Friday, May 14, 2010

Chapter 61 - HMTU 9

First, let me address the comment left on my last post. Yes, I land flat footed. No, it's not something I want to do, but my shin splints keep me from being able to lift my toes up so that my heel can strike first. I literally try to will my toes up a little, but the tight painful shins just keep me from being able to lift my toes up. I welcome any suggestions on how to fix this. Today, I tried to tape them with Leuko tape because that has helped in the past - no luck today. I nearly bent over screaming in pain ("L" know anything about that? HA!)

Second, "C" and I had just a little training today. After our long, pretty fast (relatively speaking) session yesterday we both just thought a light workout was in order. We went 2.4 miles in about 36 minutes (that included a 10:30 min. walking warm up and a 5 min. cool down). We had talked about doing another mile, but my shins were killing me!

The benefits of buddy training -
All I wanted to do today was go home after work and take a nap before going out tonight with my friends from the gym (Love ya SBFF, "R", and "B"). I knew that wasn't going to be possible because of my scheduled training with "C" at 4:00 so I got my running clothes on - which is sort of motivating in and of itself (I have a special watch I wear only when running, and of course, I have my running shoes that I only wear while I run. Additionally I have a spy belt which is the greatest invention ever - fun to use while running). I got in the car and drove to meet "C". When we started our warm up, "C" said she wouldn't have trained today if it weren't for me. She said she wasn't motivated, but that she knew I would motivate her. Even though we didn't train for a long time or go very far - some is better than none. I burned about 250-300 calories and got my heart rate up for 30+ minutes. Did I mention my shins are totally killing me???? They are!!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!! I'm taking the weekend off my training since this week I have already trained on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and today. This week, I walked/ran a total of 14.6 miles - yeah, go me!!!!!!!

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