Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 2 page 583 - TTT

Three Things Thursday (two weeks in a row, shock!):

1.  I walked 8 minutes at 3.0 and 0 incline on the treadmill yesterday as part of my physical therapy.  A whoppping .35 miles - watch out . . . I'm back . . . ha ha, not quite yet!!!

2.  Without being able to run, I cannot tell you how many times I have literally thought "Oh the weather is soo cool this evening I'll just go for a run. OH WAIT I CAN'T".  Or "I'm already up because of my dog, I'll just go for a run. OH NO, CAN'T!"  I have had similar conversations about 50 times in the past 3 weeks.  It's like I have a memory problem- duh gimpy over here.  The irony?  When I actually am running and training I can think of 50 excuses in .3 seconds as to why I will skip my next run.  CRAZY!

3.  Weather, at least for me, plays a huge role in my running.  I obsess about the temp, the wind, the humidity – especially in the summer.  I’m notorious for saying, “This training run isn’t worth dying over” meaning if it’s 100* and 90% humidity – there is no need to do speed training or pushing it too hard.  At my level, recreational, there is no need to get a heat injury or risk death . . . another good thing about this injury?  I can just enjoy the warm summer weather for what it is – warm and wonderful!!!! 


  1. Nice .35 miler, hehe! The grass is always greener, isn't it? I think the injuries and low points make us appreciate the better days. You've got a great attitude.

  2. 8 minutes is a start! yay!! I'm not injured and I'm still like you - when I can't run I WANT TO RUN and when I can, I make excuses and procrastinate. :) And yes to the weather stalking! I'm so picky about my "perfect" weather...

  3. I was the same way when I was recovering, I always though, "Oh, I should go for a run." and then I would remember that I couldn't. I wish you could bottle that feeling and save if for a day that you have no motivation. LOL
    Good job on the treadmill, you'll get there, just keep taking it easy and doing your PT.

  4. Thats awesome on your 8 minutes!! You'll get back in no time! I completely understand where you are coming from too about the weather and wanting to run but can't! I am still having problems with my right foot so doc says no running for now. So it's elliptical and weights. We got this!! =)

    1. Yep - we got this!!!!! Hope you heal and can return to running soon too!!! Go us!

  5. So true - when I CAN run, I have a million excuses. When I'm injured, there's nothing better I can think of doing!
    Glad you are making progress - even those shorter walks are building up your strength so you can be running again soon!

  6. When I couldn't run last Dec. I dreamed of the day and then put all my effort into Hot Yoga. Now that I can run, I so want to go to Hot yoga! LOL

  7. Going to start calling you Nemo ... you will be back to running in not time, I have no doubt about it.x