Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Chapter 2 page 53 - HMTU 4

Today was the end of "Spring into Training". I walked 2.2 miles at a leisurely pace (about 20 minute/mile) with 2 of my HIPAA friends ("S" & "J"). Afterward, I did 2:2 with my old and new training partner and my YMCA friend "N". We went an additional 1.3 miles. "N" and "C" were way in front of my old training partner "L" and myself, but that's okay. I really really enjoyed training with my old training program "L" because she goes my speed and is a really good friend so we have tons to talk about (that is when we're not sucking air!) I talked to my new training partner "C" afterward because I was feeling worried that I would really hold her up in her training. She was much faster than I was - both on the walk and on the 2:2 part. She assured me it was going to be okay (Hooray!). I felt amazing. I didn't struggle too much. I definitely need to get back into shape - some "on my own" training will be helpful I can see. All in all, I feel pretty good that it is week 2 of my training and I did 3.5 miles (in just under an hour - no records being set, but still . . . ) I'm feeling more positive about this thing after today than I was last Thursday or last Saturday.

Please keep me in your prayers - I just want to use this experience to better myself. I want to become mentally stronger and physically healthier (surely a 13.1 mile race will help with that???) Even if I don't actually end up doing the half-marathon, but rather run the whole 10K or 2:2 the 10 mile race - it's surely going to be a valuable and worthwhile journey. I'm still aiming for the HALF.

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