Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 2 page 71 - no HMTU

I must confess - I haven't trained any more this week!!! I know . . . LOSER, right!!! I suppose I have a lot of excuses and will really regret my actions - I mean, my lack of actions, when training comes next week.

First, "C" had to cancel out yesterday which worked out GREAT because the chiropractor told me not to run or even walk yesterday or today. So . . .other than missing a great chance to train with just "L" (which really did bum me out!), it was okay. I figure taking a day off now to heal will be better than having to sit out 6-8 weeks a bit further down the road because I really hurt my shins seriously (at least, that's what I keep telling myself).

Second, today - I am all dressed and ready to meet "C" for a nice and easy session when my car wouldn't start. I sent "C" a text, "hey, am having a spec of car trouble will be there momentarily." Well, 20 minutes later - my car wasn't moving an inch. I called "C" and told her I couldn't make it. I no longer hung up - and it started. I called her back right away and said "did you leave yet?" She didn't want me to chance it not starting when we were done with our training.

So this week's score -
2 miles of 2:2 followed by 2.23 miles of super snail crawl pace walk
THAT'S ALL!!! Wow, how bad will next week feel like my first week?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! God bless all who have served and sacrificed so much for the freedom we all enjoy! Hooah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 2 page 70 - HMTU 13

Not to be a total negative Nelly, but today might possibly have been the worst training day I've had (or at least VERY close to the worst). Where to start -

First, the weather! It felt as if it were 150 degrees outside. Okay, so it was like 85 degrees. It felt like 90% humidity, but I guess it was more like 60%. Ugggg - what am I going to do when it gets really hot?

Second, my new shoes. I don't like them (yet?). I remember hating my Brooks for like 3 weeks when I first got them last year, so I guess I'll try to be more hopeful, but right now, HATE them!

Third, my shins! OUCH!!!!!!!!!! They are killing me . . . again! I'm going back to the chiropractor tomorrow, so let's cross our fingers that she can "fix" them again like she did last week (oh pretty please!).

Fourth, I felt sooo out of shape today ("C" says it was the weather - I think she was just being nice about my pathetic performance). We had a pretty good plan. It involved going down the Greenway 1 mile then back 1 mile so that we were back at our cars and could take a little break and grab a drink. Then we were going to do 1.13 miles toward the park and back. So, it would have been about 4.25 miles, but with shade and a drink break midway. Great plan, right? Well, not exactly. It was so hot! We were both (definitely more me than "C") huffing and puffing and the amount of sweat we were making was unbelievable!!! We did our 2:2 for the 2 miles on the Greenway, but my shins were killing me and I was HOT!!!! So we walked the 2.25 miles to/from the park. The entire 4.25 miles took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes (NICE!!! - record breaking pace!)

Fifth, I was called "fat" by an old lady. There was the cutest older couple walking toward the park. "C" and I had already run/walked for 2 miles and when we caught up with the older couple we had walked 1.15 miles. Chris and I decided to stretch a little bit at the turn around point. While we were stretching we spoke to the older couple-it was suppose to be a brief chit chat about the weather, just your basic exchange of pleasantries. Everything was lovely until the lady said, "Well, you're quite a bit heavier than I am so the heat seems to really be getting to you more than it does me." Well, THANK YOU LADY! "C" about died. She would have rolled on the ground if I had let her. I had to pick up her jaw up. Bold - that woman was bold, but . . . she's right - I'm fatter and I was definitely sweating more than she was.

Sixth, did I mention my shins hurt? Dang they hurt!

Seventh, tomorrow all 3 of us are suppose to be doing 2:2 for 6 miles - NOT going to happen. Why? shins, heat, fear that I'll get 3 miles away and not be able to make it back.

Today, just didn't go well. I certainly hope things improve (though, have you seen the weather forecast for the week?????? HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Chapter 2 page 69 - sale sale sale

Ladies' Night at 3 Rivers Running Company in Fort Wayne was AWESOME!!!!!!! There were at least 100 women (if not many more) all buying walking/running products. It was amazing seeing so many women who cared about fitness being so friendly, helpful, and social! It was cool. The 20% off was well worth the 90 minute wait to check out. I highly recommend you check out the next Ladies' Night at 3 Rivers Running Company.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page 68 - HMTU 12 (5K race)

In leu of a boring ol' trot on a treadmill, I participated in a Relay for Life 5K in Celina, Ohio this morning. The weather was cool and grey . . . so was the Grand Lake we ran around; however, it was quite a change up from the brown Wabash river and local scenery.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm a VERY social person. Those of you who have read this blog at least 3 times know that I'm a social person. Additionally, you know that I despise running/walking alone. I tolerate it when I'm with friends chatting and laughing, but absolutely hate every second of it when I'm alone. Although I knew a couple of people at the race, I did the entire 5K alone (ugggg!). It was a down and back course so there was ample cheering as I passed/and was passed by people both on the down and on the back, but the majority of the time (42:08 to be exact), I was all by myself. At one point I couldn't take it any more and recited my mantra (my training partners believe I have to have one and repeat it over and over to will myself to get through it - and today, I whipped it out) with each step "I . . . can . . . do . . . this! . . I . . . .can . . . .do . . . this!"

And . . . I did it - not cute, but mission accomplished! Notice the extreme wind conditions (hair blowing all over the place). You'll also notice the spot on my shirt, nope - not sweat. I had a "drinking problem" at the last water station. Most of it went up my nose, the rest went on my shirt. It's a nice look, wouldn't you agree?

Of the 42:08, I only walked a total of 6 minutes. I started off running and ran for 18 straight minutes (at the 7 minute mark I thought I was surely going to die), then walked for 2 then ran for 4 then walked for 2 then ran for a bunch (maybe 10ish?) then walked for 2 then ran the rest of the way ---even sprinted the last 1/10 of a mile or so in order to beat this girl who had been near me throughout the entire course (she was a ditz, "oh yeah, I was just in Bluffton - my boyfriend did the IU 1/2 marathon - can't believe how hilly it is there!" - yep, that's Bluffton alright . . . .or maybe Bloomington! DUH!)

Anyway, I was really thinking I was going to rock this race with 13 minute miles and have a time of 39 minutes (you know, something to be super proud of and text to all my peepes), but instead I somehow consistently turned in 14 minute miles and got 42 minutes. Hmmm - I didn't show the progress I had hoped to. I had done such great training on Wednesday (remember? 5.6 miles in 74 minutes) - how could things have fallen apart so much today? I suggest weather as one reason. It was 97% humidity - though it wasn't hot. I don't know, I simply hate doing these things by myself-that's probably the biggest reason.

Pretty negative, huh? let me see if I can't shed some positive light on the situation. I'm glad that I did it. I'm not completely upset at my time. I'm proud that I dug deep and ran most of the race - ALONE! I realize I have a LOT of training to do before September.

Hope your day was filled with new and fun things.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chapter 2 page 67 - Just a reminder

Reminder -
The 14-week walking program called "Summer Striders" will be held on Tuesdays, June 1 - August 31 from 7-8 p.m. Program is $35 ($30 if there is a group of 5 or more) - the fee includes a discount at 3 Rivers Running Company, educational materials and presentations, weekly support/communication/accountability, and discount on the PCT 10K entrance fee. Deadline to sign up is next Wednesday. It changed my life last year and know that it will be a fantastic experience for you as well.

Happy Walking!

p.s. You don't have to participate in the PCT race to participate in this walking program.

Chapter 2 page 66 - registered

I took the plunge. I leaped with faith. I bit the bullet. I did it!

I paid my money and am officially registered for the F4F 1/2 marathon.

No turning back now!

I have to say that I was feeling pretty confident when I was filling out the online form, but now - now, I have butterflies and am thinking "what did I just do?"

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 65 - HMTU 11

First, thanks Susie for the comment - I was beginning to think my reading masses had left me (though, I can understand - it's probably NOT exciting for the casual reader to hear about training session after training session).

Shin update -
I went to the chiropractor yesterday and she used her magic clicker thing and clicked my feet and shins and I went from a 15 out of 10 on the pain scale to about a 4 - Glory be to God! More treatments are needed but I'm definitely better today than I was on Monday (or last week).

That said . . . GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY???????????????????????????????????????
Seriously, GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY???????????????????????

I ran/walked 5.6 miles in a time of (insert drum roll) 1 hour 14 minutes. Now, I get that's not the world's record or even a personal record for that matter, BUT . . . . that includes a 1/2 mile warm up of walking and about a 1/4 mile cool down slowly walking plus 2:2 throughout the whole thing EXCEPT for 2 times toward the end when we ran for 4 straight minutes. I could have no way stayed motivated to do this on my own so ALL of the credit goes to my awesome training partner "C"!!! She's miraculous. God has really blessed me with putting her in my life. I do miss training regularly with "L", but I'm extremely thankful for "C".

Now . . . .here is the BEST part (I know - you're saying how much more awesome could this get, right?!) - on a scale of 1-10 (10 being I'm going to die in 1 second we have to stop and 1 being as hard as watching tv). Today's training was about a 7 (a few minutes I would say it got to 7.5). It was surprisingly easy - but the time doesn't indicate we were slacking.

Let me connect the dots for you (and mostly to help me see the progress as I read through my own accomplishments - not bragging, just celebrating with myself!).

We're in week 3 of our training. Today I almost did a 10K (5.6 miles done today, a 10K is 6.2). I feel amazing (except some foot blisters - for another post). I did it in a respectable time (my personal record for a 10K is like 1:20ish). Did I mention it's only week 3 of my training? We still have 15 weeks after this week. Heck yeah - watch me!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! Anyway, I'm feeling really good about my accomplishment to this point.

p.s. All of the professionals say that I should make note of the weather -which I forgot to do before I originally posted this. The weather for my awesome experience was about 66-68 degrees and very light breeze. It was sunny and spectacular. Blue skies and a definite top 10 day. No wheezing today for me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chapter 2 page 64 - 3 Rivers Running Company Sale

Hi Ladies -
Just wanted to tell you about an awesome sale THIS SUNDAY, May 23rd from 4-6 p.m. 3 Rivers Running Company (4227 N Clinton Street Fort Wayne, IN468 05phone: 260-496-8000) is having a Ladies' event where everything that is regularly priced is 20% off and sale priced items are discounted even more. There is a fun run at 3:30 and then from 4-6 p.m. there is a cook out, talk with an apparel vendor, and then enjoy the sale. If you are in need of some good walking or running shoes that are professionally fitted, then this is the place you need to go and this is the time you need to be there - 20% is a real bargain!

To learn more, go to and click on "ladies night".

Chapter 2 paqge 63 - HMTU 10

Today was almost as perfect as a training session could be (I say almost perfection since my shins are feeling better, but still a wee bit sore - thanks to the chiropractor).

What made it so nearly perfect you ask? For starters, I had BOTH "C" and "L" at my side. There is no loss of words when the 3 of us are together (or just two of us for that matter). I recently read "The Idiots Guide to Running" and the author said that running with a partner has the same effect as drinking 2 glasses of wine . . . at least on the lowering of the inhibitions aspect. We talk about everything - undies, socks, and mostly we laugh.

What made today's training so nearly perfect especially since last week I ran 4 miles with both of them and hated nearly every minute of it? Well . . . we stayed off of the straight and boring Greenway path for most of the time.

What else made the training nearly perfect? The weather - it was cool and there was a drizzle (which turned into a heavy drizzle and then reverted back to a drizzle). We got soaked which wasn't all that perfect, but it was different and fun and was a mental distraction as we were wiping our faces not to remove sweat, but to keep the rain from dripping in our eyes. At least for me, it gave me something else to think about besides sweating to death, painful shins, sucking air, and worrying how many miles were left or how soon it was until the next beep on my watch.

What else made the training nearly perfect? We discussed "the plan" for the Parlor City Trot and Fort 4 Fitness events. I was going to type out the plan right now, but I don't want to bore you plus I can't imagine any of you reading this would care . . .at this moment. Just know - I'm really still planning on doing a half-marathon sometime in September (either at the PCT or F4F or I guess maybe both, but that seems pretty doubtful). I should remind you why I'm even considering doing the F4F - I really really really do NOT want to be last and that is exactly what will be happening by like an hour or more at the PCT - probably no chance of being last at F4F (God willing!).

Chapter 2 page 62 - shin splints HELP!

Hi everyone!!!! I know it's been awhile since I posted anything motivational or fun to read - just boring ol' half-marathon training updates. Well, today is another boring post. I'm totally in need of your help, though.

I have terrible shin splints. I've done everything - ice, rest, taping, 3 advils at a time, stretching, deep rubbing (ouch!), light rubbing, bio freezze, everything I can think of and they feel worse today than they have so far. Oh yeah, and I've tried doing strengthening exercises like walking around on my heels and drawing the alphabet in the air with my feet (to the casual observer, I look like I've lost my mind!)

Anyone out there have suggestions?


Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapter 61 - HMTU 9

First, let me address the comment left on my last post. Yes, I land flat footed. No, it's not something I want to do, but my shin splints keep me from being able to lift my toes up so that my heel can strike first. I literally try to will my toes up a little, but the tight painful shins just keep me from being able to lift my toes up. I welcome any suggestions on how to fix this. Today, I tried to tape them with Leuko tape because that has helped in the past - no luck today. I nearly bent over screaming in pain ("L" know anything about that? HA!)

Second, "C" and I had just a little training today. After our long, pretty fast (relatively speaking) session yesterday we both just thought a light workout was in order. We went 2.4 miles in about 36 minutes (that included a 10:30 min. walking warm up and a 5 min. cool down). We had talked about doing another mile, but my shins were killing me!

The benefits of buddy training -
All I wanted to do today was go home after work and take a nap before going out tonight with my friends from the gym (Love ya SBFF, "R", and "B"). I knew that wasn't going to be possible because of my scheduled training with "C" at 4:00 so I got my running clothes on - which is sort of motivating in and of itself (I have a special watch I wear only when running, and of course, I have my running shoes that I only wear while I run. Additionally I have a spy belt which is the greatest invention ever - fun to use while running). I got in the car and drove to meet "C". When we started our warm up, "C" said she wouldn't have trained today if it weren't for me. She said she wasn't motivated, but that she knew I would motivate her. Even though we didn't train for a long time or go very far - some is better than none. I burned about 250-300 calories and got my heart rate up for 30+ minutes. Did I mention my shins are totally killing me???? They are!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! I'm taking the weekend off my training since this week I have already trained on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and today. This week, I walked/ran a total of 14.6 miles - yeah, go me!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapter 2 page 60 - HMTU 8

Today was the ultimate in training - "C" & "L" and myself in 35 mile an hour gusts and 80 degrees - great joy!!! We went 4 miles (actually a wee bit further) which was the distance we had decided we needed to go during today's training. So mission accomplished.

I have to be honest - we went slowly - more slowly than I think "C" would have liked, but we did it! 8 training sessions and I did 4 miles at 2:2 with a 7 minute walking warm-up. "L" was strong the whole way - she was ahead of us "C" and I by several strides the entire way - she was AMAZING!!! I'm sooooo jealous of her ability - why can't I do it?

Shin splints are my biggest concern . . . with toe blisters a close second. When I run my shins are really killing me (pain level at about an 8 - not like the 15 I had once when I ran with "L" and nearly collapsed in pain near the white bridge). They make my feet feel like they are unable to flex so they are just landing flat on the ground - little roll through. I come home and ice them which feels amazing, but it is only temporary. I need to try taping them, but can't seem to get that done (lazy!). I go to the chiropractor next Tuesday which I might mention it to her (she fixed, and then hurt them again, last fall). I'll save toe blisters for another post.

Today "L" suggested that we run the 10M for the PCT doing 2:1 and then doing the 1/2 at Fort 4 Fitness ("C" will smoke us at the F4F race - she's aiming for 2:45). Great part of that is that I know I will NOT be last at Fort 4 Fitness - that's really important to me! I would like to do the 1/2 here on my home turf (so to speak) where I am able to practice the route prior to the event. Stay tuned - no final decisions made yet.

4 miles down - 9.1 to go (yeah - that's nothin' - ha!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chapter 2 page 59 - HMTU 7

Today was my 7th official half-marathon training session. Well - what can I say about it. First, it was so freakin' windy (what's up with the wind this spring?). There are not enough words to explain how worried I am that it will be windy on race day. What if it's windy???? Elm Grove Road & 201 in the wind - are you kidding? Wow - I'm definitely not going to be able to make it 13.1 miles. That aside, today's training went very well.

We went 3.79 miles in 56 minutes, but the first 10 minutes were walking warm-up and then we had about an 8-10 minute cool down which was a bit over 1/2 mile. During our 2:2 section, we both agreed that we were going faster than usual, BUT it seemed manageable. I mean - we didn't break any speed records, but it was a hair faster than we have been going (I'm giving credit to my crazy weekend treadmill workout . . . whether that's the reason or not!).

"C" and I had so much to talk about. We must have covered 50 topics. It was like old friends who hadn't seen each other in forever. Ha! I LOVE training with others sooooo much more than I enjoy doing it myself (which we all know I HATE TO run or walk alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). One of the topics we revisited was our goal time for the actual race. I had spent some time over the weekend and realized that to get a 2h45m time, we'll need to do under 13 min. mile (more like 12:45-12:50) every single mile. I'm not sure I'll be able to do that. "C" said no matter what, we'll cross the finish line together and not worry about the time. I suggested she use the PCT race as her race prep for the F4F race which is just 3 weeks after the PCT. She agreed - so hopefully, I'll continue to improve, but at least I'm not going to stress about having to do 12:45 m/m - wow!!

I came home and iced my shins, but unfortunately I didn't stretch much after the session so I'm likely to be sore tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be too painful. Wish me luck "C" says we're going to run (remember to read "run" as 2 minutes jog and 2 minutes walk) a full 4 miles on Thursday.

Thinking aloud and ahead:
16 weeks till the race 4 miles
15 weeks till the race 4.5 miles
14 weeks till the race 5 miles
13 weeks till the race 5.5 miles
12 weeks till the race 6 miles
11 weeks till the race 6.5 miles
10 weeks till the race 7 miles
9 weeks till the race 7.5 miles
8 weeks till the race 8 miles
7 weeks till the race 8.5 miles
6 weeks till the race 9 miles
5 weeks till the race 9.5 miles
4 weeks till the race 10 miles
3 weeks till the race - should be lowering the mileage (they say 1 day of rest for every mile run)
2 weeks till the race - should be lowering the mileage
1 week till the race - should be resting up

Hmmmm, I'm going to be at least 5 weeks short - wow, that means that I'll have at least 4 weeks where I'll have to increase the mileage by a whole mile rather than just a nice and easy half. Have any of you out there done this? Do you have suggestions for when in the training is a better time to spring on an additional mile rather than just a half? Is there a time in the training when it won't seem "hard"? Ha! I can't imagine that any of the miles will ever seem easy - ha! Any advice or suggestions you have is more than welcomed. PLEASE share your advice, tips, hints, suggestions, help!!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chapter 2 page 58 - HMTU 6

Today, I used the treadmill for my training. I had hoped to do it yesterday, but today just seemed to work out better (I'm still counting it toward last week's training schedule, though).

What I did - well . . . the big picture is that I walked, jogged, and yes - ran, a total of 4.8 miles in 70 minutes. Now - that's certainly a very pathetic time which is a little concerning since "C" wants us to average less than 13 min/mile; however, I did it - alone!!!! (uggg!).

Here's sort of how it broke down (it got a bit confusing so this is the gist):

5 min. warm up at 3.0-3.3 mph

2 min. jog at 4.5 mph

2 min. walk at 3.5 mph

5 min. jog at 4.5 mph

5 min. total stop - stretch - and thought I was crazy and going to die it was so hard

10 min. jog at 4.5

30 sec jog at 5.0

30 sec jog at 5.5

30 sec jog at 6.0

30 sec jog at 5.5

30 sec jog at 5.0

30 sec jog at 4.5 (for those of you with poor math skills- that's a total of 13 minutes of jogging- yeah, go me!)

5 min of slowing down so as to not die - it was during this time I realized I was bored watching tv, so I decided to mute the tv and blast the new tunes on my new earphones.

23 min. of doing my very fast walk and sort of bleeding into a slight jog - the pace was anywhere between 4.0-5.0 (I would call this my typical 5K race pace, my training partner "L" would confirm that)

10 min. incline on 7.0 and speed at 2.7

the remainder of the time was back on incline 2 slowing down to 1.5 before ending

I'm happy that I was able to stay active for such a long period of time (70 minutes is more than I've been continuously moving since last fall when I did the 10K's). I'm also happy that I was able to jog for 13 straight minutes and then do a walkish-joggish thing for 23 minutes.

1. "C" wants to finish the half in 2 hours 45 minutes - that just seems a bit out of my reach for 14 weeks from now.
2. After 7 minutes my legs and shins were so tight I had to stop and stretch and thought I couldn't take another step - the 1/2 marathon is likely to be 2 hours and 53 minutes longer (ugg).
3. I iced my shins and stretched my who-ha (those of you might remember me injuring my psoas muscle last summer) when I got home. My back isn't sore - yeah! My who-ha is a bit sore, but my shins aren't hurting too badly thanks to the icing.
4. Thirst - I drank the entire bottle of water. This weekend I ordered a 2 bottle hydration belt so hopefully that will work okay for the length of the race.

Other things to note:
1. I ordered some books which should be here in about a week.
2. I'm currently reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to Running - some of it is stuff I already know, but there are lots of things in the 6 chapters I have already read which I didn't know.
3. I'm questioning why I ever told anyone at work that I was training for this - what if I can't do it??

As always, thanks for reading, thanks for your support and encouragement!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Chapter 2 page 57 - dance dance dance

Most of you know how much I dislike music, background noise, and the like. I NEVER have the radio on! I rarely (like maybe 3 times a year) listen to music at all. Today, I'm not sure what got into me, but I downloaded about 15 songs onto my blackberry. Since I don't listen to music, I couldn't name a song, an artist, or even tell you what kind of music I like. So, the songs I got today are mostly songs I have heard at the different Zumba classes I've been going to - they're upbeat and fun and thanks to Google, I could type in a few words I knew of the song and poof, up comes the song I was looking for.

Thinking ahead to my half-marathon training where surely at least half of the sessions would be on my own, I asked for some better ear phones for my blackberry so I can listen to the music while training (though, I most often prefer silence - actually at all times I prefer silence!, I do foresee the need to have some motivational music to push me during the crazy long miles).

This afternoon, I decided to put my ear phones on and crank up the tunes and folded laundry. It wasn't long before I was dancing, doing aerobic-type moves, and working up a bit of sweat. That's got to count for something. When the laundry was done, I continued to listen to the songs and dance dance dance!!! I probably did it for at least an hour. I burned calories, worked my heart and lungs, and had fun.

I'd love to hear about your spontaneous activity stories!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chapter 2 page 56 - HMTU 5

Today's training was fantastic!!!!!!!! I never felt as if I couldn't do it. We went slow. I got into my stride jog groove pace. We went 3.6 miles - that's pretty impressive for me. Only 9.5 more miles and I'll have my half-marathon done :)

I had a great time chatting with my new training partner "C" - she's just sooo nice. She always ends our sessions with a hug. She is so positive and supportive.

After we did our 3.6 miles we sat on the picnic table and discussed our upcoming training sessions plus what our ultimate goal was going to be for our 1/2 marathon time. Frankly, I'm just going to be beyond thrilled if I can do a warm-up, then do 2:2 for the entire thing and maybe run the last 1/2 mile or maybe last full mile. I would like it to be under 3 hours (that sounds like such a long time - that would be like starting to walk/jog at the start of Flash Forward tv show and continuing all the way through the Private Practice tv show - - - wow!!!!!). I think it would be sooooo amazing if I could finish it in 2:45. When I mentioned that, Chris got so excited. She was like "that's totally my goal." So we talked about working toward a 2 hours 45 minutes finish time - is that crazy? Sure sounds like it to me.

Oh well, the most important thing right now is that I'm actually jogging and walking multiple miles and I'm really having a great time (for the most part - truly hated every second of last Saturday's treadmill training session). It's mentally relaxing since I get to chat nonstop with my new friend "C" plus it's physically challenging. Knowing that each time I'm going a little further or a little faster is really satisfying.

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers - I will continue to need them. I'm most grateful for your kind thoughts and comments!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chapter 2 page 55 - finally!!!

Has anyone been keeping track on how long it has been since I have been able to report that I have lost some weight???? It's been a few depressing months. Well, right now, I'm reporting that I just stood on the scale and have lost 5 pounds!!!!!!! I get that it's only 5 pounds, but it's 5 pounds lost - not the 5 pounds I have gained in the past few months!!! It's a loss!!! Additionally, I weighed myself while having to tinkle and at 5:00 p.m. - that means it was probably a more significant loss (urine can weigh a 1/2 pound, and I usually gain about 2 pounds as the day goes on - I drink lots of water). So . . . that is giving me sooo much more hope.

What have I been doing? Well - I eat less!!! Smaller portions is definitely a reality. Last week I went out to celebrate my birthday nearly every night with a different group of friends, but . . . . guess what - I still have lost 5 pounds. Oh yeah - high five to me!!!!!!

Additionally, I've really put this walk/jog thing into my life. I don't do it everyday, but I have spent about 45 minutes 3-4 days a week doing it.

I don't have more than 4 hours go by without eating 100-200 calories. My first favorite snack is a piece of 50 calorie cheese (get it at Sam's club) - it's cabonet brand. I like to put the cheese either with 10-12 almonds or with 6 black pepper triscuts (they're whole grain). My second favorite snack is a 100 calorie pack of coco covered almonds (they come 7 packets to a box). I sometimes follow it up with a 90 calorie Fiber one bar if I'm extra hungry or if I'm about to use more physical effort (i.e. going to the gym, or for a 2:2, etc).

I'm definitely not bragging, but I really needed to give a group high five to all of my loyal reading peepes!!!!!

Hope you are finding some success with your efforts as well.

For me, 5 down . . . . 95 to go!!!!! Wow!!!!!! It really is a journey.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter 2 page 54 "Summer Striders"

"Summer Striders" is a 14-week walking program to help people walk further and faster. It will be taking place on Tuesdays from June 1-August 31 from 7-8:00 p.m. It alternates training sessions on the Greenway path with educational seminars in Room 401 of Bluffton Regional. It is a hope that there will be at least a group of trainees who will be willing to walk the Parlor City Trot 10K together on Saturday, September 4th. The program costs $35 (groups of 5 or more get a $5 discount per participant). The fee will allow participants to receive a discount on shoes and apparel at 3 Rivers Running Company, weekly support and communication, a discount on the Parlor City Trot entrance fee, educational seminars, and much more. If you want to walk further or faster or just want to have the motivation of walking with a group - this is definitely for you!!!!! Meet new people, enjoy the outdoors, learn a few new things along the way, and most importantly . . . have a great time!!!!!!!!!!! To register you can email me at work:

Deadline to register is May 26th. Hope to see you all there!!!!!!!

Chapter 2 page 53 - HMTU 4

Today was the end of "Spring into Training". I walked 2.2 miles at a leisurely pace (about 20 minute/mile) with 2 of my HIPAA friends ("S" & "J"). Afterward, I did 2:2 with my old and new training partner and my YMCA friend "N". We went an additional 1.3 miles. "N" and "C" were way in front of my old training partner "L" and myself, but that's okay. I really really enjoyed training with my old training program "L" because she goes my speed and is a really good friend so we have tons to talk about (that is when we're not sucking air!) I talked to my new training partner "C" afterward because I was feeling worried that I would really hold her up in her training. She was much faster than I was - both on the walk and on the 2:2 part. She assured me it was going to be okay (Hooray!). I felt amazing. I didn't struggle too much. I definitely need to get back into shape - some "on my own" training will be helpful I can see. All in all, I feel pretty good that it is week 2 of my training and I did 3.5 miles (in just under an hour - no records being set, but still . . . ) I'm feeling more positive about this thing after today than I was last Thursday or last Saturday.

Please keep me in your prayers - I just want to use this experience to better myself. I want to become mentally stronger and physically healthier (surely a 13.1 mile race will help with that???) Even if I don't actually end up doing the half-marathon, but rather run the whole 10K or 2:2 the 10 mile race - it's surely going to be a valuable and worthwhile journey. I'm still aiming for the HALF.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chapter 2 page 52 - HMTU 3 Training schedule

My new training partner gave me 3 different training schedules. One is by far easier than the others and rather than think about quitting the training, I'm going to ask her if we can focus on following one which is the easiest. Additionally, the schedule is for 12 weeks - we actually have 16 weeks, so I'm hoping we can repeat week 1 at least twice and then maybe along the way when it gets harder we can repeat that week too. Here is training schedule I hope "C" let's us follow:

Week 1:
Day 1: 2 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: 2.5 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3: 3 miles (long run) - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 2 miles recovery walk

Week 2:
Day 1: 2 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: 3 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3: Cross-training or rest
Day 4: 4 miles (long run) - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 2.5 miles (recovery walk)

Week 3:
Day 1: 2.5 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training
Day 3: 3 miles - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 5 miles (long run) - 2/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 2 miles (recovery walk)

Week 4:
Day 1: 2.5 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training
Day 3: 3 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 5 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 2 miles (recovery walk)

Week 5:
Day 1: 3 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3: 3 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 7 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 miles (recovery walk)

Week 6:
Day 1: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training
Day 3: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 8 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 miles (recovery walk)

Week 7:
Day 1: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross training
Day 3: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 9 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 miles EZ (recovery walk)

Week 8:
Day 1: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training
Day 3: 3 miles- 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 10 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 miles EZ (recovery walk)

Week 9:
Day 1: 5 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: Cross-training
Day 3: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 4: 11 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 mi EZ (recovery walk)

Week 10:
Day 1: 4 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: 3 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3: Cross-training
Day 4: 12 mi (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 3 mi EZ (recovery walk)

Week 11:
Day 1: Cross-training
Day 2: 3 miles- 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3: Cross-training
Day 4: 5 miles (long run) - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 5: 2.5 miles (recovery walk)

Week 12: Day 1: 2 miles - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 2: 20 minutes - 3/1 run/walk intervals
Day 3 (day before race): Walk 20 minutes
Day 4: RACE!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Chapter 2 page 51 - HMTU 2

I'm in trouble - - - is it too soon to "quit" the pursuit for a half-marathon????? I'm thinking it is too soon, but I'm also thinking about the unimaginable pressure that will be coming my way in the next few weeks.

I had planned ahead and packed my workout clothes so that after my event today, I could run on the treadmill. My training schedule said to run/walk 7 miles today (ha! who are they kidding, but I thought, well - maybe it's possible while watching television, having the fan on high, and taking it at completely my own pace. Even if I couldn't do 7 miles, I had thought that 6 miles might actually be possible. WELL - heck no, no way, not even close. I started off with a 10 minute walk (I mean if you're going for 6 miles, you should take a nice long warm up). I then went to 2:2 with the jogs being at 4.5 mph (which in and of itself is truly pathetic - but I was going for distance not speed today - or so I told myself - honestly, it was the fastest I could go and still do my "stride THANG"). After 3 rounds of 2:2 I just couldn't do any more. So today - I jogged a mere 6 minutes and walked 32 minutes and I was totally done!!!!! It took 40 minutes to perform 2 miles - that just won't cut it. Good news is that I'm not sore whatsoever (seriously, is that worth mentioning - I would hope I'm not sore with a mere 2 miles in 40 minutes - OHHHH!)

What do I do??? My training partner will be okay with this for a little while, but soon she'll want and need to go so much further and faster. I'm just not sure I can hang. I'm thinking about talking to her on Tuesday about maybe either training to jog the entire 10K which was my original goal or 2:2 the 10 mile race which was my other training partner's idea. I just think 13.1 miles may be out of my reach in 4 months from now.

I'm not giving up completely on the idea for now, but this week's training certainly wasn't on par for a half-marathon training schedule. Next week we'll have to go further than I did today or that we did on Thursday - if I can't do it today, how will I be able to do it on Tuesday? Or next Thursday? Holy cow kids - WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO????

If you see me dying on the greenway - please say hi, give me a ride to my car, or call 911 (whichever seems most appropriate) SMILE!