Monday, August 2, 2010

Chapter 2 page 108 - HMTU 38

Temperature: 85 degrees, 79% humidity, UV 8 out of 16, Dew pt 79 = hot and humid - very stuffy!

Today "C" and I trained in Happyville! It was very nice. We hadn't been there for a few weeks so it was good to be back. Back on June 30 (Chapter 2 page 89 - HMTU 26), "C" and I did intervals of 10 minutes running and 2.5 miles walking X 4 and by the 4th one it was so HARD that we shuffled through. Tonight, we grabbed the bull by the horns, we bellied up to the bar, we went all in - we did intervals of 10 minutes running and 3 minutes walking X 4. We did 2 intervals then walked through one entire interval then did 2 more intervals of run/walk.
Here's my report:
1. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being I'm going to die in 2 seconds, 1 being piece of cake) tonight was a 6-7 for me. I would say it was a 6, but the heat and humidity made it a wee bit more challenging. I'm pretty sure that I would have ranked the effort on 6/30 as a 9.5.
2. We went at least 5 miles - woo hoo - especially exciting since I'm saying it wasn't really that difficult.
3. I can finally say that I've had 2 (Saturday's race & tonight's training session) training sessions that have gone well - they haven't killed me, and I enjoyed it. What!!!! ME?!? Enjoying running - what?!? Those of you who have been reading for awhile know that I hate every step and that the only thing fun is that I'm doing it with "L" and "C" (God bless them both!). Yep, tonight was a challenge that I confronted with some enjoyment.
4. During the final 10:3 interval, I talked through most of it - yep! That's pretty impressive for me (I get that "C" and "L" do it all the time, but I'm usually just trying not to die - not tonight).
5. I can finally see that I'm making progress.

Now for the bad news -

ANOTHER FREAKIN' HEEL BLISTER (can you see the quarter sized white thing on my heel?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I decided to wear my awesomely cute and comfy Asics Nimbus 12's which were the cause of the heel blisters back during Runners on Parade, but I thought it would be okay for a 3 mile training run/walk (and it might have been, but . . . we went 5 miles) UGGGGG!!!!! The last time my healthcare team drained it, but all my "peepes" are on vacation this week. Last time it really hurt, so I'm hoping that it will be ok and clear up by our long run on Friday (fingers crossed - I'm not skipping another long run over a dang blister!)

Some math for "C" (except for "C" and maybe "L", the rest of you won't find this part interesting so feel free to skip it):
Normal intervals = 3:1

Tonight's interval = 10:3

# intervals tonight = 5

Total running time tonight = 40 minutes (okay, really 38 . . . details)

With 40 minutes of running, that's the equivalent of 13 normal 3:1 intervals

Total number of walking time tonight = 12 minutes (excluding the warm up and the one interval we walked)

With 12 minutes of walking, that's the equivalent of 12 normal 3:1 intervals

What am I saying?
We did the equivalent of 13 intervals of training tonight - and we did it with just an 8 minute warm up and just the 3 minute cool down. Total training time of seriously moving . . . 73 minutes. Go us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats on your run! And sorry about the blister ... that stinks! Do you wear wicking socks? Those might help a little.