Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chapter 2 page 591–New 2 You Cross Training Challenge–June edition

Surely by now  you’ve heard of Just Trying is For Little Girls' New 2 You Cross Training Challenge?  No?  Where have you been?  Click HERE to get the 411. 
Still rehabbing my ankle, I’m sidelined from doing fun classes or anything too adventurous (with 100* temps in June, I was hoping to head to an indoor ice skating rink – COOL, right? . . . maybe in a few months). 
So what’s a gimpy girl to do?  How about an ab workout?  Sounds like a good plan – core strength is important.  A few years ago I bought a multi-session ab DVD on Amazon, but have never even taken the film covering off it.  So thanks Kim, I finally unwrapped it, popped it in, pushed play and got a “New 2 Me” workout . . . and guess what?  I REALLY enjoyed it!!!  Who knew!
This DVD features 5 separate workouts taught by 5 “all star” trainers.  Each workout was about 10 minutes long and included a quickie warm up and a couple of brief stretching breaks – especially when transitioning from being on your back to being on your front (i.e. plank).
The other nice feature is that you can select one workout or you can click on “customize” and pick a couple of the workouts and put them in the order you want to do them.  I started with “ABsolutely BEAUTIFUL” with Rob Glick.
After the obligatory “you might die so check with your doctor beforehand” warning, I met my “workout partners” (Ha!).  The picture below makes them look like they are avitars – they were real people – but the photo sure makes it look like a wii game or something, doesn’t it?  Hmmm! 
I assume the position shown below and we started off with lil’ basic crunches.  I thought – AWESOME – I can do this!  My dog, on the other hand, thought I was on the floor to serve as her personal play toe and licking post!  Try crunching while being licked to death . . . ha!
After a quick dvd pause, I got her a bone and she was otherwise occupied for the remainder of my workout.  Shew!
The “ABsolutely Beautiful” workout featured 5 minutes of on-your-back crunches which included crunches, isometric moves, and oblique crunches.  These 5 minutes flew by – much to my surprise and happiness.  We rolled over and did some stretching child’s pose and cat stretch.  You can see “my trainer” below giving me personal instruction – ha!
After  a few seconds of welcomed stretching, “we” (my new ab friends, coach, and I) did 5 more minutes of:  lower back work (like Cobras),  planks and side planks.  Throughout the video there were verbal cues for how many more reps “we” were doing and options to modify the moves. 
I REALLY enjoyed this – it was very doable for me so it might be too easy for most of you, but for only 10 minutes  - it was perfect.  I will definitely be adding these DVD segments to my weekly workouts!!! 


  1. They do look like avatars! So funny. Just plain impressed with you. Way to keep working through an injury.

  2. There is no way I could do 10 straight mins on abs ... after 1 min i get bored and after 2 i'm in plain agony!! Well done chickita xx

  3. I am so not a fan of ab work! Good job, and how CUTE is your doggie????

  4. The dog licking photo had me in stitches. My cat likes to get in the way when I'm doing yoga, so I feel your pain. ;)

    Great work on the cross training challenge!

  5. I was perusing the N2U challenges for inspiration & came across the pic of you & your beagle. It made me laugh!! My beagle always did the same thing when I got on my yoga mat! They think you are on the floor to play with them!