Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chapter 2 page 122 - HMTU 46

Temp = 80 degrees, humidity = 55%; fairly strong head wind - NICE!!!!!!

First - CONGRATULATIONS "C" ON FIGURING OUT HOW TO COMMENT! HOORAY! WOO HOO!!! Comment all you want - love to have you join our little blogging!

Second - today's training was primarily a jaw training session. "C" and I walked for about 75 minutes (I forgot to stop my watch when we were done) at a nice pace. We kept saying we were going to start the running intervals, but never got to it . . . too much yapping (my bad, but it's been 3 weeks since "C" and I talked for any length of time). I have no idea how far we went, but today was a recovery walk to get my muscles moving again after Monday's 13 miles. The great news is that nothing that normally aches is hurting me. My calves are still sore from Monday, but that's because I didn't stretch very well on after the 13 miles (long story). We also decided to do 8 or 9 miles on Friday so we gave ourselves permission to take it easy today. Something is better than nothing - and besides, it was FANTASTIC to have a chance to chat!

Third - I tried Wright Socks - I think I like them. It's hard to give a completely accurate review of them since I'm still dealing with blisters from last week that were made worse on Monday, but they aren't worse after today's walk. I definitely will wear them again for shorter runs and then maybe after the F4F I will try them for a longer run. "C" - I say, go for it. I tried the double layer ones (3RRCo have several different kind of wright socks).

Fourth - I uttered the most unbelievable words to "C" today. If "L" would have heard them slowly come from my mouth she would have me committed to an institution immediately without further hesitation. "C", who is quite the opposite, lit up and thought it was a GREAT idea (perhaps it's "C" who should be committed? Or maybe we should be roommates in the institution?). I don't yet dare type what we discussed . . . not yet. Maybe, if things go GREAT at both the F4F & WHM, I can discuss it with my thousands of readers.

Stay tuned for our training adventure on Friday - it's sure to be fun!


  1. Had a great time this evening. I especially liked the detour through the wooded trail with all the cute signs! Blue Springs was really clever. Hope I'm that sharp and witty when I'm in my 70's. Can't wait until Friday. Have a great day tomorrow.

  2. Do I smell a marathon in your future? Congrats on being semi-pain free!