Monday, June 11, 2012

Chapter 2 page 586–When you can’t run. . .

I’ve had a LOT of time on my hands lately and I’ve been a little like a kid in a candy shop.  It really was my 2012 plan to not do any halfs so that I could get faster and save money to do fun races in 2013.  I blew that plan (and believe God disagreed with my actions – hence I fell and got hurt) when I signed up for 4 halfs this summer/fall (I fell got hurt exactly one week after signing up for the 4 halfs).  As of now, I’ve changed from the half to the 5K for both Chicago RnR and Indy Women’s.  I’m still up in the air about the other 2 races (9/29 & 10/21), but feel if things with my ankle continue to improve then I hope to be able to do both of them. 

Last Wednesday was National Running Day and you got $20 for each RnR race you signed up for  . . . so what’s a “broken” runner with all the hope in the world to do???? YEP – SIGN UP!!!!

Here’s what I’ve committed to so far in 2013:

February 24th– New Orleans RnR Half

March 16th (Saturday)– DC RnR Half

March 17th (Sunday) – VA Beach Shamrock Half

May 4th (Saturday) – Indy Mini

May 5th (Sunday) – Flying Pig Half

Summer 2013 – Chicago RnR Half

September 2013 – Indy Women’s Half, Fort 4 Fitness

October 2013 – STL RnR Half

November 2013 – St. Pete Women’s Half

I’d like to find my way to the PNW and to GA in order to meet up with some of my fav bloggers – open to suggestions.


  1. Your race schedule for 2013 looks great - I am jealous of all those RnR races!

  2. Wholley crap! Look at you planning out 2013!

    PNW Race - Portland RNR or Seattle RNR, there are tons of local smaller races also - what month do you want to hit up the PNW - between Kim and me I am sure we could think of the perfect race.

    1. I will come whatever month you think has the best weather and race. I will leave it to you girls. Rnr races are a good idea as I'm already doing 2 more bling is awesome.

  3. You've got a crazy race schedule planned- and I LOVE IT!!! 9 Half marathons?! You go girl! I've only got 2 planned for next year myself haha I may have to start following in your footsteps cause it looks like you're gonna have an awesome 2013!

  4. That is an awesome plan! I wish I had more disposable income, heck I wish I had ANY disposable income, so I could sign up for races! I have only done 3 total because I have like 0 money. Sucks. Will definitely have to let us know which race you decide on in the PAC NW since I'm out here too! :)

  5. Man, this makes me want to sign up for so many races! Right now I have NOTHING on the schedule for 2013 AT ALL! Glad you are still thinking of adding in GA somewhere - wahoo!

    I would suggest the Publix Atlanta Half, but that's the day before the VA Beach half. Maybe I could swing a trip to New Orleans for the half in February? That could be fun!

  6. I so think you have missed one off the schedule, the worlds largest fun run with over 80,000 participants - I see you have nothing planned for August yet...