Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chapter 2 page 56 - HMTU 5

Today's training was fantastic!!!!!!!! I never felt as if I couldn't do it. We went slow. I got into my stride jog groove pace. We went 3.6 miles - that's pretty impressive for me. Only 9.5 more miles and I'll have my half-marathon done :)

I had a great time chatting with my new training partner "C" - she's just sooo nice. She always ends our sessions with a hug. She is so positive and supportive.

After we did our 3.6 miles we sat on the picnic table and discussed our upcoming training sessions plus what our ultimate goal was going to be for our 1/2 marathon time. Frankly, I'm just going to be beyond thrilled if I can do a warm-up, then do 2:2 for the entire thing and maybe run the last 1/2 mile or maybe last full mile. I would like it to be under 3 hours (that sounds like such a long time - that would be like starting to walk/jog at the start of Flash Forward tv show and continuing all the way through the Private Practice tv show - - - wow!!!!!). I think it would be sooooo amazing if I could finish it in 2:45. When I mentioned that, Chris got so excited. She was like "that's totally my goal." So we talked about working toward a 2 hours 45 minutes finish time - is that crazy? Sure sounds like it to me.

Oh well, the most important thing right now is that I'm actually jogging and walking multiple miles and I'm really having a great time (for the most part - truly hated every second of last Saturday's treadmill training session). It's mentally relaxing since I get to chat nonstop with my new friend "C" plus it's physically challenging. Knowing that each time I'm going a little further or a little faster is really satisfying.

Thanks for your thoughts & prayers - I will continue to need them. I'm most grateful for your kind thoughts and comments!!!!

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