Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Chapter 2 page 65 - HMTU 11

First, thanks Susie for the comment - I was beginning to think my reading masses had left me (though, I can understand - it's probably NOT exciting for the casual reader to hear about training session after training session).

Shin update -
I went to the chiropractor yesterday and she used her magic clicker thing and clicked my feet and shins and I went from a 15 out of 10 on the pain scale to about a 4 - Glory be to God! More treatments are needed but I'm definitely better today than I was on Monday (or last week).

That said . . . GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY???????????????????????????????????????
Seriously, GUESS WHAT I DID TODAY???????????????????????

I ran/walked 5.6 miles in a time of (insert drum roll) 1 hour 14 minutes. Now, I get that's not the world's record or even a personal record for that matter, BUT . . . . that includes a 1/2 mile warm up of walking and about a 1/4 mile cool down slowly walking plus 2:2 throughout the whole thing EXCEPT for 2 times toward the end when we ran for 4 straight minutes. I could have no way stayed motivated to do this on my own so ALL of the credit goes to my awesome training partner "C"!!! She's miraculous. God has really blessed me with putting her in my life. I do miss training regularly with "L", but I'm extremely thankful for "C".

Now . . . .here is the BEST part (I know - you're saying how much more awesome could this get, right?!) - on a scale of 1-10 (10 being I'm going to die in 1 second we have to stop and 1 being as hard as watching tv). Today's training was about a 7 (a few minutes I would say it got to 7.5). It was surprisingly easy - but the time doesn't indicate we were slacking.

Let me connect the dots for you (and mostly to help me see the progress as I read through my own accomplishments - not bragging, just celebrating with myself!).

We're in week 3 of our training. Today I almost did a 10K (5.6 miles done today, a 10K is 6.2). I feel amazing (except some foot blisters - for another post). I did it in a respectable time (my personal record for a 10K is like 1:20ish). Did I mention it's only week 3 of my training? We still have 15 weeks after this week. Heck yeah - watch me!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! Anyway, I'm feeling really good about my accomplishment to this point.

p.s. All of the professionals say that I should make note of the weather -which I forgot to do before I originally posted this. The weather for my awesome experience was about 66-68 degrees and very light breeze. It was sunny and spectacular. Blue skies and a definite top 10 day. No wheezing today for me!

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