Friday, August 27, 2010

Chapter 2 page 123 - HMTU 47 big city blindness

"C" and I took on the big city today and set out for 9.6 miles with the bulk being part of the F4F route. It was sunny and hot but I didn't check the weather (probably about 86-88 degrees). There was a nice breeze for most of our 2 hour 40 minute run/walk.

We started off with a goal of finishing in about 2 hours (which probably was a little unrealistic for me anyway) . . . but we ended up 40 minutes later than our goal - that's because we ended up going further than our 9.6 mile goal. Why? Because apparently "C" and I are both blind and completely missed the HUGE street sign which was to serve as our turn around point. Now, I'm going to take the blame for this because "C" doesn't wear her glasses while she runs so she has an excuse, but me? I had Lasik 10 years ago but apparently missed the "hooked on phonics" lessons.

Earlier in our training, missing our stopping point and going further would have been a nightmare, but today it wasn't actually the end of the world (though we were plenty tired by the end). Our blindness caused us to travel an extra mile (round trip). "C" and I just laughed because this is so the way our whole training has gone (care to travel down memory lane with this post

So "C" and I ended up going about 10.6 miles which seemed a LOT harder than I think it should have especially since next Saturday we're doing a 10 mile race which I've been hoping would seem fairly easy since we've gone further before, but . . . drum roll . . . my total mileage for this week was . . . building suspense . . . 13 on Monday + 3.5 on Wednesday (give or take a bit) + 10.6 on Friday = 27.1 miles. That's like the craziest furthest I have EVER gone. NEVER would have dreamed I could or would go so far. For my non racing friends who read this blog - that's further than a FULL MARATHON (which is ONLY 26.2 miles)!!!

I'm pretty sure it's a sign you've become good friends if you and your training partner can run/walk 3:1 for most of the 2 hours 40 minutes and still have enough to talk and laugh about to fill 3 more hours . . . where did the time go? Had a great time "C"!

Let's see what next week holds (hopefully, fewer miles).


  1. That's an impressive outing and mileage week. Way to go!

  2. You forgot to mention our "bath" in the water fountain at Foster Park. What a refreshing pitstop that was. Oh, and I was wearing my prescription sunglasses so I too could have read the sign. I think we were just so focused on our run. That's the excuse I'm going to use. Anyway, we did it and we survivied but my legs feel like lead and ache. Do bananas help legs that feel like lead? Can't wait until Monday. I think I might try to run on Sunday at the lake and do a few hills. Maybe and then maybe not.

  3. Did you miss being in the ditch? While you two were out having fun running around, I was in route to Crawfordsville with 3 under 5. I think a low mileage run on our next trip would be great. Say 4 maybe 5 miles? See you there. "L"