Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chapter 2 page 110 - HMTU 39

First, thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post (page 109 Another Bad Idea). If you didn't get a chance to leave a comment for "L" yet, please do . . . pretty please.

Second, what a difference a day makes. Yesterday "C" and I were sooooo excited about the Women's Half Marathon (see page 109 another bad idea for more info). Today "C's" daughter was told she has to have surgery as soon as tomorrow. Please keep "C" and her middle daughter "A" in your thoughts! Best of luck for a speedy recovery! I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow and in the days to come.

(inside joke just for "C" - now that your youngest daughter "B" is certified, as long as "A" has dentures, "B" can be "A's" caregiver :) ha!)

Third, today's training (temperature 84 degrees, 70% humidity, 90 degree heat index, UV 16 out of 16 = HOT & sunny). It was a solo mission. I listened to tunes, but I really just don't like to run by myself. I walked one mile and ran two miles. The 2 mile run was using the 2:2 interval. I did 12:30 minute miles which only confirmed that I'll never be able to get "C" a 2:45 half marathon (sorry "C", I'll keep trying). When I lived in Virginia I ran (full running - not walk/run and it was pretty fast - like 8 minute miles). I didn't LOVE it, but I certainly didn't dread it or HATE it like I do now. It was HOT in Virginia so I can't even blame the temp. I just don't get why I hate running solo so very much????? Oh well, I did 3 miles today and that's okay with me.

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