Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chapter 2 page 590–Ingredients for failure

Yesterday started off fantastically:

1.  Body Pump Class with my girl Kimberly (click HERE to read about it) teaching her first full Pump class (spoiler alert – SHE.NAILED.IT!!!).  Here’s me a hot sweaty mess after class but feeling so happy about getting “back in the game” -


2.  A delicious brunch at a local coffee shop type place with said friend and her super cutie son.

It quickly fell apart to one of the most humbling runs I’ve ever had!  The goal:  2 laps around a Big City park for an easy “long” run of 4 miles.  The result: 1 lap of PAINFUL HELL!!!!

Here’s what I did to set myself up for complete failure:

1.  Been a slug for nearly 6 weeks while recovering from my fall – it’s incredible how quickly and completely fitness is lost!

2.  Underestimated the difficulty of “only” 4 “easy” miles after not running for more than 15 total minutes in the past 6 weeks.

3.  Set out to do said “easy” run within one degree of the hottest part of the day.

4.  Setting out to do said “easy” run on a full belly.

5.  Setting out to do 2 loops – I’m NOT a good person to do loops – it screws with my head “I will HAVE to run this whole thing AGAIN!”

6.  Do part of a Body Pump class for only the 2nd time in 2 months and then set out to do this “easy” run.

7.  Plan to run alone – I’m really a social runner, but can, if absolutely necessary, gut out a solo short run.  4 miles is short, but didn’t feel short yesterday.

8.  Stayed up a little too late the night before socializing with friends hydrating with less than optimal performance beverages (but I did have a lot of fun so it was worth it!). 

Here’s me, after 2 miles of hating all things running and walking and swearing it off for good!

after total sucky run

So what happened? 

My lower back SCREAMED at me the entire time.   SCREAMED!!!!!  I stopped 5 times for about 30 seconds each time to stretch my lower back in the first 1.25 miles.  You have to know that I’m not known as a stop-to-strech during a workout kinda girl.  The stretches didn’t help much and with 3/4 a mile left to get back to the car in the first lap, I opted to sit on a parking bench and do a 5 minute stretching session.  That totally helped – even thought I might be able to gut out a 2nd lap and get all 4 miles of my “long” run done for the week.  NOPE – about 1/4 mile after the park bench, my left hip which hurt all of April and May returned.  Can’t catch a dang break for nothing!!!!!!!!!!  SWEAR!!!!!  I’m hoping this was lower back pain was a result of the Pump class and just generally being out of shape and that it will return to normal in a couple of days.  Will arrange a massage and chiropractor appointment ASAP!

Anything positive?

1.  My ankle was awesome – I didn’t notice any pain and the swelling was actually less than it’s been so . . . . that’s awesome.

2.  I dug to a deep place to get through this session – if nothing more, I got some mental toughness training in.

3.  It’s over – looking forward to the next run . . . . as I’ve been reminded so often before . . . they can’t all suck!

What’s the way you shake off a horrific training run?


  1. You learned some things and are still looking forward to the next one...that is what is important!

  2. Girl! A workout double after 6 weeks (off). Wow. So glad your ankle didn't hurt. That's progress.

  3. Sorry that you had a crummy walk and that your back was hurting. Glad to hear your ankle is doing better, though. That's definitely a positive! Keep up the good spirits and keep on chugging along, you will get back to where you were before in no time! :)

  4. Hahah love that photo sums up your run perfectly!! Don't you hate it when those bevvies catch up with you - glad you had a great night before!

  5. You attempted a lot at once - don't beat yourself up! After very little running for 6 weeks, there is no such thing as a "short" or "easy" run - they will all bring some challenges until you get back into the swing of things. You're doing amazingly and I'm so glad there was no ankle pain!

  6. Sometimes you just gotta let the sucktastic runs go. You did one loop. You did bodypump. Call it a positive and try again. Maybe a run walk for a bit? Or starr shorter. 4 miles is a lot to jump in to after being off for so long. You'll get there though...don't worry.

    (And for the record, you could never offend me by making sweet comments with links that could help my little guy. You rock girlie. Much love!)