Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chapter 2 page 585– 18 minutes of BOOYAH

With the blessing of my physical therapist, I was allowed to attempt my first post-injury outdoor walk/run today.  YIPPEE!!!!!!!

Of course today there was an air quality alert and the temp was 90* so not exactly the conditions I had hoped to return to running in, but who am I to be picky at this point . . . I was allowed to do a 15-20 minute walk with 5-6 short (30-60 second) running intervals thrown in.  YES PLEASE!!! 

Pre-run pose

prerun 6.9.12

Between 15-20 minutes . . . how about 18:03 for spot on!stopwatch 6.9.12

How I’ve missed post run fun photos!post run pix 6.9.12

Post run icing . . . just so dang much fun!!! 6.9.12 post run icing

No pain while running, no pain right now . . .1 mile at a time . . . I’m on my way back, BABY!


  1. HOORAY for pain free runs!

    How do you like the KT tape? I know it was a lifesaver for me when I was struggling with tendonitis last year!

    1. Hi Jenn - thanks for celebrating with me. I have never been a fan of KT tape before, but I think this time it might really be making a difference. So far so good with it.

  2. Wahoo!!! Yay for pain free workouts and runs! I bet you are SUPER excited for all of the great progress that you are making :) Love reading all of these posts!

  3. Woohoo! So glad you are out there running and working gives me hope that I too will return to the running that I so love and's only been 18 days for goodness the

    1. Oh heck yeah - you're going to get back to it. You're exactly where I was a few days ago . . . the mental part of accepting that running wasn't going to be happening any time soon was definitely the hardest . . . and once I dropped out of 2 of my 4 upcoming halfs, it got easier to focus on doing what I needed to with my rehab. You're going to come back from your stress fracture and be even stronger and better. vent over here anytime you need to - I'm wide open to listening (reading).