Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapter 2 page 581 - Friday Night Fun in Photos

How are you all enjoying this non-running blog?  I'm so sorry for the lack of running content - believe me, I have never missed running more than I have these past 2.5 weeks (it's really been an odd thing - might have to write a post about it - yes, indeed, upcoming blog post).

In the meantime, while my ankle is getting better everyday, a girl still has to have fun so . . .
1 Friday night + 4 friends + 2 living social wine tasting coupons 
+ short road trip = F.U.N.

Threatening skies aren't going to detract from our fun!
Lots of vines!
Even with the darkening sky, it was beautiful!  It's where the wine goodness starts!
Vineyards on both sides of the long entrance.
A welcoming porch perfect for a Summer Sip :)
"M" (also known as my Sweaty BFF)  posing as she finishes up her phone call before we enter the winery.
No one is surprised I took a minute to get up close with the vines are they?
Doesn't that look fake?  It's not - the landscaping around the porch was so beautiful!
Once inside - the winery was not at all what I expected.  It was rustic and relaxing.  It was broken into 3 sections:  the sampling bar, the gift shop, and the seating area where you could buy wines by the glass or bottle and enjoy on-site.  
Gigantic moose head hanging over the front door - WELCOME????  Or warning????
"B" & "M" posing with their living social coupons - thanks "B" for hooking us up!!!
"R" posing with cocktail napkins for sale.  They say WINOS: Women in Need of Spirits
I was powerfully thirsty!  Shocker I'd be screwing around in a blog photo!  Never - ha!
There were several shirts for sale - this was cute!
We're all dog people and thought this was cute!
This wildlife display was above the tasting bar.  Really charming!
That was behind the tasting rail - the sign says "What happens at the winery stays at the winery".  Perfect . . some photos aren't going to make it on this blog - ha!
In the corner of the bar - just set the atmosphere!
After we walked around for a bit, it was time to get down to business . . . sampling!

We were handed a listing and description of all of the wines and told to circle 5 of them to sample.
The gals making their sampling selections.
Behind the sampling bar.
Adult Slurpees - HOLY MOLY!  Wine slushie - the most amazingly awesome drink EVER!
Couldn't get enough - delicious!
Raise your glass!  Salut!
Jess was our awesome sommelier!

The wine slushie is gone . . . so sad . . . time to go!

Have you ever been to a winery to do wine tasting? 

Ever bought a groupon, living social coupon, or similar disscount - what was the best deal you've enjoyed?


  1. That looks like a blast! I feel like we would definitely have fun goofing off and taking silly pictures together. Wine slushie? I have never heard of that but it sounds amazing!

    1. YES WE WOULD!!!! I'm totally coming to your area in 2013 so prepare yourself now :) hee hee - we'll have a great time!!!!

    2. That's awesome! For a race? Let me know if it's a race because obviously I would love to join you!

  2. OMG. Looks like so much fun! I am a tad jealous, and I think we should go on a girls weekend to the Lake Erie islands where there are lots o wineries.

    And I think I have a wine slushie recipe bookmarked somewhere. Must look for it.

    1. YES - let's go today! Tomorrow? SOON!!!!!! YES YES YES I'm all in!!!!

      Slushie wine bookemark - yes, please find it - it was amazing.

      If you want to go to this winery with me sometime, I'd love to go with you - it's only an hour away. And the slushie is SO WORTH IT!

  3. Looks like a blast!!!! Slushie wine - yes please

  4. Great friends, great fun, great fellowship ~ not to mention the amazing WINE!!!

  5. Girls weekend in australia soon please!!