Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chapter 2 page 60 - HMTU 8

Today was the ultimate in training - "C" & "L" and myself in 35 mile an hour gusts and 80 degrees - great joy!!! We went 4 miles (actually a wee bit further) which was the distance we had decided we needed to go during today's training. So mission accomplished.

I have to be honest - we went slowly - more slowly than I think "C" would have liked, but we did it! 8 training sessions and I did 4 miles at 2:2 with a 7 minute walking warm-up. "L" was strong the whole way - she was ahead of us "C" and I by several strides the entire way - she was AMAZING!!! I'm sooooo jealous of her ability - why can't I do it?

Shin splints are my biggest concern . . . with toe blisters a close second. When I run my shins are really killing me (pain level at about an 8 - not like the 15 I had once when I ran with "L" and nearly collapsed in pain near the white bridge). They make my feet feel like they are unable to flex so they are just landing flat on the ground - little roll through. I come home and ice them which feels amazing, but it is only temporary. I need to try taping them, but can't seem to get that done (lazy!). I go to the chiropractor next Tuesday which I might mention it to her (she fixed, and then hurt them again, last fall). I'll save toe blisters for another post.

Today "L" suggested that we run the 10M for the PCT doing 2:1 and then doing the 1/2 at Fort 4 Fitness ("C" will smoke us at the F4F race - she's aiming for 2:45). Great part of that is that I know I will NOT be last at Fort 4 Fitness - that's really important to me! I would like to do the 1/2 here on my home turf (so to speak) where I am able to practice the route prior to the event. Stay tuned - no final decisions made yet.

4 miles down - 9.1 to go (yeah - that's nothin' - ha!)

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  1. You are so right about your stride. You do tend to land flat and little toe off. How are you going to address this?