Friday, June 8, 2012

Chapter 2 page 584– Fun Photo Friday . . . rehab edition

Enjoy some photos from ankle rehab visit #9 or #10 (who can remember all the fun we’ve had) . . .

6.8.12 mill display6.8.12 self photo after 10 min mill

Row 1 (above)

left – I did 10 minutes (actually 10:17) on the ‘mill today which included 2 one-minute intervals of 5.0 running.  OMG it was GLORIOUS!!!!

right – do you see that sweat I worked up from my 10 min. ‘mill FUN??  WOO HOO BABY!!!

kt tapemill photoside pony and braid

Row 2 (above)

Left – some sexy KT taping

Middle – my FAV ‘mill in the world (you should know that I NEVER run on a treadmill in my training life so this really is a big fun adventure)

Right – had to take a close up of my “trendy” hair featuring a braid and a side pony.  Yeah, I’m not sure 37 year olds should really wear their hair like this, but it was Friday and well . . . I wanted a little fun. 



  1. Great post! I am glad to see you are bouncing back! :) love the braid also.

  2. Your hair was totally cute! I love it! I am glad to hear your recovery is going well - I look forward to seeing you at some local races later in the year!

  3. you rock the hell outta the brain/side pony :) just sayin'!

  4. playing blog catch up - but there ain't nothing wrong with a 37 year old in a side pony ... coming from the 39 year old who doesn't mind wearing 2 piggy tails!

  5. Loving the hair! And, were running again?! That's awesome. Who cares if it's for a minute? I'm surprised (and so happy) that you're back up and running again so soon!