Saturday, May 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page 68 - HMTU 12 (5K race)

In leu of a boring ol' trot on a treadmill, I participated in a Relay for Life 5K in Celina, Ohio this morning. The weather was cool and grey . . . so was the Grand Lake we ran around; however, it was quite a change up from the brown Wabash river and local scenery.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm a VERY social person. Those of you who have read this blog at least 3 times know that I'm a social person. Additionally, you know that I despise running/walking alone. I tolerate it when I'm with friends chatting and laughing, but absolutely hate every second of it when I'm alone. Although I knew a couple of people at the race, I did the entire 5K alone (ugggg!). It was a down and back course so there was ample cheering as I passed/and was passed by people both on the down and on the back, but the majority of the time (42:08 to be exact), I was all by myself. At one point I couldn't take it any more and recited my mantra (my training partners believe I have to have one and repeat it over and over to will myself to get through it - and today, I whipped it out) with each step "I . . . can . . . do . . . this! . . I . . . .can . . . .do . . . this!"

And . . . I did it - not cute, but mission accomplished! Notice the extreme wind conditions (hair blowing all over the place). You'll also notice the spot on my shirt, nope - not sweat. I had a "drinking problem" at the last water station. Most of it went up my nose, the rest went on my shirt. It's a nice look, wouldn't you agree?

Of the 42:08, I only walked a total of 6 minutes. I started off running and ran for 18 straight minutes (at the 7 minute mark I thought I was surely going to die), then walked for 2 then ran for 4 then walked for 2 then ran for a bunch (maybe 10ish?) then walked for 2 then ran the rest of the way ---even sprinted the last 1/10 of a mile or so in order to beat this girl who had been near me throughout the entire course (she was a ditz, "oh yeah, I was just in Bluffton - my boyfriend did the IU 1/2 marathon - can't believe how hilly it is there!" - yep, that's Bluffton alright . . . .or maybe Bloomington! DUH!)

Anyway, I was really thinking I was going to rock this race with 13 minute miles and have a time of 39 minutes (you know, something to be super proud of and text to all my peepes), but instead I somehow consistently turned in 14 minute miles and got 42 minutes. Hmmm - I didn't show the progress I had hoped to. I had done such great training on Wednesday (remember? 5.6 miles in 74 minutes) - how could things have fallen apart so much today? I suggest weather as one reason. It was 97% humidity - though it wasn't hot. I don't know, I simply hate doing these things by myself-that's probably the biggest reason.

Pretty negative, huh? let me see if I can't shed some positive light on the situation. I'm glad that I did it. I'm not completely upset at my time. I'm proud that I dug deep and ran most of the race - ALONE! I realize I have a LOT of training to do before September.

Hope your day was filled with new and fun things.

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