Monday, May 24, 2010

Chapter 2 page 70 - HMTU 13

Not to be a total negative Nelly, but today might possibly have been the worst training day I've had (or at least VERY close to the worst). Where to start -

First, the weather! It felt as if it were 150 degrees outside. Okay, so it was like 85 degrees. It felt like 90% humidity, but I guess it was more like 60%. Ugggg - what am I going to do when it gets really hot?

Second, my new shoes. I don't like them (yet?). I remember hating my Brooks for like 3 weeks when I first got them last year, so I guess I'll try to be more hopeful, but right now, HATE them!

Third, my shins! OUCH!!!!!!!!!! They are killing me . . . again! I'm going back to the chiropractor tomorrow, so let's cross our fingers that she can "fix" them again like she did last week (oh pretty please!).

Fourth, I felt sooo out of shape today ("C" says it was the weather - I think she was just being nice about my pathetic performance). We had a pretty good plan. It involved going down the Greenway 1 mile then back 1 mile so that we were back at our cars and could take a little break and grab a drink. Then we were going to do 1.13 miles toward the park and back. So, it would have been about 4.25 miles, but with shade and a drink break midway. Great plan, right? Well, not exactly. It was so hot! We were both (definitely more me than "C") huffing and puffing and the amount of sweat we were making was unbelievable!!! We did our 2:2 for the 2 miles on the Greenway, but my shins were killing me and I was HOT!!!! So we walked the 2.25 miles to/from the park. The entire 4.25 miles took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes (NICE!!! - record breaking pace!)

Fifth, I was called "fat" by an old lady. There was the cutest older couple walking toward the park. "C" and I had already run/walked for 2 miles and when we caught up with the older couple we had walked 1.15 miles. Chris and I decided to stretch a little bit at the turn around point. While we were stretching we spoke to the older couple-it was suppose to be a brief chit chat about the weather, just your basic exchange of pleasantries. Everything was lovely until the lady said, "Well, you're quite a bit heavier than I am so the heat seems to really be getting to you more than it does me." Well, THANK YOU LADY! "C" about died. She would have rolled on the ground if I had let her. I had to pick up her jaw up. Bold - that woman was bold, but . . . she's right - I'm fatter and I was definitely sweating more than she was.

Sixth, did I mention my shins hurt? Dang they hurt!

Seventh, tomorrow all 3 of us are suppose to be doing 2:2 for 6 miles - NOT going to happen. Why? shins, heat, fear that I'll get 3 miles away and not be able to make it back.

Today, just didn't go well. I certainly hope things improve (though, have you seen the weather forecast for the week?????? HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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