Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chapter 2 paqge 63 - HMTU 10

Today was almost as perfect as a training session could be (I say almost perfection since my shins are feeling better, but still a wee bit sore - thanks to the chiropractor).

What made it so nearly perfect you ask? For starters, I had BOTH "C" and "L" at my side. There is no loss of words when the 3 of us are together (or just two of us for that matter). I recently read "The Idiots Guide to Running" and the author said that running with a partner has the same effect as drinking 2 glasses of wine . . . at least on the lowering of the inhibitions aspect. We talk about everything - undies, socks, and mostly we laugh.

What made today's training so nearly perfect especially since last week I ran 4 miles with both of them and hated nearly every minute of it? Well . . . we stayed off of the straight and boring Greenway path for most of the time.

What else made the training nearly perfect? The weather - it was cool and there was a drizzle (which turned into a heavy drizzle and then reverted back to a drizzle). We got soaked which wasn't all that perfect, but it was different and fun and was a mental distraction as we were wiping our faces not to remove sweat, but to keep the rain from dripping in our eyes. At least for me, it gave me something else to think about besides sweating to death, painful shins, sucking air, and worrying how many miles were left or how soon it was until the next beep on my watch.

What else made the training nearly perfect? We discussed "the plan" for the Parlor City Trot and Fort 4 Fitness events. I was going to type out the plan right now, but I don't want to bore you plus I can't imagine any of you reading this would care . . .at this moment. Just know - I'm really still planning on doing a half-marathon sometime in September (either at the PCT or F4F or I guess maybe both, but that seems pretty doubtful). I should remind you why I'm even considering doing the F4F - I really really really do NOT want to be last and that is exactly what will be happening by like an hour or more at the PCT - probably no chance of being last at F4F (God willing!).

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