Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chapter 2 page 125 - doggie update

A quick doggie update:
Hoosier is holding her own. The vet said she had extremely high liver and kidney test results, but is uncertain if it is due to an infection or a toxicity. It's all about the next 48 hours - and how well she responds to the antibiotics. Hopefully, the antibiotic will do the trick and she'll be back to her normal cute self. On a positive note she ate 1/2 can of the prescription dog food. She hadn't eaten for 36 hours so that was really promising.
Thanks to all who have asked about her.

To "C" & "L" - glad we got together to plan our strategy for our 10 mile race on Saturday. Sorry I missed training with you today. Can't wait to see you both on Saturday. Have a good week girls!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad Hoosier is doing better. I will keeping you and her in my thoughts tonight. "L" and I had a wonderful time tonight but it was sure HOT! We never did find the stinking green dot. Hopefully your blisters are on the mend and ready for our race on Saturday. Glad we have a race plan as well. Keep me posted about Hoosier.