Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 118 - HMTU 44

Temp: 87 degrees; Humidity: 65%; Dew Point: 73; UV: 1; Heat Index: 96 degrees (the cool weather certainly didn't last long!)

Today's training was totally a recovery walk - yeah!!! Monday's 12 mile training was a HUGE challenge resulting in blisters and pain for both "L" and I. Today, we just needed a chance to recover . . . mission accomplished!

"L" and I had a fun guest with us tonight. We were honored to have "B" with us. For my loyal readers, "B" is the same awesome chica who went with me to the St. Clair 5K race (see post on page 99 for more details). Tonight's 2.6 mile walk took place in Happyville and was such a relaxing and positive experience. I hope you weren't bored "B" . . .hope we weren't too slow for you. "B" - hope you'll join us again soon!!!!

No more training for the rest of this week - blisters need more time to heal before next week's 13 mile long run. I honestly can't believe that next week we will be hitting the exact distance we set out to go 5 months ago when all of this training began. Wow! I can't wait to report on how it goes.


  1. I had a great time!!! How can I not have fun when you are involved!!! I hope I wasn't too slow for you!! hehe Have a great weekend and thanks again for the invite!!

  2. "B" - I was thrilled to have you. Do you think you would want to do it again sometime soon? I'm going to need a walking buddy for a 3 mile walk next week and maybe the week after. Thanks sooo much for joining "L" and I - great time!!!!!!