Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chapter 2 page 588–Diva Dash Race Recap

Yes, you read that right – I participated in a 5K on Saturday (not exactly “raced” it, but definitely toed the line and crossed the finish line).  (quick note to any those pictured below – I will be giving you a special something to commemorate this special occasion in about 2 weeks – so stay tuned). 


With a 45 minute drive to the race, several of us caravaned to the race . . . no pressure on the leader (me) to not get us lost!


Here’s the 10 key points you need to know:

1.  I LOVED this race last year and it’s the “final exam” so to speak (it’s what we work up to) for my Spring Into Training group.  It’s not required they participate in it, but if participants did the work during the 10 week training program, they were more than prepared for this even.  I love these people – they are more than participants, they are my friends and words cannot express how proud I am of them!!!  Here is a picture of my trainees who did the Diva Dash:



2.  My mom (wearing the sun visor below) is one of the most inspiring people I know.  You’ve all been reading my blog for years know that she rings her cow bell and cheers me on at most of my races.  My mom was a Spring Into Training participant and lost 40 pounds and went from walking zero steps to doing her first 5K on Saturday.  She recruited one of the other Spring into Training Participants (“V” on the right) and her high school friend (“T” on the left) to join her. 


She worked hard and got to experience all the joy that comes with crossing a finish line knowing you gave it your best!  Isn’t that a great photo . . . the 3 friends crossing together – not speedy, but a finish counts all the same!!!  Way to go MOM!!!!!


3.  This was the longest (both in clock time and mileage) that I’ve gone since before my fall 5 weeks ago.  I’m happy to report that for the most part it felt pretty good.  One major road was not closed so we were forced to go on the edge – rocky and slanty didn’t feel great but that’s to be expected.  It’s called the Diva Dash so . . . .of course I have to break out the tiara and paint my nails (Fushia POWER) – thanks Kimberly for the perfect bday gift to celebrate my comeback!

100_3345 100_3283

4.  The women in the yellow (below) was a first time 5k’er last year at the Diva Dash after finishing the Spring Into Training program . . . this year, she went 8 minutes faster . . . improves that much in a 5K????? INCREDIBLE!!!!  She’s my sweaty BFF, “M”!  Great Job, SBFF!


5.  This Dynamic Diva “D” is an amazing person that I’ve totally thankful to have had the chance to get to know through Spring Into Training.  Do you know what she did at the Diva Dash???  She placed 2nd in her age group (she won the tiara for her prize).  What’s so impressive???  It was her FIRST 5K EVER!!!  Who get’s 2nd on their first 5K???  “D” did!!! Way to go Diva “D”!!!


6.  “C” ran the race with 2 of her 3 daughters . . . how cute are their outfits?  I haven’t trained with “C” for a LONG time (sigh, boo) but what a fantastic time we had catching up!!!! “C” and her girls are just awesome people – I’m honored to have them as friends!


7.  These girls are my friends and I’d like to think that I played a small part in moving them from walkers to racers a couple of years ago . . . at the Diva Dash, “J” said she did her run/walk intervals the entire time!  I was still running she told me and I regret not stopping immediately to go give her a hug and high 5 – I’m so proud of her and know that’s a HUGE accomplishment worthy of a celebration!!! Way to go girls! 


8.  The Diva on the left was “M” and was a participant in my Spring Into Training.  There aren’t enough words to describe how much I enjoy being around her – she’s a race of sunshine.  She did this race with her mother (middle) and aunt (right).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE that her family has come “caught the bug”.  Her aunt lost over 170 pounds in a bit more than year by eating in moderation – such an impressive accomplishment!!!!!  LOVE that this family did it together!!!!  Woo!


9.  Speaking of family fun – This mother/daughter duo are just 2 of the most fun people I know.  They have been in my Spring into Training program for the last 2 years and I’m thankful to call them friends.  I really am impressed with the progress they’ve made and am so excited that “D” (in the blue) will be training for her first half marathon in September.  I have no doubt she’ll do an amazing job!!! 100_3278

10.  Bringin’ the party . . .

Mini Tiaras – CHECK!

100_3285  100_3287 100_3288

Training group singed sun visor with words of encouragement – CHECK!


A name plate form your desk stuck to your back  (don’t ask, it’s a long story)– CHECK!

mb name plate blacked out

Celebratory brunch afterward – CHECK!


Being reminded that a single step can change lives – CHECK!



  1. Way to go! Looks like a great group of ladies.

  2. i'm impressed! big shout out to "d"! great job!

  3. How awesome! So many inspiring women in this post - and it looks like a fun group, too!

  4. Hooray for you ... and your mom ... and the Spring into Training gals. Mostly, hooray for you and your ankle. I really wish I could have been there with you. Hope to see you soon, friend!

  5. I read this recap a few days ago on my Google Reader and I wanted to make sure that I made it back to your blog online so I could comment! Love your recaps and it looks like this race was totally fun! Congrats on completing it post-injury!

  6. Reading about your mum brought tear to my eye - how amazing is she (and all the other women!!). Your looking gorgeous as usual in your pink and as I'm reading from the back to catch up I have obviously missed your birthday - I wish i hadn't ... ok going to keep reading xxx