Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 2 page 71 - no HMTU

I must confess - I haven't trained any more this week!!! I know . . . LOSER, right!!! I suppose I have a lot of excuses and will really regret my actions - I mean, my lack of actions, when training comes next week.

First, "C" had to cancel out yesterday which worked out GREAT because the chiropractor told me not to run or even walk yesterday or today. So . . .other than missing a great chance to train with just "L" (which really did bum me out!), it was okay. I figure taking a day off now to heal will be better than having to sit out 6-8 weeks a bit further down the road because I really hurt my shins seriously (at least, that's what I keep telling myself).

Second, today - I am all dressed and ready to meet "C" for a nice and easy session when my car wouldn't start. I sent "C" a text, "hey, am having a spec of car trouble will be there momentarily." Well, 20 minutes later - my car wasn't moving an inch. I called "C" and told her I couldn't make it. I no longer hung up - and it started. I called her back right away and said "did you leave yet?" She didn't want me to chance it not starting when we were done with our training.

So this week's score -
2 miles of 2:2 followed by 2.23 miles of super snail crawl pace walk
THAT'S ALL!!! Wow, how bad will next week feel like my first week?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! God bless all who have served and sacrificed so much for the freedom we all enjoy! Hooah!

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