Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chapter 2 page 112 - HMTU 41 happy trails

I just have to say "I ROCK!" Okay, so I did tonight's run/walk all by myself so I have no one to celebrate with so . . . I have to celebrate all by myself. I'm so far from being a good runner that it is ridiculous, but tonight I'm proud of myself nonetheless. Here's why:
1. It was sooo flippin' hot (heat index was 105 degrees when I started) and I went out and ran/walked for 64 minutes.

2. I did it by myself ("C's" daughter "A" had her surgery yesterday and although I haven't heard an update today, I'm hoping she is resting comfortably and on the way to a full recovery-though, it's going to be a long road for her. "L" is sick - thanks to her lil' grandkids. Get better "A" & "L"!)

3. I didn't hate it - why? Who knows, but I decided to run the trails at a local park. Why run the trails? Well, since there was absolutely NO air movement I didn't think I would be missing anything by being surrounded by nature. Also, I just though the asphalt would radiate the heat from the day and I just didn't think I needed to add any additional heat to the already smoldering day! I truly think I was meant to be a trail runner. It's way more fun than asphalt. If you don't have the W.O.O.F. trail run on your race calendar - you should definitely consider doing it. It's a smaller race on November 6th in Wells County, but at the finish line there are bison burgers and veggie soup in the shelter building with a roaring camp fire - awesome! I also highly recommend the Fox Island 5K probably on Saturday, November 21st. It too is smaller race, but the nature center has the most inviting fire -it's beyond charming!

4. I'm not exactly sure how far I went. I set off for a 6 mile trail, but got a bit screwed up at approximately the half way point so . . . I had to take the road back to the car. I'm guessing I did at least 4.5 miles.

5. I did 2:2 intervals from the first step (I started with a run interval) for 44 straight minutes. That's pretty impressive for me - especially since I was completely by myself. At the 44 minute mark I walked for 6 straight minutes because I was consulting the trail map and I couldn't run and read the map at the same time. After those 6 minutes I did 2:2 all the way back the car which was probably a mile or so.

A bit of honesty -
1. I miss my training partners. It's been a really long time since we all trained together. I miss "C". It's been more a week since we trained together.

2. I'm starting to get very nervous about this week's 11 mile long run. I'm scared that "L" will be too sick to make it the entire 11 miles. I'm scared that since it will have been nearly 3 weeks since out 10 mile training nightmare that I might not be able to make it. I'm scared that I will hate it (not unlikely). I'm scared that it will be sooo hot (the forecast is 90 degrees and 85% humidity - NICE!) that it will just be miserable.

3. I'm scared about the 10 mile race on Saturday, September 4th (Parlor City Trot) - I don't want to be dead last (but I'm working on getting my head around the fact I will be beyond last!). I'm afraid I'll run out of energy and struggle to finish the race.

4. I'm really starting to worry about the F4F half-marathon . . . what have I agreed to do? I'm afraid I will really struggle and hate every second (those of you who know me know that's not really unlikely). I'm afraid that I will hate every minute and yet, I'm still committed to the November half-marathon in Florida (yikes! Seriously, what have I done?!?!?!)

Okay, time to stop being scared and start focusing on the small victories. Today I trained for 64 minutes by myself in the heat! Yeah! Miss you "L" & "C".


  1. Great job! You are going to beat me at the F4F! I haven't even made it to 9 miles yet.

    Running alone is not that bad. Gives you plenty of time to think about life and such.

  2. You do rock! I bow down to running at night in this heat. Ugh. I get whiny when I'm out at 6:30 a.m. and it's "just" 78 degrees. A little tidbit: Even if you hate every single step of F4F, you will love the feeling afterward. I promise.

  3. Hey Girls - thanks for your comments. They made me so happy! Holly - no worries, you'll still beat me by like 2 hours even if you don't have another run before the race. Kimberly - I'm feeling a little more hopeful having read your comment. Thanks girls for reading and commenting! I love having new "friends". You girls ROCK!