 2:2 all the way back the car which was probably a mile or so.

A bit of honesty -
1. I miss my training partners. It's been a really long time since we all trained together. I miss "C". It's been more a week since we trained together.

2. I'm starting to get very nervous about this week's 11 mile long run. I'm scared that "L" will be too sick to make it the entire 11 miles. I'm scared that since it will have been nearly 3 weeks since out 10 mile training nightmare that I might not be able to make it. I'm scared that I will hate it (not unlikely). I'm scared that it will be sooo hot (the forecast is 90 degrees and 85% humidity - NICE!) that it will just be miserable.

3. I'm scared about the 10 mile race on Saturday, September 4th (Parlor City Trot) - I don't want to be dead last (but I'm working on getting my head around the fact I will be beyond last!). I'm afraid I'll run out of energy and struggle to finish the race.

4. I'm really starting to worry about the F4F half-marathon . . . what have I agreed to do? I'm afraid I will really struggle and hate every second (those of you who know me know that's not really unlikely). I'm afraid that I will hate every minute and yet, I'm still committed to the November half-marathon in Florida (yikes! Seriously, what have I done?!?!?!)

Okay, time to stop being scared and start focusing on the small victories. Today I trained for 64 minutes by myself in the heat! Yeah! Miss you "L" & "C".

Friday, August 6, 2010

Chapter 2 page 111 - HMTU 40 the big city

So much to tell you and it's already so late at night . . . bed is calling.

First things first, an update on "C's" daughter. She underwent a treatment today and is scheduled for surgery on Monday. Poor girl. We're all thinking about you "C". Tell "A" to get well soon.

Weather: 82 degrees, 80% humidity, UV 14 (thankfully our route was mostly in the shade), slight breeze from time to time. A HUGE improvement over the past 2 months!

Today "L" and I went on our long run (missed you "C"). We trained on the middle part of the F4F route. We last did this on June 26 (see blog post page 87 HMTU 24). As I write this post I'm looking back on the page 87 post. Back then I said "a crazy far distance of 6.75" - HA! How naive I was back then . . . smile!!!! Mapmyrun.com shows we went 7.51 miles. We have been continually increasing our distance week after week so this week we reigned it in a little bit. Next week we will hit it with an 11 mile run (dear God, that sounds soooo far!).

We walked 4 miles and then we did 2:2 for the entire rest of the way. It was very do-able. It was almost fun. I would have to say that it was one of my easier and better runs. There is a section of the route that has a series of hills (there are no hills where we live so this is a real challenge for us). On June 26 we had to walk up them because our hamstrings were BURNING, but not today. "L" and I ran up them like they were flat land . . . okay, maybe not exactly like they were flat, but we did it and didn't even so much as think about walking. I am really trying hard to look for the improvements since I'm soooooo slow and each session seems so difficult.

Injury update:

Blisters - both "L" and I have heal blisters - bummer!

Shins - guess who? Yep me! I nearly cracked up crazy in pain during our running intervals

Hip - "L's" hip which has been really killing her for the past month and really pained her during the Swiss Days 5K last Saturday. After stressing about it all day - it did pretty well. She said it didn't hurt much at all during the walking part and only after about 3 miles of running did she say it hurt when she touched it (my dad would say "then quit touching it")

Adventures along the way -
1. Yet again, I got us lost . . . where the heck was Lexington Avenue (Hey "L" - map shows it is only a couple of blocks from Rudisill)? Well, needless to say we picked another street and eventually ended up where we needed to be. Perhaps mapping out a route is not my forte or perhaps I do better with the visual rather than turn by turn directions. Sorry "L".
2. We encountered several very nice people. A very athletic lady was running and she was willing to stop and point us in the right direction. She was amazingly fit - I want that! Hey "L" . . . I looked at the map again, yep, we should have gone down the dark path another mile (Wow!). Live and learn - next time! We also chatted with a lovely lady on her front porch. She promised to cheer for us during the race. A very nice man invited us to play a pick-up game of volleyball - very nice guy!
3. We found a "lovely" restroom by the ball diamonds. It was a little prison-esque. The sign said "lock the door when using facilities" which was like a 1" thick steel lock. Real sense of safety!

Well, this week was sure a hodge-podge of training (10:3 X 4, 3 miles on my own - puke, and tonight's big city training), but all in all, I'm proud of my efforts and what I accomplished. Next week we're on for Tuesday (short run in happyville) and Friday (long run - we're going to repeat our 10 mile route and then add a mile up the greenway at the end). "C", if you're around, please join us!

Nighty night!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 2 page 110 - HMTU 39

First, thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post (page 109 Another Bad Idea). If you didn't get a chance to leave a comment for "L" yet, please do . . . pretty please.

Second, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday "C" and I were sooooo excited about the Women's Half Marathon (see page 109 another bad idea for more info). Today "C's" daughter was told she has to have surgery as soon as tomorrow. Please keep "C" and her middle daughter "A" in your thoughts! Best of luck for a speedy recovery! I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow and in the days to come.

(inside joke just for "C" - now that your youngest daughter "B" is certified, as long as "A" has dentures, "B" can be "A's" caregiver :) ha!)

Third, today's training (temperature 84 degrees, 70% humidity, 90 degree heat index, UV 16 out of 16 = HOT & sunny). It was a solo mission. I listened to tunes, but I really just don't like to run by myself. I walked one mile and ran two miles. The 2 mile run was using the 2:2 interval. I did 12:30 minute miles which only confirmed that I'll never be able to get "C" a 2:45 half marathon (sorry "C", I'll keep trying). When I lived in Virginia I ran (full running - not walk/run and it was pretty fast - like 8 minute miles). I didn't LOVE it, but I certainly didn't dread it or HATE it like I do now. It was HOT in Virginia so I can't even blame the temp. I just don't get why I hate running solo so very much????? Oh well, I did 3 miles today and that's okay with me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter 2 page 109 - another bad idea?

I've done it again . . . I've signed up for another half marathon (and I haven't even done the first one!). What am I thinking????

Can I blame peer pressure? Nope, this one was all me! Well, I'm still going to blame "C" a little because a few months ago she loaned me the Women's Running magazine (if you're not a subscriber you're totally missing out - it's a fantastic magazine!!!!!) that featured this racing series (there's one in Nashville, one in Tempe, and one in St.Petersburg).

"C" and I (maybe we can still talk "L" into it, though she was pretty solidly in the HECK NO! column) are going to do the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, Florida on Sunday, November 21st. This is most definitely the furthest away race I will have ever done - but no worries, "C" is a professional race traveler (I'm guessing she would completely disagree with that statement). She's been to Indy, I think twice, and even did the Walt Disney Half this past March. Since that's way more than I've done - she gets to wear the professional's hat.

I've already bought our plane tickets - got a pretty good deal on them (yeah!) - though I did buy the insurance . . . just in case. I already registered for the race which was $102 with fees (yikes! - good thing they have a cool palm tree medal and cookie cafe waiting for me at the finish line!). "C" is going to look into hotels for us.

I will say I'm a teeny tiny bit bummed because I'm fairly certain that I'll be missing the very awesome Fox Island 5K in FW - that's a really nice event!!! It's a trail run, and it's so beautiful and well organized. If you've never done that one, it's a definite must do! It comes just 2 weeks after the W.O.O.F. race at the Ouabache State Park (Wells County, IN) which is another amazing trail race (a 5.3 mile loop, a 15.9 mile relay, or a 15.9 individual race) which also should be on your "must run" list - this year the WOOF is on Saturday, November 6th. More on the WOOF later.

The Women's Half Marathon is the same day as "L"'s birthday. Hey readers - don't you think she should do the race? Leave a comment and tell her how much you think it's an awesome idea (she reads this blog daily). I think if enough people tell her it's a good idea, she might change her mind and join us (I really hope so, it would be sooooo much fun!)

Confession -
I was suppose to do a 3 mile easy run this evening on my own. Everyone knows I'm not very good at running on my own. Well, I waited around work hoping the motivation to run would sweep over me . . . instead, I got sidetracked signing up for the race and then finding cheap airfare and now . . it's storming. I'm not sure that either are a good excuse, but training isn't going to happen for me today (sorry to disappoint you "C").

Monday, August 2, 2010

Chapter 2 page 108 - HMTU 38

Temperature: 85 degrees, 79% humidity, UV 8 out of 16, Dew pt 79 = hot and humid - very stuffy!

Today "C" and I trained in Happyville! It was very nice. We hadn't been there for a few weeks so it was good to be back. Back on June 30 (Chapter 2 page 89 - HMTU 26), "C" and I did intervals of 10 minutes running and 2.5 miles walking X 4 and by the 4th one it was so HARD that we shuffled through. Tonight, we grabbed the bull by the horns, we bellied up to the bar, we went all in - we did intervals of 10 minutes running and 3 minutes walking X 4. We did 2 intervals then walked through one entire interval then did 2 more intervals of run/walk.
Here's my report:
1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being I'm going to die in 2 seconds, 1 being piece of cake) tonight was a 6-7 for me. I would say it was a 6, but the heat and humidity made it a wee bit more challenging. I'm pretty sure that I would have ranked the effort on 6/30 as a 9.5.
2. We went at least 5 miles - woo hoo - especially exciting since I'm saying it wasn't really that difficult.
3. I can finally say that I've had 2 (Saturday's race & tonight's training session) training sessions that have gone well - they haven't killed me, and I enjoyed it. What!!!! ME?!? Enjoying running - what?!? Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that I hate every step and that the only thing fun is that I'm doing it with "L" and "C" (God bless them both!). Yep, tonight was a challenge that I confronted with some enjoyment.
4. During the final 10:3 interval, I talked through most of it - yep! That's pretty impressive for me (I get that "C" and "L" do it all the time, but I'm usually just trying not to die - not tonight).
5. I can finally see that I'm making progress.

Now for the bad news -

ANOTHER FREAKIN' HEEL BLISTER (can you see the quarter sized white thing on my heel?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to wear my awesomely cute and comfy Asics Nimbus 12's which were the cause of the heel blisters back during Runners on Parade, but I thought it would be okay for a 3 mile training run/walk (and it might have been, but . . . we went 5 miles) UGGGGG!!!!! The last time my healthcare team drained it, but all my "peepes" are on vacation this week. Last time it really hurt, so I'm hoping that it will be ok and clear up by our long run on Friday (fingers crossed - I'm not skipping another long run over a dang blister!)

Some math for "C" (except for "C" and maybe "L", the rest of you won't find this part interesting so feel free to skip it):
Normal intervals = 3:1

Tonight's interval = 10:3

# intervals tonight = 5

Total running time tonight = 40 minutes (okay, really 38 . . . details)

With 40 minutes of running, that's the equivalent of 13 normal 3:1 intervals

Total number of walking time tonight = 12 minutes (excluding the warm up and the one interval we walked)

With 12 minutes of walking, that's the equivalent of 12 normal 3:1 intervals

What am I saying?
We did the equivalent of 13 intervals of training tonight - and we did it with just an 8 minute warm up and just the 3 minute cool down. Total training time of seriously moving . . . 73 minutes. Go us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!